Tutorial: How to use your Energy to Implant Thoughts and Emotions in Others in 7 Easy Steps

So I tried your method last night. Today as I was watching something unrelated on line I heard the name Raum in my head and I found that bizarre. I worked with Raum in the past on a curse but i did not know why his name popped in my head now. Looked his powers up… funny he is able to bring love to friends and foes and also helps with divination and … TELEPATHY! I was flabbergasted lol. I pulled my tarot cards and asked if he wanted to help with this matter. The answer: 9 of cups, the bloody wish card! How freaky is that?

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Lol sounds like an average day to me. I’m always asking my husband if he saw or heard or caught something… because usually he’ll know exactly which ritual it relates too and is just as surprised at how the results come as I am lol.

The other day he proclaimed to someone that a course case he was interested in went exactly like he expected to, basically because his wife’s a witch and he believes it.

Lol He said it because the kind of thing you describe happens so often it’s downright flabbergasting and undeniable.

I used to worry a lot about how things would work out and would way over plan how the magic should work, but now I see just do the weird shit.

Something will happen and it will all work out, so long as I don’t twist and turn and obsess over it lol. But I still do that once in a while too…:rofl::rofl::woman_shrugging:

@all Please note that I have updated the original post to include a newer version of remote influence.


Keteriya this my question might seems strange to you but I really need this.
How I’m I going to use this method on a target that I’m using different identity in communicating with?
I’m I going to imagine them infront of the real me or infront of the fake identity I’m using to communicate with them?


Well. Idk I’ve never used a fake identity and wouldn’t consider it conducive to anything I was doing.

I don’t think it really matters since you’re putting in different or new thoughts and emotions from what the person has and you’re doing it on a subconscious level.

But honestly the subconscious will probably recognize that your putting on a fake identity as soon as it sees you in many cases, so I’d just use the technique in whatever voice is natural.

I don’t recommend using the method to help you fake someone out or trick them tbh. It exposes you directly to their subconscious so unless your to the point you can essentially mask your energy, their subconscious is probably going pick up on the fact it’s not true, and may even discover the truth about the rest of it.

I don’t know how to explain masking your energy, it works the same as taking on an emotion you don’t feel temporarily for transmutation during ritual basically. I’ve never tried to mask my energy while influencing someone else so I can’t speak in efficiency.

I don’t know if this technique is appropriate for what you are trying to do.

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I tried your method… but I had no results at all…
Maybe my astral senses are not opened at all… I don’t know… but it’s so frustrating

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Well not everything is for everyone, I personally think we all will find our paths and what works for each of us may be a little different or that we need to tweak things to get results- but anytime I’ve had an area that I could not get results in, it quite frankly was an area I was selling myself short in.

Like I tried to latch onto several lovers and they quite frankly were not people that were ever going to make happy, it wouldn’t have ended up not working either way and magic made it actually reach its peak and end sooner and got me back on track.

So idk I think there’s a lot of reasons why magic doesn’t work sometimes, but for me I’ve found it’s not the system or type of magic, almost all of those work. Since they almost all work and give results in my experience when properly used, I’ve come to believe lack of results in any given area is directly related to the individual seeking the results.

I talk about some of this here:

But even just having your thoughts, mind, emotions, actions and desires not equating to what you want, can throw you off.

Like when your looking for a mate and your introvert but your hitting up only extroverts and you are pretending, rather than trying to reach a compromise.

Long term it’s not sustainable to put on a show, so all the love magic targeted at individuals that aren’t going to like you at all once they realized your a faker… is wasted.

So I think sometimes we aim for what we think we want, without actually considering if it fits in our life, if it does fit do we have to compromise to have it etc.

But I also find this technique is not for certain things. It’s not best used on people you want in your life everyday because you want the important people to feel and care without having to be told exactly how to do it.

So idk either, this is one of the techniques that almost always delivers results for me when used, but I don’t always like what it does to people and I don’t want to influence the feelings of people I actually care about in general, so I rarely use now.

Wanting a pizza when my husband doesn’t like pizza is about the best example I can come up with for how I use it.

I wouldn’t even use it that way most days, I’d just ask for a damned pizza tonight, but for sake of testing this method and developing it further as it was my main mode of magic for a while, I have used it for things like pizza to see if it worked for me this way.

I did however use this more when I worked outside of my home, before I knew what I was doing, so lack of people to use it on is truly my primary reason for less use of the technique.

I think the hardest part of magic is trying to discern/figure out what is going to work best in any given situation, and that’s based on thinking that all magics work I just have to decide which is best in my situation.


After about two weeks of constant practice I changed my mind. This technique works. With a little perseverance and determination I’m starting to see results. Apparently my lack of astral senses does not allow me quick and surprising results… I need gymnastics… but the technique works. So… thank you Keteriya for sharing this, and sorry if I gave a superficial judgment (unfortunately I tend to get discouraged easily)!


All good :slight_smile: we are all just people and I too like you and everyone else, tend to want things right now and not whenever life decides it’s okay for me to have them :slight_smile:


I have heard similar techniques in the law of attraction Neville Goddard community. I’m just wondering do you think there are limits with this on what you should tell them? I’m also confused like are you commanding them when talking to them or just discussing ? Can this work on a no contact long distance target to make them break up with someone, hate them and come back to another person do you think?

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thank you for sharing this technique. i’ve employed many of the separate abstractions used here in other ways but not to this particular end.
will give it a go tonight

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It depends on the application and the target completely. Most do not take demands and commands to well unless you basically lay down like do this or I’ll do this, unless they have some subconscious reason to view you as being their superior.

However if it’s a baneful target, unless part of the plan is having them love you, you probably wouldn’t want to send loving thoughts. You’d want the tone to sound like how you want them to feel, but like it’s coming from them so they don’t reject it.

There is no need for contact ever for this to work, but that doesn’t mean you will not have to practice to do this well and learn how to apply it.

Each individual is completely differently, so where they are susceptible is going to vary. Some people are not very self aware and will not notice in anyway that the thoughts they have are not their own. It doesn’t matter how you use this technique on these people.

Then there’s varying degrees of self awareness but essentially all that matters is they know themselves or how they think or that they are trying to know themselves and how they think.

Like people assume someone going to therapy for a mental or emotional problem is a weak target, but that’s unlikely true if they are actually trying to overcome their problem as they likely have been given techniques that will work in direct opposition of this method.

For example this method could be used to create a positive or negative thought loop, but someone seeing a therapist for depression likely has been taught how to fight negative thought loops.

You’d be better off trying to figure how to make your desire a positive idea that they came up with than causing them to feel bad for what they did.

These are just examples because I pretty much cannot advise the best use, you will have to learn how to feel the situation out and use your intuition for best application, however using it simply as laid out without trying to figure it out will garner a lot of results and as long as your not targeting mages your mostly alright.

I however as stated don’t really feel in most cases it’s necessary or right to be quite so invasive and prefer to dial this back and work on the situation and not the individual. I feel like this gives me personally better results but I also think it’s easier to influence or manifest a better situation out of a shit show one if you can understand the concepts here of how each individual is different and their energies and thoughts and wants all play into what will actually happen.

Particularly useful in families and businesses where you don’t really want to squash anyone else’s ideas or feelings and you want to work together but for some reason things just aren’t flowing right and everything’s out of sync.

Hope this makes sense.

Best of luck :slight_smile:

Would you say this technique would work well with Pavlovian reinforcement? I am currently trying it out on someone I am close with to encourage them to endearingly use a nickname of mine more often. When I tried out your method I sent the thought that they wanted to use it and then after 10 seconds I sent the positive emotion I feel when they use it.

Would doing this once daily for a few weeks be sufficient? And then reinforcement as needed.

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I’m sorry I can’t comment to efficacy of the combined methods as I simply haven’t tried them.

But…honestly this type of reinforcement works when the individual is receptive to it, so I can’t see any reason it wouldn’t work well together or help your cause.

I think so. You seem to have a pretty sound plan, I imagine you’ll find it makes a difference ina few days time and then you’ll just have to do brush up maintenance to keep it.

Of course this is assuming she’s receptive to it and doesn’t reject it/it doesn’t go against her true core nature.

Sometimes we think things go gassing our nature that don’t- for example I thought for probably twenty years that I hated cooking… I actually only hate cooking with canned and frozen foods, I do not mind at all with fresh foods.

So if you’d tried to convince me a while ago that I should be cooking daily… at surface I would have rejected it. But my heart and soul probably would not have as they may have recognized it as something I would indeed like- so to have used these methods on me could have possible garner results or partial results.

But it would have be crazy to try to divine that detail as an operator, you’d have assumed I hated all cooking but with that information you could have targeted more accurately and possibly garnered an amazing result.

With this in mind I recommend you try it and keep an eye of awareness to details. If she seems agitated, irritable, argumentative etc, these are signs to change it up or back off as something is not sitting right with her.


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I noticed that your method is a lot more conversational now than it was before. With the previous method involving rotating through 3-5 statements whilst projecting the desired emotion at them. With 20 minutes or more being recommended for this.

However with the new method how long would you recommend spending on this?

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Roughly the same. I usually repeat it several times regardless of the change in mannerism.

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For part 2 of 7, do you have to imagine the energy flowing from the source into you the entire time whilst also visualizing your target at the same time or just in the beginning? Quite difficult to have multiple things going on at the same time

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I personally can’t visualize, so no. I use the word imagine either to say think about or to indicate using other sensation modules to essentially ensure you are clarifying who you are working on, what type of work you are doing and where it is going.

I usually just think about a person or a memory of a person for this, but if you know how their voice sounds, the skin feels, their kiss tastes or their purging smells, it will essentially really hone in your intent to send the energy to that person.

You don’t need to hold the thoughts or sensations, you just need to use them to connect your intent with the person/target(s).

It’s basically just telling the energy your sending where it’s going, it also helps you get into a trance like state to think about them and the things you know, or don’t know even. If I don’t know I’ll ask myself, I wonder what so and so sounds like. I wonder what color their hair is.

I don’t try to answer the questions, sometimes claircognianze or sentience will answer anyways, but the goal is to identify who you mean and to drop you into a light state of trance for the operation.

You don’t really need to hold any particular thought, a once and done is plenty in most cases as your mind knows who you mean and this all just really clarifies and makes sure your energy goes where you mean it to.

All the thinking on task also helps prevent sideways thoughts that go against your work from cropping up because your mind is occupied.

Now if you just mean for the cord cutting, you don’t even necessarily need to imagine them, you can tell yourself I’m cutting the cord now, perform the action and be done. Your mind will get it this way quite easily and disconnect you from the target.

Well. I agree most people can’t chant a mantra or sing a song, listen well and think as well as keep their thoughts separate or clear and distinguishable from the other thing they are doing.

But it’s possible. I often loose points I wanted to make when listening and forming a reply, but I am still able to hone on details and pay close attention to the speaker while thinking and listening. It gets dicey if someone then tries to start a conversation too- holding three things in mind without loosing my place when I can’t imagine in pictures is difficult, so I’ll usually fail to listen to what the initial speaker or tv show is saying while I listen to the conversation that interrupted.

Another example is thinking while you drive. It can be dangerous to get lost in thought while you drive, but often we do it-sometimes even while we are singing a song, thinking about something the song brings to mind and driving, making it so we are essentially performing three major functions.

When you ride a bike you pedal, steer, pay attention to the things on the road you don’t want to run over, you might plot your course or otherwise think about something too.

So it depends on the brain, I’m always striving to be more aware and hold that awareness and ability to do this or to hold a state without any thoughts- interchangeably and in any scenario as both have served me well so far and I’d like to be better with these skills. :woman_shrugging::blush:

Thank you so much for the detailed response, that makes sense :slight_smile: will help moving forward

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