How to manifest reality

So I have many people reading my posts and asking me how I am able to manifest sex, love, money, etc… Things in reality coming to be… So I figured I would explain how I personally do these things. It seems easier for me to post this for you all to read rather then me inboxing each of you.

First and most important: YOU HAVE TO FUCKING MEDITATE!!! If youre not meditating you are doing shit!!! I can appreciate people asking and I am more then willing to give. (Im very Aquarius by sun, Leo by moon, as well as a number 2 )… But if youre not going to meditate but trying to evoke Lucifer, well good luck. I don’t force things onto anyone asking to learn, so I will let you keep hammering the wall until youre so exhausted that you will be put into a mental coma and forced to meditate, or give up. (and I will be laughing at you the whole time until you are ready to listen)

Second: Learn to Evoke, and use the sigils, charge them by staring at them until they begin to flash, reappear, disappear, or become 3 dimensional. If you want something to manifest from the entity as a one time thing, put the sigil away, or you can leave it at your altar if you can still forget about it (try to make a separate altar for it). If you are using it for building something, in other worlds, growing a business for example, charge the sigil every morning, and every evening. Thanking the entity for what it has provided, and feed the sigil with a charge for the continued progress. Blood is the best way to charge it if you don’t mind blood magick.

Third: Stack magick: If you want something to come quick, stack your magick. Just an example:

1)Evoke Bune for money, but dont stop there, now feed that with:
Putting spells on your food and drinks

  • Place your hands over the food and change the elements to become bright light while imagining them changing their bio structure into the thing you want. If you want money, make the elements become a magnet for money, and allow them to become an actual radiant that draws people to trust you so they write you checks more easily. You are made of the food that you eat, so allow the food and drinks to work for you. If it is awkward to place your hands above the food in public, hold your hands together, and lean your head on them like you are tired or thinking so no one notices. Once you begin to eat, try not to do anything else but imagine that of which the food is doing is entering your system… Think about the money you want. This method is no different then if you were to curse an enemy by poisoning their food with darkness and disease.

2)- ALWAYS fall asleep to the outcome of what you want. When we do magick, we meditate to reach the subconscious mind right? Well when you fall asleep, your mind goes to work. If you fall asleep to the thing that you desire every night, you keep pushing that will into the astral because your mind will go from conscious thought into subconscious thought of what you want in the physical. What better way then to do magick in your sleep.

3)- Showering to flush anything away that is keeping you from getting that which you want. Every time you shower, take a minute to imagine the water washing all of the shit that rots your body and keeps you from your goal. If you are dead ass broke, allow the water element to cleanse your body of worry, stress, and negative thoughts. Allow that which you dont want to go down the drain leaving you with only what you need to acquire your desired outcome.

Fourth- Read Read Read- If you want to do this stuff, you must read books. If youre lazy your spirit is not ready for this it will dwell until it is ready to learn after death. (Dont give me this I dont have money BS when you can buy hundreds of books on kindle for $3.99) I could find enough money under my couch and in my car to find $4… Bums make more in an hour on the hwy. So please, so tired of excuses. you should own an excuse factory, youll make a fortune.

Fifth- Change your mindset… It all begins in the mind. If you’re dead ass broke it is because you think like a poor man. If you are sexually inactive, its because you have replaced porn with the real thing and need to go out and engage women even if youre scared. Meditation and Chakra clearing (DO IT) will help clear your mind of the clutter of subconscious thoughts. The more you can slow down the daily chatter, the more you will be able to notice your spirit, or other spirits talking to you and guiding you. This is called CLAIRVOYANCE. You know when you do something, and you say to yourself, I KNEW I shouldn’t have done that! Well, youre mind was to busy THINKING to catch the premonition GIVEN to you which would have avoided that whole fucking situation. Youre fault. again, dont be lazy. Sack up and meditate. Learn to control the most power thing this universe as ever seen, THE MIND. Learn to use this and you will master your life.

FYI, I’m not going to bother editing this, sorry if there are any typos.


Yes!!![quote=“Rcs4215, post:1, topic:18343”]
Second: Learn to Evoke,
Learn to INVOKE would be my advice. Firstly, it may be easier for a beginner. At least it is for me. Secondly,
there are a lot of benefits from calling an entity into yourself.[quote=“Rcs4215, post:1, topic:18343”]
Third: Stack magick: If you want something to come quick, stack your magick.
I am going to disagree with this one. I like to use a single spell for a single goal. It helps me know for sure that a particular spell works.


Learn to INVOKE would be my advice. Firstly, it may be easier for a beginner. At least it is for me. Secondly,
there are a lot of benefits from calling an entity into yourself.

I get that, but I am careful how I use the word invoke because beginners seem to get confused by it. Besides, practice makes perfect so whatever. Get the entity to do your shit.

I am going to disagree with this one. I like to use a single spell for a single goal. It helps me know for sure that a particular spell works.


Again, I posted this for beginners. Everyone who messages me is in a bind. So I am trying to catapult them out of their current situation. -Also, I know all of them work, because I have tried them all, so I STACK them for FASTER manifestation


I understand that. I am always trying out new spells though. Trying to expand my skill set.


This is for beginners


Excellent tutorial!! :thumbsup:


Azazel told me he did something to my coffee one morning. He told me not to put creamer in it. When I looked in my cup i saw i saw the black sun reflected in it. I felt energized all day but in a really dark primordial way. Its hard to explain like the coffee was fulling the black flame within me like a furnace.

So ive been experimenting since then different energies to charge my coffee with.


cinnamon is great to put into your coffee. Its a carbohydrate blocker, and has a great energy that comes with it. :wink:


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Great stuff, @Rcs4215


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Ah, I see.


Bookmarked and thanks for the valuable info!

Can you shed more light on “Chakra clearing” ?


Thought i said to read :wink:


Yesssssss preach ! Manifesting results is a continuing combination of many different things ! Including the right mindset ! I loved reading this ! Thanks for taking the time to type this out !


This is one of those threads I wish I could like twice.

Yep. Everybody wants to call on the forces of darkness, nobody wants to lay the foundation for their efforts. Trying to evoke Lucifer or bend the will of another without first clearing and enhancing the power center of your own mind is like showing up to an Olympic power lifting competition on an empty stomach and unable to do 5 push-ups. Waste of time for nearly anyone.

I love it. You are one of the only people I have noticed here on BALG talking about this. Many people ask how to incorporate magick into their daily life; well here you go. We all have to eat, so if you are not charging your food you are missing out on a chance to do magick multiple times a day.

Yet another way to incorporate magick into your daily routine, since most of us bathe regularly. If you are not and you have access to shower facilities then you need to start. Not only that, but regular bathing makes your love and money spells work better for mundane reasons. Getting money and having a healthy love life is easier when you don’t smell dank.

Nearly every person who has achieved a modicum of success will tell you this. For some it is 10 or 20 pages a day, for others it is a chapter a day, but the principle is the same. When you learn you add value to yourself.

This is the number one reason magicians and non-magicians alike are broke. Money spells are all well and good, but what is the point of manifesting money if you are going to blow it like a jerk-off and stay poor? Most people are poor because they want to be, whether they think so or not.


I need some of what you’re having @Sophia444 lol (black sun coffee)


Sorry but most if not all of this sounds a lot like what e.a talks about


Probably. He learns from books as well. Most of that I actually learned from Franz Bardon.


Right, and he is successful in his field. Napolean Hill, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiosaki, Warren Buffet, and just about every successful person on Earth hold true to most of these principles and share the knowledge with others. Regardless of who says people still do not listen. I predict all of 48 hours go by before this dialogue pops up on the forum:

“I want to work with (insert spirit name) and I’m just starting out. What should I do?”
“Meditate and practice your chakra work, study up…”
“Bu-bu-bu (insert excuse as to why this is not an option)…”

It does not matter if EA says it or not, apparently some folks need reminding, even on EA’s own website, lol.


Yes i agree if you dont harness your faculties inbetween workings your wasting time with no real progress