Suggestions pls for better manifestation

I have been working with Azazel and Recently I invoked Ant’harratu following the book of Azazel. The very next day of my ritual I started getting job calls even from the recruiters who rejected my application earlier. I chose one company and joined. Everything was so good at office the location, people, money, position for couple of days. Thn it started eating my peace, many hidden work rules and regulations were going on which wasn’t informed to me during interview. 1 off was given in a week and that was also cancelled and we had to work for 14 days continuously, work hours extended, job became a targetted job where if you don’t achieve target your salary will be on hold kinda bullshit. I was facing difficulty in getting cabs to work and suddenly cab prices were high, etc etc. It was becoming pain in my ass and I couldn’t take it, so after 2 weeks I resigned. Again I worked with Ant’ harratu but I don’t see any job calls this time like earlier. I know manifestation takes time but last time he worked within a day this time it’s taking a week. I strongly feel I should change something about my ritual may be manifestation wordings or something else… I mean what’s the point of manifesting a job which can’t even last for a month and then these surprises made me leave the job I didn’t even ask for it. It just looked all good from outside. Pls suggest how should I go on this time with job manifestation. Azazel showed me Ant’harratu for job thing and in the beginning it worked too but I wanna avoid these surprises and blockages at work. I need something in my hand before the month ends. My pocket is empty af :joy: .


Mmm perhaps the wording of your request, like assist me in finding suitable, gainful employment for me.

That’s how I’d do it. I work in a sales, cash business and when I perform magick to increase my sales I typically lay my hands on my merchandise and visualize white light going into it and I say. “May many people see the value in my wares and want to buy from me”
I say t that way because if people like my work and buy from me I automatically make a good profit and things are good. So wording can be important.

I’d work with the same spirits you did previously because you already have a success with that spirit and Abit of rapport.

Good luck keep us posted.


As Mike Bee mentioned, wordings are important. In addition to what they said I would also suggest to analyze your wordings in way if you’re restricting it too much or leaving it too open ended. I don’t know more about looking for jobs but in my college orientation we were told to start a linkedin account after an year or so, or when we start getting stuff under our belt so maybe a linked in account? Not sure if it works where you live though :sweat_smile:


Right… I used good positive wording I don’t know why all those craps started. Even I was into sales and business development in real estate. But the working environment got upside down completely in less time I didn’t get time to handle it and everything was looking like against me. May be this time things will be transparent from the beginning I will try to do some changes. Anyway thank you :blush:.


Its been more thn 5 years I have been working just recently changed my field so I have LinkedIn lol thanks.


Wil try this. Thanks :blush:

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Just some reading material along the lines of manifestations and what we can do to not block them.


Thanks a lot.