No results with my pact,why?

Hi guys

I hired an pact with father lucifer about 2 month ago.
I have confirmations from different people who are very experienced, that this pact is accepted by father lucifer.

But i dont see results.

What could be the reason

Regards paktvontaro

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Lots of things but most of the time when magic goes wrong, imop its because we are insisting upon having something that doesn’t actually match what we truly inwardly want.

Along the same lines I think most of the time when we are getting results we are doing something- eh not quite right.

In that thread, I talk about my thoughts on it a bit more.

My witch said it could be because of the energy and frequency
Does someone know what she is meaning by that
Want to hear another perpective

It depends on what the agreement was for, and what the obstacles are in fulfilling it. A pact is a mutual agreement, so maybe you are not doing your part.


I would also add 2 months may not be enough time, but it depends what it was for.


Maybe my frequenzy and anergy doesnt match is that maybe, that problem

I do my offering almodt every day insted of 2 weeks period

Are you obsessing over the result then? Here is a brief list of things I can come up with, in addition to the information already shared that could make a difference in results, to my mind.

I know I mention this all over, but those things we can’t not live without seeing manifest, or that we put that sort of importance on are often things that will not result and will eventually result in something that is a better fit for our life, because our human selfs will quite densely let people use us, lie to us, abuse us and extort us, especially if we care for them.

We won’t get out of our comfort zone and take opportunities right in front of us, even if they are better- because well we have fear and it’s not what we asked for.

We refuse to take actions we could because well, those people don’t and they get what they want.

We do things we know aren’t right or aren’t right for us and we expect somehow no one will notice or do anything about it or hold us accountable and if no one else holds us accountable, why would we hold ourselves accountable?

The number reason people don’t take responsibility for their actions? Embarrassment and fearing what will be said or what will be thought. They never realize most people understand we are human and make mistakes, combined with emotional exchanges over mistakes… we expect a negative experience when we admit what we did.

We forget that someone else could have a stronger will than we do and could supersede our want hands down without even knowing we are magicking it up- because it goes against what is a fit for their life and desires.

We think we can force anything we want into a tiny little box that is going to work, no matter how broken it is and if we actually get what we want?

Half the time we mess up being human and demanding that it wasn’t exactly so, because the dude or gal isn’t exactly what we desire and we think they should be, so we try to force them to apologize or never do the offense again- rather than recognizing that with as many people as there are, there’s going to be someone out there that’s almost certainly looking for the same things we are, if only we would allow ourselves to see it, instead of holding on to someone who never did and never will fit right in our lives.

We expect things be perfect, every moment of everyday and forget everyone else is human and struggling too.

We slam the door on people who could help us, because their answers don’t fit what we want to hear or we can come up with a 1000 reasons to not even try what they suggest because we are too short sighted to see our situation is exactly like theirs was, only the players and the name of the game are different.

We want to pretend we are not responsible for ourselves, our actions and our inactions, we think our reactions are justified because we decided they were, and let’s not even get into emotions.

We want a career and to be successful making loads of money, but we don’t even want to learn the material, do the work or retain the information.

We think we can substitute the google box for memory, as the information can always be found whether we can remember it or not- so we don’t.

When was the last time you memorized a phone number just in case? (All of you, this is rhetorical)

I’ve made a point of it, because twice in the last year I’ve been hacked, scammed and extorted by people I care about and I realized I didn’t even know my husbands number if something happened.

So we are innately lazy, we make excuses, we aim for goals that aren’t a fit for what we really should be doing on our own individual path, half the time we don’t even know what a good fit would be because we can’t Separate what we were taught, what is expected of us or what sounds good on a whim from what we truly desire and want to do and be, all because it usually doesn’t fit into someone else’s idea of what we should be doing.

We have shitty discernment about who to trust, we want to believe in people till they prove us wrong and if you do peg someone as someone you shouldn’t trust, they’ll try to force you. Charm you, turn it around, cause you to see.

You find yourself left with a mix of I should have listened to myself and well damned. What do you when people really don’t mean to, or it is a real mistake because they are human? Or they did it on purpose but how can you forgive them or trust others not to do the same, when we don’t take accountability for what we’ve done?

How does an average person even begin to discern some of these things if those with good discernment struggle?

So idk. If your giving way to much and not getting results for one you’re turning into a meat bag food source for an entity that isn’t delivering results.

If your spiritual hygiene isn’t up to snuff that alone can attract entities looking for a meal and cause issues of a whole other kind.

If you set up a pact, you agreed to a certain amount of time to work with the entity. That doesn’t necessarily mean the full result comes in that time frame and the results of a major pact to entirely change your life may start with making you homeless and loosing everyone and everything- all because you put those things above your result and didn’t let go of the things holding you back and prevent you from getting the results. (Please note the use of the Rhetorical you throughout, this is not aimed at the op but rather is an example)

These people usually see it go downhill then suddenly they have opportunities way better than they ever imagined and often they are closer to what they actually wanted anyways, even if they didn’t realize what they truly wanted or don’t figure it out until sometime 2-5 years after the pact ended and they are living the full results.

So. Why are you over offering, what is duration of the pact and what has resulted both for and against the wish of the pact, including what were the terms of the pact and what was your request in return?

I don’t see any specifics about the pact for us to begin to make an individualized assessment of what might be going on, so those details would help possibly narrow it. :blush:


I apologize, I didn’t see this part when I answered before. However it could still help you determine where your energetically off, so I’m leaving it.

This means that you are not in alignment with your result- usually you are doing, saying, feeling, thinking or otherwise existing in contrary to your desire.

It’s like having a movie ticket and trying to use it at the Broadway.

Basically it means your heart, mind, actions and soul are not all on board with the result.

When you have doubt or get into negative thought loops for example, but your trying to manifest good things in life- your energy is not putting out what you want, it’s putting out what your thinking about and how bad it is.

It doesn’t matter how much extra blood or energy you put into it, if the energy quality of what you want doesn’t match the output, at a minimum in ritual and while asking for the results, you will have a harder time manifesting.

Some people are able to manifest by only aligning themselves and setting aside the monkey mind in ritual, but I find that doesn’t work well for long term results, eventually you should improve yourself too, not just for ritual but for yourself.

Change your actions, thoughts and/or feelings about the situation.

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1- Are you sure that the entity that came is Lucifer?
2- How did you do the pact?
When you make a pact, the result will come even if it doesn’t match your energy. How is your experience with magic?

How can i change the felling and energy to that what needes, is there amy practise

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I hired someome professional

Could you explain the pact process and method exactly?

Yes it’s really easy. All you have to do is one figure out what you should be feeling. Is it loved? Is it that you know what your are supposed to be doing and you are doing it? Is it being wealthy? Is it happiness? Is it your spouse being happy with you?

Once you figure this out, you know what energy quality you need to take on to manifest your result.

Now the hard part is taking on they energy quality, but it it’s not actually hard at all. You just have to think about it, and what it should feel like. You don’t even have to know how it should feel, you can wonder how it would feel and that alone will get you closer.

And as you wonder about how it should feel, try to let your mind come up, (on its own) with a scenario that is similar, even if it’s completely different.

Like if you can’t imagine being rich and prosperous because you’ve only ever not had, think about a time someone gave $10 dollars, or some small amount of money that you were able to get what you wanted.

If you somehow can’t come up with a small amount of cash, you’d think about sometime you got something you really wanted.

It could be anything, your first kiss, a car, a phone, to go swimming when you were 5- it doesn’t matter, the point is to find a time when you felt good inside about what was happening.

And just remember it and how it felt. It will cause you to gradually take on that energy naturally if you do it often, thusly why Brand recommends you take 2 minutes a day and find something beautiful where you wouldn’t normally- same premise.

It gets you closer to the energy quality where you feel life is beautiful, even if it takes years because you could only force yourself to do it for two minutes.

I wish he explained this in his book, but perhaps the world wasn’t ready to consider energy qualities and intentionally imbuing them into our lives.

You can do the same thing with anything.

Want lust and casual suitors? Think about the excitement you felt with your first kiss, or the first time you had sex. Remember how you felt inside, not in your groin.

Want true love? Find sometime you either felt it from someone or sometime you truly felt it for someone else.

You already know most any energy quality you could want to take on, you just don’t know how to do it intentionally yet, and probably not how to recognize what it should be yet.

That’s okay, like I said just think about it- I can’t visualize at all, aphantasia- so I think in words, but images are able to make a working even more profound if you can first think about the energy quality you need until you feel it, then combine it with a picture of what you want.

Use that amazing mind of yours to reason out what exactly it is, a time you felt something similar, then do your rituals, meditations etc, until this becomes easier and you begin to live in these energy qualities.

It’s hard, the human in me wants to be angry for a minute. Not allowing it results in bad things man, so I be angry for a minute (or a day or w/e- totally depends on the offense…) then I say okay, that’s enough and move on with my life.

I don’t have to stay angry, because someone else fucked up, I can use this skill right here to lessen the bad feelings and change my energy quality, so don’t get discouraged.

It may take lots of minor adjustments to get to the life you want, it’s not failing if you end up where you wanted to go in the long run, it’s just learning and growing and being.


Thank you for the time and long anseer i wil respind when i see results

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Is there any entity which can help me with that because im really strugelling

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I recommend Zeirna. The genius of infirmaries. Pronounced Zay-air-nar according to the book I’ve worked used the most for contact. They are a genius spirit.

I’ve only worked with them in the capacity of better learning how to work with energy, personally. (I do not remember if Whitespires book mentions this, Lyon’s does in two places)

Off the top of my head, Tristan Whitespire has a pretty good system for working with the genius individually. I don’t however follow the days at all when it comes to the genius as I actually work with a group of them on a pretty much daily basis.

I’m not sure if I recall any other works that I have come across that provide an individual approach to each of them.


Hey can you text me a private message?

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I cant text you a mesaage a have aomething to say

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