Quick collection of the ennead, the 9 demonic kings, and the 9 gatekeepers, along with the 9 Greek lords of the night

:moyai:In Text form:

Kings :crown:
Belial, balam, beleth, bael,
Paimon, purson, zagan, vine, asmoday.

Gatekeepers :hole:

Belial, Baal, Beelzebub
Azazel, abaddon, asmodeus
Lucifuge, lucifer - amaymon, Satan.

Greek: :trident:

Aphrodite, Apollo, Athena,
Hera, Hermes, Hephaestus,
Poseidon, Demeter, Zeus

Khem, Egypt, the ennead :funeral_urn:

Atum, shu, tefnut,
Geb, nut, Osiris,
Isis, Seth, nephthys.
(+ Horus)


Goddess Isis is Goddess Aset.


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Bel Zebulon called himself Enki.
During evoking.

Twice several months apart… It wasn’t until after that I remembered the first time he mentioned it = whilst I was incubating a plasma ball=

Amaymon is a kings description. Lucifer is a word for king.
He once commanned that I say king Lucifer not “Lord”.

Abaddon has come through as Apollo for me he aknowlages that and prefers that it be remembered

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@Yberion a very beautiful handwriting very charming


Thank you, Rav.