Sigils of Abaddon, Azazel, Belial, Amaymon

Years ago a post was made on this forum in which a couple of members shared sigils of these beings, I believe they were from a file E.A. shared (going by this old post) and they were linked in several threads by other people as well.

When this forum’s software was upgraded in April 2017, the links to this got broken, so rather than bump old threads I’m re-posting the image here so it will show up more promptly in search, since I’ve just been notified by the system that a link mentioning it has over 50 hits:


Talk about perfect timing! I was just looking for those! :slight_smile:

Somehow I misplaced my copies I had drawning out.


This post explains how to navigate around a broken link, if you see the following notification when you click on something:

Finally, reminder of how to set the dark skin for this forum, as you see in the screen-capture above:


Since Abaddon doesn’t get much coverage, I’m also going to share an artwork I did for him a while ago.

I encountered him building what looked like a town or village, in a lower region of the astral planes.

He was standing over it like a very tall, draped figure, very similar to the 5 Cups in the Rider-Waite deck, and he gave off an immense aura of power, this was my attempt to protray what I saw:


That’s good artwork!! :heart:

I see him in black too.


Oh man I’ve been looking for this for the longest. Thanks a lot!


Abandon,Azazel,Belial ,Amaymon (Linked) some way or another like they are at the top of the place gate keeps and dukes of hell what look down at the magicians to see if they need any help with there workthat is how I see it

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Bumping for Abaddon, when denied my lulz the gates of hell shall open, and the wretched retrieve the jailers and the fools. :rage:

Three were taken, three will pay, three Kings shall be rewarded. :fist:


Does anyone have a work of art about Amaymon (like that of Lady Eva)? I wonder how it might look like, I’m getting ready to call it.

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Helo! Newbie here. I saw a similar sigil like this of Azazel which came to me in a dream but this sigil was in a 3D form and had appeared to me with a friend of mine (in the dream) a week ago. I had been looking for this over the Net which is why I had stumbled upon the BALG forum.

May I know the purpose of this new sigil? I’m still learning more about this topic.

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THESE SIGILS :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Interesting how I feel more energy from these than some of their traditional sigils. Def more familiar energy and like more of what I like from them…id that makes sense.

Kinda like how you have friends added on social media, and their main account is cool. But you know their spam and private friends stories are closer to how you know them…like that.

(Insert okay Zoomer meme here)

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The Abaddon artwork hits home for some unknown reason

Bump Bump bumpty bump

For new members if they need a magical circle of power:

W Abaddon
S Azazel
E Amaymon
N Belial



Are these sigils correct for doing the Lake of Fire/Gatekeepers ritual?


Yes. Those are the seals EA released, and if you watch the video of his evocation at Dixie College (I think that was its name), they are the ones he has engraved on disks.


Thank you. :slight_smile:

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I removed the paper background