Elixir of Manifestion

Hello. I have a question about something I read on another forum today. EA himself posted it and called it an “Elixir of Manifestation”. I have all of EA’s books that deal with evocation and unless I missed it, I don’t recall reading about this elixir. Does anyone know the exact process of making it? This a snapshot of the post EA made:

You may have to click on the image for it to zoom in so you can read the post. The ingredients are there but not the actual process of creating this concoction. Anyone heard of this and know how to make it? EA, please do feel free to chime in if you find the time to read this.

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I included this in the Mastering Evocation Workbook, and it was indeed in Evoking Eternity.

In neither of these, though, do I give the exact “how,” mainly because I assumed it would be obvious, but I suppose the things that seem obvious to me confound most others. That’s not a criticism of anyone other than myself.

Now, when I’m making absinthe, I’ll measure and weight everything, using a hydrometer every step of the way, checking the distillation temperature, etc. etc. But that’s not what I do when I’m making thyme chicken breasts with balsamic-apricot drizzle. I’ll season it by look, and then by smell, and then I’ll usually toss a few extra drops of everything in just to be safe!

The former is science while the latter is art. The elixir falls into the ‘art’ category more than ‘science.’ (I’m hungry while I write this, and now I want a glass of absinthe to go with my chicken… damn).

So, what I’ll do is fill my chalice with red wine. I prefer to use manischewitz, because it’s sweet, it’s thick, it’s red, and it’s cheap.

I add a few drops of Bat’s Blood Oil (I use Anna Riva’s, despite everyone else in the world saying it’s shit. It works just fine for me!)

Note that I’ll fill my chalice if I’m doing 1 evocation. If I’m using it for intense rituals, like the Gatekeeper Ritual, I’ll fill a pitcher with the wine.

Three days prior to the ritual, I’ll collect fresh moss… which can be difficult to find, living in the desert. There are a few parts of town, mainly around parks, where trees have shaded the ditches, and moss grows there. So, I’ll scoop up a few good chunks of moss and throw it in with the wine.

If I’m only doing a single evocation, I’ll go to the pet store, purchase a rat, and harvest its blood, usually through quick decapitation. It is amazing, though, how little blood this gives me. I’ll usually have to hold it upside down and let it drip out, or squeeze the carcass until I get a bit of blood.

If I’m doing a major ritual, I’ll use 3 rats.

Sometimes I’ll add in my own blood, just a drop or two. My good friend Jhon Longshaw insists upon using semen in these concoctions. The real advantage of doing that is if you’re using the “cultivation period” as a magickal attuning, focusing your energy and intention upon the potency of the ritual, rather than at the computer screen :wink:

Let the mixture sit for three days at room temperature. If you’re using a chalice, put a cloth or something over it. 3 days later, take it into your ritual, shake it, serve, and enjoy!


Thanks for your input EA, I really appreciate it. It does bring up another question though. You stated your friend Jhon insists on using semen in the elixir. Is that semen used in place of blood or in conjunction with blood? Other than that everything is pretty clear. Thanks.

He’ll use semen in conjunction with blood, or he’ll use menses, or female ejaculate.

Keep in mind that this isn’t home economics class. No one formula will work for everyone. These are suggestions based on what I’ve found that works amazingly. You’re going to have to experiment a bit to find out what works for you!


Thank you. You’ve been very helpful.

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So does the Elixir of Manifestation stand by itself as the base? I don’t need to use fire to warm it up or burn incense along with it?

Wow, this is great. Thank you. I know it months later but I figure some users may want to see this!