Tutorial: How to use your Energy to Implant Thoughts and Emotions in Others in 7 Easy Steps

Nothing important, really. Between me calling him and him being in front of me, I imagine him walking towards me after my call. I just connected the two actions. And I connect my solar plexus to his too while we are in front of each other, pushing emotions, apart from our third eyes.

I remember Keteriya mentioning something like she didn’t know why she had left aside this technique sometimes while focusing in other kinds of Magick, when this hadn’t let her down… and I absolutely understand her now. I think sometimes we get so obsessed trying to find the ritual with the name that perfectly matches what we want to achieve that we forget our own minds and energy is what matters the most. Is true that I don’t have the most experience on this forum and I’m still pretty much experimenting, but boy do I like what I’m discovering.

I recommend you do the technique @Claymore it is gold. Experiment a bit, don’t focus too much on details and give your own mind a try.


I am trying almost every day the technique,but i am very new to this and still can not achieve visible results.I will try to get into deeper trance state and visualise better.


Think that this is something that we “naturally” do. Our thoughts and assumptions influence our life (and the actions of others). You’re just doing it consciously now :wink:


You’ve given me courage to keep going with this method I wouldn’t call my situation impossible Anymore because nothing is impossible heck I manifested an apology and got another one later on without using this, (the first time I did ) and the next time implanted a question and other things I spoke about above the only thing I struggle with is when I get into the state of focusing on the meditation I end up getting too comfortable

I wish you the best with this I know we can accomplish anything with this method


You give me a lot of hope, thank you! I will continue to practise until I got success with my target!


Yepper, why the fck am I fcking around with angels and demons when honestly this pretty much covered it…

Wellll… I’ve been guilty of tweaking it a bit myself. I did the same with servitors though, I wrote out a simple tutorial, a system that worked for me… then I continued to use it to the point I simplified it to like 3 steps instead of ten.

Here’s what I mean with this tutorial tho:


Well, if it works with 3 steps, why will you use 10? :woman_shrugging:t3: Makes sense to me.

I kind of tweak everything a bit. I don’t try to, it just happens. I know that many people warns against changing rituals already built, but for me to feel the reality of the Magick I have to make it mine, if it makes sense… I naturally introduce something or take something out and it works… I still have to try your tutorial on servitors, I liked it better than the GOM one

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Here’s my update on using this method to help my friend: In the last two weeks she has weaned off all of the remaining psych drugs, started a fitness and diet regime, is totally engrossed in her work every day and after hours she’s taken to pampering and loving herself(this includes buying a 2000 dollar Louis Vuitton handbag which she would never ever have sprung for previously :rofl:) I’d say this method can surely help the people you care for if you are consistent and send the right messages and emotions.


Reading your reply this was my only thought lol. That’s great and amazing, but don’t forget about her, she will probably need that emotional support for a while to help her get through all of that, but eventually as she gets better, it seems like you should be able to back off a little at a time.

I’m glad it’s helping her though, that’s a pretty great way to hear people are using this stuff for!


That’s definitely the plan, I’m going to keep it up every day for another two weeks and then slowly taper it off to see how it goes. Once a month has passed the drugs should be out of the equation. It’s a very useful method, baneful or beautiful take your pick.


I am continuously doing the method daily on my target. I do not know how it affects my target (I am also working with demons for it), but It affects me for sure. Last night I got the most bizarre weird dreams ever with the target.


Just a word to the wise regarding this method, be careful of letting any impressions/emotions flow back from the targets third eye. I actually did this on purpose for the first time on Friday morning to see what the person I’m helping is feeling and then spent most of the day wrestling with emotions and thoughts that were not my own.


I got no success, for now, maybe my psychic abilities are very low or the target is very stubborn. I am doing it almost every day for 20-30 minutes. I hope in combination with working with several entities there will be a visible results.

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@Keteriya I tried your updated method and focussed on my target while fapping and pushed the thought to “chat with me” upon orgasm, she responded with a voice note within 25 minutes👍🏻.

By the way in the mesosphere guys fap and girls shlick :joy::joy::joy:.


Omg this works :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


Just reading “Prayer: The art of believing” by Neville Goddard:

“To establish rapport you call the subject mentally. Focus your attention on him and mentally shout his name just as you would to attract the attention of anyone. Imagine that he answered, and mentally hear his voice. Represent him to yourself inwardly in the state you want him to obtain. Then imagine that he is telling you in the tones of ordinary conversation what you want to hear. Mentally answer him. Tell him of your joy in witnessing his good fortune. Having mentally heard with all the distinctness of reality that which you wanted to hear and having thrilled to the news heard, return to objective consciousness. Your subjective conversation must awaken what it affirmed.”

We have been told this again and again :relaxed:

*All Neville’s writings are out of copyright


This quote gives me hope to continue working on my goal : )


Just a bump/update to some tweaking I’ve been doing:

I have changed it up even more, and find my latest tweaks to be working really well.

Basically I created an imaginary temple room, like an astral temple. I imagine I am in this room, charge myself some source energy from an imaginary skylight then summon the essence of the individual to this pretend temple room.

I think talk to them like they are my little minions and here’s their choices- we can do this and this and this or that and we’ll see so many good things from it beneficial to us all or we can not and I can use power to fck to you up.

With baneful targets.

With everything else I just talk to the person like I’m telling them my side of the story why I want them to do what it is and why it’s good for them to do it.

I think this is a more advanced version, harder to because of the imagination parts being perceivable harder. They are not actually but for people like me who can’t visualize or who have shoddy skills and senses there’s a lot more room for doubt with this adaptation.


Im going to ttry this, i do find it hard to go into a trance


@Zenaminx Oh dang me too.

I barely got into maybe a light trance just once.

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