Ritual For All Of Us To Do - Outer Darkness To Converge Upon The Face Of Thee Earth

Outer Darkness Converging Upon The Face Of Thee Earth - Group Ritual.

As many of you may know I am engaged intensely in the nine demonic gatekeeper path-working. I have channeled a ritual from them, that has a very beneficial goal for the LHP practitioners out there.

The Aim Of The Ritual.

  1. Opening A Acasual Gateway Into Outer Darkness.
  2. Calling Forth All Nine Demonic Gatekeepers & Outer Darkness To Converge Upon The Earth.
  3. Give Them Their Task.

The main tasks are such …

  1. To shake the foundation of our world, to cause change on global scale.
  2. To destroy those who control, oppress and enslave.
  3. To break the chains of all that choose the path of ascent.
  4. To return power to the people.
  5. To help end religious and governmental tyranny and oppression.
  6. To help us create the new Aeon of freedom, liberation, expression, collaboration and empowerment.

Now this ritual is very powerful and the more of us that put in the work, the more potent and dramatic effects we are going to see.
I am looking for all you children of darkness out there, all you living gods and goddesses to jump on this ritual and stand together, as brothers and sisters. To unleash our power and the whole power of the infernal empire and the abyss, to help our species change and evolve.
Now the gatekeepers themselves have explained that their presence integrated heavily in this working, will cause a alchemical jump in our evolution. The black alchemy will take the witch-kin further in their spiritual development and will awaken those sleeping to finally awake and begin the path of ascension.

It will open the flood gates and will unleash a necessary chaos into our world. In order to destroy that which hinders us, that which oppresses, enslaves, controls and destroys us.
There are several levels for those who wish to participate, I understand everyone is different in development and in materials, so there are different phases you can take.

The Full Opening Rite.

This is the intense and powerful full ritual in which the powers are fully called upon, in a critical mass to then be directed and solidified in reality.

Items Required.

  1. Nine White/Black Candles
  2. Incense Dragons blood or Copal or Frankincense
  3. Lancet or blade suitable for bloodletting
  4. One of the three gateways - Container of animals blood or, Bowl of water or, A bowl of fire
  5. The Seed Of Darkness Symbol Printed
  6. Magick Circle
  7. Ritual Dagger or Ritual Sword or Ritual staff etc

Above Is "The Seed Of Darkness"

Begin by placing nine black or white candles around the ritual circle, doesn’t matter what size they are. Place lit incense in the four cardinal directions out of the circle, have the seed of darkness symbol in the centre of the circle.
Bring in the circle with you the rest of the items, if you are using the bowl of water place it in the west, if you are using the bowl of fire or blood place it in the south.

You may at this point do whatever you wish to open the ritual as you would normally do, any invocations of power. Striking of bowls and/or bells, meditation, mantra’s etc.
Once your ready we can proceed with the next part of the ritual.

Go to the first candle in front of you and light the flame as you do this vibrate BELIAL X2.
Then move onto the next candle and do the same with all the names of the gatekeepers at each candle in this order.
Belial, Amaymon, Azazel, Abaddon, Lucifuge, Beelzebub, Bael, Asmodeus and Satan.
Once all nine candles have been lit return to the centre of the circle, close your eyes for a bit and focus on your breath. Sense the change of the environment, visualise that the flames of the candles have become black and a black light seems to emanate from them, spreading through the temple/ritual area.

Now you may stand in any stance which conveys power for you, for me I kneel or stand.
With my arms out in a cross like fashion, my right hand masculinely opened and strong. My left hand will be opened graciously and femininely in the air. Allowing my head to fall back and I bask in the power flowing through me and around me.
Once in that position of power and authority you have chosen, connect with the energies and presence of the gatekeepers around you they are already there.

Gaze upon The Seed Of Darkness, open it like a sigil, scrying into its centre and activating it.
Once done focus on the flood gates of outer darkness, and think of the symbol as a dark corridor through which your voice my travel and will reach the nine gatekeepers.


“I call forth the nine gatekeepers of outer darkness, the nine heads of the great dark beast Satalos. Hear me and come, Hear me and come”.

At this point you may look away and continue with the rest of the conjuration.

"Belial, The Wicked One, Scorpion King I call you forth, Belial without a master, The Beguiler, He who bows to nor man, nor god.
Belial come, Belial come.
Amaymon The Black sun, Amun, Amon, He who breathes the venomous breath, I call you forth, The eye of the dragon, exaulter of the darkness.
Amaymom come, Amaymon come.

Azazel, The Black Ebon Satyr, The Scapegoat, I call you forth, Azazel keeper of the black flame, Father Of Sin. Azazel come, Azazel come.
Abaddon, The Destroyer, He who holds the key to the bottomless pit, I call you forth, Abaddon Black Devourer, Mouth of thee abyss.
Abaddon come, Abaddon come.

Lucifuge Rofocale, Demon of pacts, Scribe of the underworld, three horns atop your crown,
I call you forth. Lucifuge Rofocale Herald Of The Black Star, Ruler Of Satariel. Lucifuge come, Lucifuge come.
Beelzebub, Prince of devils, Lord of flies,
I call you forth, Demon of pestilence and decay, Dark god of defilment, Beelzebub come,
Beelzebub come.

Bael, Baal, The Ruler, The Warrior, I call you forth. Bael Ancient Grim Liege, Three headed beast, The unconquerable conquerer, Bael come, Bael come.
Asmodeus, Asmoday, Lord Of Lust, I call you forth, Asmodeus armed with the seven, The Wrathful and Vengeful Destroying God, Asmodeus come, Asmodeus come.
Satan, The Adversary, The Dragon, I call you forth. Satan Lord of chaos, The Dark One.
Satan come, Satan come".

At this moment visualise the nine standing around you, if you are developed enough you’ll see them around the circle.
Visualize them emit darkness everywhere around you as you do this chant

Next turn to either the bowl of water, the bowl of blood or the bowl of fire (if fire only now you should ignite it). Gaze upon the gateway and connect with it, focus on your breath attuning yourself to the nine around you and the energy of the gateway before you.

Facing the gateway speak one of these conjurations right hand extended towards the gateway pushing will and power towards it.

1. Conjuration For Fire -
“I open forth the gateway of flame and fire, may my voice echo through the labyrinth of light and ember, may my voice echo to the fiery star Dabih.
I open forth the gateway of fire, I open the gateway of Dabih, the star of fire, the celestial flame, the fiery gateway to outer darkness.”
Then vibrate DABIH X3.

  1. Conjuration For Blood -
    “I open forth the gateway of blood, may my voice echo through the halls of bloodshed and chaos, may my voice echo to the demon star Algol.
    I open forth the gateway of blood, I open the gateway of Algol, the bloody infernal gate to outer darkness”.
    Then vibrate ALGOL X3.

  2. Conjuration For Water -
    “I open forth the gateway of water, may my voice echo through the chamber of waves, serene and chaotic. May my voice echo to the Sapphire star Naos. I open forth the gateway of water, I open the gateway of Naos, the Aquarian stellar entrance to outer darkness”.
    Then vibrate NAOS X3.

Once you’ve opened one of the natural three gateways, the gatekeepers will be around you, at this moment. Gaze upon the gateway feel it fly open, lower your right hand and feel the pool of limitless darkness on the other side of the stargate before you.
Focus on your breath and hold the seed of darkness in both hands and state.

“I call forth the nine headed beast, the nine headed hydra, emperor of the infernal empire, dragon serpent of outer darkness, for thee is the darkness, I call you with blood”.

Offer blood onto the seed of darkness, sense that as soon as that happens a whirlwind of power suddenly encircles you.

Visualise outer darkness flood through the entirety of the temple/ritual area.
Visualize that the gatekeepers around you shift their form into darkness too.
Visualise this become just a huge abysmal black mass around you spinning clockwise and counterclockwise. Now state these words below as you say them notice the vortex spins faster and more intense.

"Belial, Amaymon, Azazel, Abaddon, Lucifuge, Beelzebub, Baal, Asmodeus, Satan.
I summon the nine, I conjure the nine, I welcome the nine. I call outer darkness to come, to converge upon the face of thee earth, to come through the Acasual gate I have thrust open.
The Nine Headed God Of Darkness, The Nine Headed Hydra, Father of the pit, Serpent of the abyss, dragon of the abysmal waters.
I call it all down, down, I the child of darkness,
I the antichrist, rouse hell on earth.

Me and my brothers and sisters of the black path, cause you to come, to tare through the veil, to break through reality.
Can you not hear us, all of us
Sorcerers, witches, magicians, living gods of this world, with the black flame ignited within our core, standing hand in hand, passing black flame through black flame to conjure you forth.
Come now, Come now, Come now.

Devour those who oppress us, Devour those who enslave us, Tare down foundations of slavery and tyranny, Destroy those who seek to hinder, harm and enslave me, them, us, men, women and children, our entire species.
Break our chains, lift the forces of limitation, stasis, weakness, tyranny, slavery and oppression from us and our world. Empower us, protect us, transform us, aid those who have their three evil eyes awakened. Thrust your darkness into the hearts and minds of those asleep, awaken them to the truth.

Come now and cause the changing of the world, a world of freedom, liberation, illumination, enlightenment, power, collaboration and ascent".

Close your eyes visualise the vortex of darkness is a beacon and visualise in space is one of those stars we have opened. Visualize a black River of darkness flowing through the cosmos and is penetrating the earth, converging upon it.
Coming down from the sky, as the vortex around you emanates a black light like a beacon and anchors outer darkness to our world.

Hold the athame/staff/ritual sword in the air with both hand, pushing your power and will through it. Visualising the world of freedom we desire, the wars calming down, more freedom and support for our people, happiness for our fellow man, advancement in education, technology, science, medicine, spirituality etc.

Keep doing this until the darkness being pulled in is so critical begin inhaling deeply and as you exhale push the will of the antichrist through your the will of the living God within you, into the mass of darkness. Keep doing this reciting RAM HAM SATALOS. Until the power has reached its maximum, until you feel like you can no longer hold it. At this point vibrate RAM HAM SATALOS like a mantra as you do visualise the vortex combust spreading outer darkness across the entire face of the earth. You may visualise outer darkness being pulled in from all around the world from all the other magicians performing the ritual.

Sense the feeling of us being United in power, feeling your fellow brothers and sisters of darkness, uniting for a greater cause, cause greater than themselves. Once done simply state “so it is done” or “Alash Tad Alash’Talashtu”.

This is going to be the best route and the most effective way, if you cannot do this ritual then still pitch in.

By lighting a black candle, gazing into the flame visualizing a black beacon flowing into the air, speak the conjurations given in the full ritual and offer a drop of blood.

For those who can, who have the ability, the power and will to do the full ritual.
Let’s all join in and pit our power and ability into our species, it’s all about collaboration.

Let’s change the world brother and sisters let’s do it. Let the chaos destroy all that hinders, limits, enslaves, oppresses and cause weakness to the people be destroyed. While the world begins to be shaped in our image, the image of the living god’s. Let’s recreate things in the image of freedom, evolution, collaboration etc.

DATE FOR RITUAL - September 23rd.

Let’s a get together and combine our efforts, imagine the incredible outcome we can achieve.




That’s awesome! I’m in!


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Awesome guys :slightly_smiling_face:


So… you’re calling down the nine gatekeepers to create an anarchist revolution? I dig it. I’m too much of a noob to help, but I’ll be paying attention.

NOTE: I’m not bitching. Your tasks are essentially describing what can only end up being an anarchist society, as described by the anarchists philosophers.


I saw that drawn on a floor a few weeks ago Bill Duvendake was there.


We’ve got the badass magician Edgar Kerval jumping on board with this ritual too and a fuck tone off other powerful magicians out there.
Including some of you guys, me and my apprentice so already a lot of people.

The more of us that do this, the greater the impact and it’ll be amazing to see.


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I am in Brothers.


Great man :slightly_smiling_face:

its so amazing to do a ritual with satolas in indeed one of the most powerful if not the most powerful entity that i worked wtih.

Hail The Father of darkness and Hail Us :metal::fire:


I think i might partake in this Rite -


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I’m in need of this. Thank you.