How to Make Spells Work

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I am just trying to see what people on this forum think make spells work. There are so many spells and so many ways to call one entity. Many people will use a method and it will work and then use another method and maybe one person will have results. What element do you think makes spells work? Is it the spell itself? Is it the practitioner? If so, what would someone need to do on the individual level? I’m just wondering because I have such sporadic results and even with journaling I have no idea.

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I think the confusion with young magicians is with the variety on offer, which is also the nature of magical operations? Ritual in general is not ‘set in stone’ >> It becomes a flowing art form for the individual, so by all means start off with strategies from other sources and as experience steers you, let your intuition guide you more into a format that fits your own personality.

It‘s YOU that makes it work my friend simply because the way we do it (The Ritual itself) is nothing more than a vehicle that allows your own thoughts, emotions, focus and energy to manipulate the outcome.


For spells, the magician follows astrological rules about Moon phase, the day and the hour; also, correspondences between elements, herbs, stones, colors…
About calling an entity, EA would say it’s a matter of applying the principles of evocation (more or less: preparatory immersion, use of a working system, reach omnipotence/state of theta-gamma brainwaves, substantial contact, incantation, communication, issuing a task, “license to depart”, psychological retraction).
Indeed it’s possible to go with the thought at “upper” levels where all of this becomes loose, for example one may try to do a baneful working on Friday. Here a role is played by the law of intent, which is yet another magical basis useful during practice.


I wrote about something similar to this recently, this is kinda what I think:


There are two primary types of magick open to most people that make spells work. Their own power and discipline and the innate power given to spells, words of power, sigils, and the like by those that created and used them since then contributing power to the entire network of its existence. Relying only on the inherent power within certain spells is inconsistent but is what a lot of people do. Relying on your own power and training that insures much greater success and ability to reliably use the inherent power within popular spells in addition to your own.

A spell can be so used and crafted by experienced magicians that it gains a power and life of its own akin to how gods are created by human worship and can be directed by prayer with no foundational knowledge or technique. It is not consistent but it can be powerful and is most used by the beginner still training themselves. Those that do train themselves can develop any random bs spell they want and have it work because they are relying more on the play of their own internal forces to make it work or use spells charged by previous use and existence to free that power in alignment with their own.

It is akin to someone using premade computer programs. Some are made well enough that anyone can use them and get them to work on occasion with little to no prior knowledge of the system or function but it won’t be consistent until they learn to work with the technology. Higher levels that person knows enough to use most any program to their needs or write their own from bits of pieces of others or out of scratch.


Hi there. Thank you for your reply. You made a very detailed post but I still had a few questions.

I am a bit confused how that means the magick worked. You do magick to get a specific result so why is getting the opposite result considered a success? For example, if I do a spell to get a job interview and I do not get one, the spell would have failed considering all other factors such as your resume were good. In that case, you would get the same result whether you worked a ritual or not.

Would just like to also ask how someone could try not to think about results when something is urgent. For example, someone might need some cash fast to evade homelessness or to get out of a dangerous situation (e.g. someone following you home). It’s one thing to use magick for something like getting a girlfriend but I don’t know how someone could not think about the magick when their life is on the line. Do you have any thoughts on this you want to share?

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Hi there. Thank you for the reply. I just had a couple of questions.

What do you mean by work with the technology?

Also what training are you referring to? What training would someone need to do in order for their spells to work consistently?

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Emotion, all of your emotion, and the desire and intent for a change to occur.

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An altered state of mind (alpha state, state akin to sleep, theta-gamma sync) + emotional transmutation and/or experiencing the desired outcome as lived reality in first-person POV.

That’s the mechanism by which all magick works in my humble opinion. Everything else (ritual, mantras, ceremonies, astrology, crystals, tools, correspondences) is just spice and flavour.

Like you can eat chicken Pad Thai, chicken Caesar salad, apricot chicken, roast chicken, chicken and rice, chicken paella, but at the end of the day you’re still eating chicken… just with different flavourings and accompaniments :wink:


Quite literally that. Imagine a child first learning how to use a computer and coding.

Training the mind to sense and work with energy and patterns and create new patterns to influence reality. Most start working with energy and build up to more meta levels of thought and influence. Meditation is a starting point and then working with energy or learning to feel and sense it and developing to raw concept.

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Hi. Thanks for your reply. I was just wondering how you stay in TGS while experiencing those emotions. It is hard for me to feel anything when I am so relaxed and anytime I express the emotions I cannot get back into TGS. How do you go about this?

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No worries. I don’t know if I would categorise what I do as TGS. Usually I simply rely on imagination and let that draw me in deeper and deeper. I don’t necessarily wait until I am in a trance state before imagining something; the two usually go hand-in-hand, and one follows the other. I have a vivid imagination and I’m happy to get into a meditative or relaxed state and simply play a loop of my desired result over and over in my head and let myself sink into it deeply until it feels like I am experiencing it in realtime, and that’s my only goal: bringing my attention back to how it feels to have what I want. Note that physiologically, the brain does not differentiate between memory, imagination, and realtime reality. As far as your brain is concerned, they are all “real” experiences.

Just keep practising. Don’t get too caught up in buzzwords and catch-phrases like TGS or SATS or anything like that. Anything that you do in furtherance of your goal is better than doing nothing. If you feel the emotions and it pulls you out of the trance state, then you can (1) endeavour to go back into the trance state; (2) ignore it and just keep wilfully imagining. With practice it becomes easier and more vivid, and usually draws you in further and extends for longer periods of time. I suppose the yardstick I measure my experiences by is whether I come out of a trance state feeling like “I just lived something/this is a memory” instead of “I just sat there and imagined a few things and that’s all I did”. Obviously, aiming for the former and not the latter.

Hopefully that makes sense :thinking:


It could start even more fundamental … do you dress your candles, and do you know how to?

Well. If you live in Mclester, Oklahoma and you go into your kitchen to bake a cake, and it happens to be a day that the Savanna ammunition plant is detonating old military bombs, so your cake falls in the middle, did you not still bake a cake?

It may not have come out as the beautiful cake you wanted, but it’s still edible, it still tastes good.

If you intend to fry over medium eggs, but get a phone call and suddenly realize they are over hard, are the eggs still not nourishment for your body, even if they weren’t the way you preferred?

Not necessarily. I’ve found that when this happens, it’s usually because there is something considerably better out there, and the timing just wasn’t right yet, I didn’t know to look for the opportunity that does come up, and it comes up all on it’s own without me looking for it, so how is that a fail, if I end up with a better job than what I applied for?

I did magic for money when I was in a homeless shelter for 87 days. I ended up with a check for over $2,000 which was about double what I asked for, from my ex- a very unlikely result.

I recently had a scenario wrap up in which what I wanted could not happen- a court case dismissed. Instead I got the very very best result for me, the other person gets fucked in the long run and will never get anything out of me, and I’m barely even inconvenienced from the result as well as I had several things that should have been complicated applictions go through without me even filling out the applications for what I needed.

I call that good results, since I knew out right from the beginning well over a year ago, that dismissing it all together was very unlikely.

It isn’t my job to convince you or anyone else, I simply wrote the article to address this common problem from my point of view, based on my actual experience :slight_smile:



Didn’t need you to convince me. I just had a few questions about magick that I could never find an (adequate) answer for. Thanks for your detailed reply and for your help.

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Yep I do. I guess it is part ritual and part emotion/desire.

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What’s the easiest, clearest app for newbies to track the moon and astrological phases? Do you or anyone else know?

Oh wow, so you mix traditional magick and the Goddard type stuff.

That’s great. I was looking for people who do this!

Ah darn — private profile. I wish there was I could follow you, so I could easily see your other posts. If there’s a link or two to some of your posts you’d be happy to share, I’d love to read whatever you write!

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Hey, may I ask what you’d do for emotional transmutation if you were in chronic pain?

I was poisoned by Cipro some years ago, which messes up the central nervous system. So there’s always maybe a 2 or 3 out out 10 level of pain at lowest. Sometimes 6 or 7 at highest.

To say the least, this messes up things like “feeling from the end” or transmuting from a bad emotion to a good emotion. The bad feelings are always sort of there in the background, unless I do an angel call to rid them for awhile or take some Kratom or something. (But then I have the opposite problem with transmutation — it’s then harder to generate the initial negative feeling lol!)

I suppose it must be what the soul feels that counts the most, right? But even though I believe that, I do find it hard to parse between my soul feelings and body feelings when in chronic pain. Chronic nervous system pain is a real bugger. I suspect it messes up (or at least interferes with) a lot of my intentions and results.

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One is ChronosXP

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