Does magic really work? If it does why isn't it working for me?

No. You can get results WITHOUT developing your senses, but doubting whether or not you even made contact during the ritual, due to a lack of senses can cause you to fail.

As in, I don’t think as many people fail at evocation or even gom rituals as think they do. I think they fail to notice any signs they were heard- it could be as little as a glowing orb flash of light that you blink and is gone (energy or spiritual), the room temperature changing, chills on your skin, pretty normal/subtle things with all the nervousness of trying to get shit right…

and if you miss it, think you didn’t even make contact, well. Lots of people don’t follow through with the rest, or doubt so hard they were heard, that why should the entity bother? They can take your offering, or feed off you or whatever and you have no idea…

So use a safe system, a gom book, something like Luna, actually work on developing your senses but, if you go into ritual prior to being able to sense spirits- treat it like you were talking to an invisible friend 100% of the time, until it’s not just an invisible friend.

It’s just my opinion, but when I’ve helped people in the past that thought they failed at evoking or simple rituals, those that changed their outlook from trying to get confirmation they were heard to assuming they were heard, began to see results shortly there after.

That’s not to say it doesn’t take time. Most of the shit we want when we first start is way more complicated than we realize, it’s the reason we come to magic- because we can’t figure it out any other way and well, those things often take a year or more, so I really encourage people to work at the whole of their life and not just whatever that one reason is.

Make thyself better as a whole, and things flow into your life easier imop, and you don’t worry about the magic nearly as much.


Edit that it won’t let me safe cuz balg is meh somedays: and don’t you newer folks even think about forgetting that learn to banish shit. (teasing in my harsh tone sound, I swear…) Luna and Gom books can cover that for you to an extent but it’s real useful to be able to keep yourself safe, especially if you get spooked the first few times you actually get noticeable stuff happening.

I’ve been hit or miss on the getting spooked thing. I had some scary experiences with the dead as a kid, was kinda scared of what would it be like if something just appeared in front of me and basically sillyness, but anytime I get pms about stuff like that, I always tell people:

When in doubt banish and protect. Doesn’t hurt to be extra safe, so put it on your to do list to learn something to keep you safe, even if you can’t sense the big bad boogy men yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry realized that as long as I was advocating that people get off their asses and practice to help develop their senses, that I should probably remind them to be safe while they did it lol. :woman_facepalming:t3:


I am doing mostly DOM and LHD rituals and never got problems (except lack of manifestation, but that is because of my newbie status hah).I agree that sensing the entity will bring a lot of faith and courage into people new to evocations, but the most important thing i am sticking to is to learn to use my will and subconscious as my strongest weapon.


If we were in church… Amen.

I’m teasing, just a joke, please don’t shoot me! :rofl: but yes. I think this can be a big thing we miss sometimes, and I did it too. I was getting results and doing well and was all like Well then I am going to bust balls till my communication is better because blah blah blah. Well, I get way fewer positive results working with spirits, than I do using other methods of exerting my will.

It took me like… months to figure out I was wasting my time trying to learn to visualize when it’s pretty clear most people that can at least get after images, and wasting my time playing with spirits when I could most certainly do on my own at least some of what I was failing to get results with from spirits so.

Learning to discern the time and place for spirits in my practice, has been a bit of a bitch. The logical mind and the oh I want to use this grimoire cuz it sounds cool don’t always agree…

Lol all in all, I support the work on me and my personal power mentality.


I think you are talking about the implant thoughts technique that you posted in the forum. I am doing it daily. If you have other great techniques to share, I am sure most of the people will be very grateful to learn some of them : )

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Lol well, most of the stuff I use is some funky combination of things that are hands on, like hoodoo and in representation of what I am doing energetically, and energy work. I tend to go with my intuition and just throw things together after a day or two of contemplating what I am going to do. I get into the moment and it just all sorta comes together lol.

So I’m not really much help as far as outlining things I am personally working on outside of my journals. I do have a device I’m working on I plan on sharing in the future, but it’s highly personalized for my specific situation, so I will probably throw it in my necromantic journal since it’s related directly to those workings, rather than generalize a way everyone could do their own personalized thing with the device.

Idk. We’ll see, I didn’t mean to write this the other day, but I had another one of those pms and I sat on the back porch smoking and thinking about it like I was writing something, so I just figured I’d write it lol.


Yes the lack of discernment to look a little deeper to see a result or any changes can be the stumbling block that gets in the way. Some results may not be absolute to what was requested and some results are part of the work in progress and then scuppered by doubts.

I agree with all of this. I could be accused of being overly analytical but then, can anyone discern anything without being analytical?

I tend to look very closely to events that unfold, not for proof of results but to see what changes have actually happened, then I try to gauge whether that is part of its own work in progress and let it continue as is or whether it’s time to add something else that may have been missed.


Here it’s been told a lot around here,clean yourself ,take baths,pray clean u space,purify u tools at least 3 hours, give offering if can, in my opinion,and repeat,3,5,7,9,up 13times,tat is a basic mistake beginners do 1 time and is it, repeat the same goal,

Great thread! I’ve never been so pissy and frustrated as when I use to compare out with other people in terms of seeing/ hearing spirits.

It took awhile to realize/ remember why I started magic in the first place: I wanted something that was out of reach using my unaided will. After some success I got hung up on full evocation and started to get way frustrated.

It led to some soul searching and a good look in the mirror. I settled on three things:

1, I truly don’t need demon/ spirit friends. I don’t need demon therapists and demon mentors. I’m 51 and I know what I want. At that point, I stopped caring about full evocation and got back to my “results” focused practice.

  1. As a result, my rituals became extremely focused and I began spending more time crafting requests and less time scrying into incense smoke and mirrors. (FYI- I now firmly believe most of my early failures were rooted in my inability to craft a solid, plausible, and sane request that was specific enough to cover what I needed yet general enough to give the demon some space with which to work.)

  2. IF, by chance needed to “talk” to a demon, I knew I needed to develop my astral senses. This was a major shortcoming and has taken a shit ton of work.

Outta nowhere, demons started appearing during my petition spells AND my astral training. Didn’t ask for their presence other than to hear my requests, but they showed.

Short of the story, some people have to work hard to cultivate what’s needed for full evocation - me being one of them. Regardless, don’t lose sight of the goal of all magic:

…to bend reality in your favor and fulfill your needs, wants, and desires. That’s the deal imo. If you can get that going, you’ve arrived.


I have to say it is way more helpful to the forum if a specific outline/structure/recipe for your successful working (that didn’t work, or at least your expected results) is recorded and posted.
Because much like a well-written computer program, or a recipe on a box with required ingredients inside, it cannot go wrong, and our expectation is probably the matter at that point. Recipes and programs can be improvised on and if successful, delivers the result.
So spells, rituals, they must have a working foundation/structure/formula.
This is why the Golden Dawn was successful, in their Z-2 document, if that tells you anything, is the Neophyte formula, which is the exact code they needed to plug in different wording per ritual, and they work. However, we may still need to do more work. Make sure the pentagram is drawn correctly, or the hexagram, etc, that all points meet and you hit the center, and with full visualization and projection.
Or the like. What do I know, Im a neophyte.
Still, their formula worked. And this is something I want to do … to make sure I have a solid successful magic foundation quickly, so I can quit armchairing.


Astaroth is all you need to get your ex back, but results (lets just say you might not like how that might manifest) She goes all in for you, at some point you should realize that other life goals are more important than the stupid ex.

Believe it or not, I’m not actually this anti-christian people may at some point make me out to be. Esoteric Xtianity isn’t at all incompatible with the work I do. I found this catholic prayer book, and I was thinking about the symbols demons have shown me in evocation and some of the channeling work I have done, and I’m like, no, I did not get way far off base, sure I might not be onboard with the moral dogma anymore, but I understand the language of symbol and various methods to achieve gnosis.

Instead, when I was possessed by Astaroth, she wanted to burn the DSM (diagnostic manual of mental disorders.)

Unfortunately at 40 I still need all that crap. I thought I knew what I wanted, but removing all my anger and putting up with my crap ex for years really fucked me over. (and yeah, ex was just another fucked up relationship in a long line of such relationships including with my parents and ex best friend.)


Interesting, I’ll throw that in the back pocket in case, that’s a spirit I’ve not worked with pretty much at all.

Oh I get that, sometimes people come off as anti those spirits, as I was raised anti Satan tho, and Infind it somewhat amusing, considering what most of us say we are doing this stufff for😂- you knowing growing and dealing with the shadow self and traumas and all that kinda stuff.

Man, the hardest part is deciding what I want. I don’t have any issues manifesting, little things like money for a PlayStation or whatever is easy to decide but damned. I felt for months like I could do whatever I wanted in life, if I only knew what it was that would actually make me happy be upset stuff and shit of the tangible stuff… man means nothing to a girl whose been homeless and moved 2600 miles twice in under two years lol.

That is honestly why most of my work goes in my journals. It’s useable and adaptable but most things I do on the fly, working with my intuition and if you wanted to do something similar I’d be like hell yell, add all the fcking…rose petals you want to this kill dat bitch hard working…

Because even if you’d never use rise petals for that, if something in you saw what I did and said hmm wonder if I could use rose petals instead, my response would be absolutely if that was one of the first things you considered while looking at the shit I did.

Most of my work is real personally also. I find it challenging to be clear what I am doing and not tell Everyone which neighbor it is I’m chasing off, ya know…

Sorry for even more typos than usual, using the tablet while I switch my phone stuff to a new iCloud log in and man this keyboard is worse than me on the phone lmao…


You guys do actually know this is just a Harry Potter fan fiction club right…right???

Hey, good click bait, but important, thanks!

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Hi there, can I share a bit from my end? I have only started evo early this year working with a slightly modified master curse. I did 3 days of ritual 2 with each of 4 spirits in master curse. That was my first time evoking Glasya-Labolas, over 3 days of evocation I ended up nauseous at the end of it. I can’t see or hear but I can feel energy a little.
I got result.


I really hope people don’t honestly think that.

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Owing to the general lack of “do this quiz to find your patronus” and “help! my experiamus doesn’t work” posts, I think he’s joking. :thinking: Or to put it another way, if we were supposed to be a HP fan club, we’re really bad at following canon. :smiley:

P.S. Mine’s a deer :joy:


Harry Potter was fiction? But I’ve been trying to get those spells to work for years…

Well, the wand may choose the wizard, but I chose the driftwood…or did I?


Bookmarked and saved this for future reference

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