Successive Possession from all 9 gatekeepers

I began my Very much shortened version of the Drawing Power ritual, that I wrote and the influenced a few months ago, but last couple (?) of weeks I had resumed the ritual at their insistence.
Now last night was the conclusion to self altering and being more Mys’elf Myself, in which i bathex un pigs blood and oak bark

So this afternoon I was not interested in doing anything. But as is the insistent hearing a call… I went to my temple and said (not the first time I phrased it thus).
“I Evoke Invoke the nine gatekeepers”
I called each with their enns singularly then said as intended that i mass draw in the power. I discovered that this short cut can be a real boost.
I spoke
" I invoke evoke the piwer of, I evoke invoke the skills of I evoke invoke the discipline and patience of I evoke invoke the wisdom of…"

This Time I was literally possessed by each one successively one at a time. Each leaving and another entered.

Now as I am currently reworking the entire 9 giving each 3 months as they" requested" (?) and I am used to Belial just jumping in to proceed with my lessons.
I have enough material for public a whole grimoire. And this is just Belial. (im not putting all the details here.:fairy:‍♂)

But as he entered I knew that today was not a lesson learning for Morgana /Morgan (all my aspects). No i knew that they were ALL going to be passing through.

Satanis gave me an entire rather full and detailed ritual.
It is total and complete.
I do not know where to place it. Its advanced.

Comes complete with sigil a frequency for the Sourcerer to cycle through their mind, which is quite easy to do once you practice changing your own free cycle on a regular basis.

Quite frankly.
None of this stuff is childs play!!.
Im still shaky kind of. Regular food Dosent satisfy my needs i guess thats why i was being called blood month child.
Gifted and blessed.
But i still have to meditate and practise this or that.
Like anyone else.

I have names of Azazel.
I can Confirm without question that fae & drakon are Djinn I can confirm the validity of the Alchemical Skills of transmutation of Oberon. I can confirm Takkalos has returned.
I can confirm the validity of My identity.
And more.


Beautiful progress, Morgana.

I think your rite reference is in conjunction with the portal you and I spoke about recently?

That’s going to be a beautiful peace.

Not sure what coward felt their insecurity spiked to falg this post, but I can see, you dropping names and confirmation Probably made someone pissed.

Told you, this kind of motion is ongoing.

We’ll get that solved, as I mentioned bevire, I had been keeping an eye on it for a while.

My council let me know that changes have already been made.

The 9gk possessing you was no surprise after the bath. Even tho I would have preferred your aspects to be a bit more on the front line in the re-configudation process.

The older aspects in you are getting stronger. You 're less xhildic as well.

Have noticed the merge in system is still increasing as well. Not sure how much I can guide you anymore, you’ ve clearly reached and overcome my progression as far as I can see it.

I’m Very much proud of you, Morrigan.


¥’ Berion


Her post was probably flagged because it is indirectly restarting a dispute that happened on another thread. Majority of the people on the other thread were “correcting” her and said that djinn are not fae so her making a particular statement in this thread is just reopening that dialogue.



How can you confirm that fae are djinn? I assume you mean confirm with legitimate background knowledge or is it because something told you and affirmed your already present belief around it?


Knowledge came from various Entities first
Then i looked at some materias
Then forgot about it.
Then kept being told this again through other entities
But the 9 gk have msde the confirmation clear.
Unless people think that they are lying.

To add i had once soul travelled to the realm of the Daemonic " saturian" lik planet looking into tunnel they told me to leave this tunnel and thay one but they just observed my wandering around then at some point i came across Djinn.
@Yberion I told about it. a few month’s ago.

So @Velenos and @Nissiku

I hope that I have answered your question

Re the other yhreads where I was “corrected” by pass auf informieren und giving answers.
However this i felt the need to make it clear.
I was totally focused on the information at hand.


The Ritual Satanis wrote out in detail whilst in possession of Me I am unsure where to place it.

I mean publish in My Own Page that is connected to My channel???

Hand it over to the forum Balg for it to be ignored and questioned.

They told me that I have to collaborate thst this is their empire…
Sure but still no clue where to place it.

Its lethal as @Yberion has said we have explored the portals, and other realm travel.
And the frequencies that i began receiving…

The Ritual is complete Satanis left nothing out. I cannot correct it… He gave a dietry instruction and a day of fasting. This bit i do not get.
But it is total all by Satanis.

I am always a student while I am living in this world. I am a long way from many things. Haaa no rush


So the 9gk flat out told you that the fae are djinn? So if anyone were to ask or divine Asmodeus a king of djinn and Azazel who is said to be an aspect of the creator of djinn and father of Asmodeus will confirm this?


Go ahead and ask for yourself
In fact allow yourself to soul travel to the djinn


I’ve already been to the realm of djinn many times

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I have worked closely with these spirits for over half of a decade. They always got confused whenever I asked them if they were associated with the fae and they flat out told me no.

The only two types of djinn that I have interacted with that were more receptive to it were the Peris and the Hinn. One essentially told me that they are the cusp between two worlds while the other works closely with them.

I have posed this question to quite a few kings (which includes majority of the cardinal kings), Fuqtus, Iblis/Azazel, and Asmodeus/Sakhr whom all of which rejected the notion aside from the last two stating that it is a partial truth (which was further clarified by the Peris).

So with this said, perhaps the same thing is happening to you. They are giving you a partial truth and they are giving you the opportunity to further expand upon it.

The gatekeepers from my own experience tend to like to get you to work for the answers that you seek, they rarely give freebies (especially with things that have any sort of complexity, which includes the djinn due to all the misconceptions and stories told about them).

Djinn aren’t exactly Saturnian, they are beings that embody the fire of the sun, ever burning. The sun and Saturn do have a relationship though so I can possibly see where you are coming from there.

I’m not trying to challenge you by any means, just sharing my own experiences because it was actually a question I oftenly asked when I started reading more of the Persian stuff.


Sure. Fae or Fehris as what Belial uses.
Azazel Himself Lucifugue Abaddon…
I asked because they were calling myself and Oberon Fae Djinn.
So after a few months I damn well asked.

At some when i queried a published authors gnosis about Bel Zebulon and Bael if they were the same. The vest they gave was “connected yes”.

For the Djinn.
I saw Myself. My blue skin
There is a lot of things that I have seen been told remember and have confirmation of.

To clarify I did not they Were Saturnian. That was part of my souls travelling. I went through Saturnian and tunnels but was told to turn back… Even shax wouldn’t let me continue there.

I was in Djinn realm and saw Myself Mys’elf.
I said this:
Dragon are Djinn… Fae / Fehris
I nit say ALL dragon Djinn
DJINN have contracts Agreements with the Daemonic The Saturnian if that term suits here.


Honestly, I don’t normally come out with my identity but I am more then just someone that works with them. There are many things I don’t outright tell or say because I want my experiences or workings to hold more weight then who or what I actually am on a spiritual level.

I honestly don’t think you should be irked because if any one of the authors of BALG shared something like this on the forum that I could see and opened dialogue I would be doing the same exact thing.

There are so many misconceptions when it comes to the djinn as beings. Not many people look very deep when it comes to the roots of who they are and most just try to clump them with other things due to their lack of understanding and not further venturing from a religion that borrowed them to fit their own agenda.


I am tired of saying and It not just Balg.
I am My Goddess self.
I have come out because I have to.
I have been hiding myself for a very long time.
I have been warned about this…

Yes that is true @Nissiku, lump sum and barrel away.
I question everything. People make assumptions if the assumption dose not fit.
Of course thete ade many variants. But I figured that was obvious to any reader
So much sometimes I have been known to irritate certain entities.
But my willingness to learn and submissions to my personal growth makes it worthwhile.


I commend you for being open about who you are, as of yet I haven’t found a reason to be. Having the mindset of always being a student is a good thing to have, it keeps one humble and allows one to further learn by hearing and applying multiple perspectives. (:


It’s interesting to see how people “correct” others without giving any reference to why their view is ‘more legit’.

Here some reference material :slight_smile:

Myths and stories about fairies do not have a single origin, but are rather a collection of folk beliefs from disparate sources. Various folk theories about the origins of fairies include casting them as either demoted angels or demons in a Christian tradition, as minor deities in Pagan belief systems, as spirits of the dead, as prehistoric precursors to humans, or as elementals.

The label of fairy has at times applied only to specific magical creatures with human appearance, small stature, magical powers, and a penchant for trickery. At other times it has been used to describe any magical creature, such as goblins and gnomes. Fairy has at times been used as an adjective, with a meaning equivalent to “enchanted” or “magical”.

Source :slight_smile:

  • so, Morgana la fey is being corrected when she explains about the origin of the fae, based on what she perceived in traveling the relms and spirit communications.

Good to know.

Thank you guys, for letting me know about this.


Jinn and fae are different words from different cultures, I think no one questions that so far.
Jinn - spirit of the lamp, or spirit from smokeless fire.
Fae /fairies - Mainly elemental spirits, Usually difficult but not impossible for humans to perceive in their existence and co-existance along with the human race.

Yes Morgana, I’m keeping my disgust together, for the moment, not calling them ‘hum’ an’i.

A further look into fae describtuons :smiling_imp:




For those practicioners, who actually seek a confirmation from the spirit realms, you answered, dear sister, I can see now.

Yet, let thee seek for gnosis through satolas. He’s got legions of dark elven spirits which walk among him, and obey his commands as if they were given by you or me, as we had agreed upon in the pact which spans from kingdom to kingdom.

Let them see, through that perspective, for we have seen the doubt thrown at ot.

Y’ell, shak nevi rel suk’nar’hum kav reconcilie, vec shato u satholas.

May those willing to look beyond, be capable to see.


Belials note on this, he told me to mention :slight_smile:





Thank you for your refferances and taking the time to show them here and assisting in opening the eyes anf minds of the witches who would rather be asleep and those who are true exploreers.
That ti Me is what a witch is : an Explorer.


This OP is not attacking anyone nor is her post about forum policy - let me try to explain:

If a flamewar breaks out and someone makes a new topic afterwards which is directly about THAT argument and targeted AT specific members, then yes, that would be considered continuing the dispute, and it is disruptive to the forum because if we permit content censorship, heckler’s veto, and concern-trolling, we will lose everything that makes this forum worthwhile.

There would probably be a short, deceptive golden era where one sees one’s own preferences enacted, but afterwards, the net would tighten to begin constraining all except a small narrow group of views about what is real and what can be shared.

I will not allow that to happen.

I have restored this post and disagreed the flag because flags are intended to be used where forum rules are broken, not where one simply disagrees (however deeply) with someone else’s experiences and beliefs, and wishes to silence them.

That this disagreement over whether fae are djinn caused a derailment, meaning that a thread had to be moderated before is not relevant in this case, since this new topic is not derailing another thread, nor attacking anyone individually: it’s just a member sharing the experiences they believe they had.

The correct action when one has an unusual concept or insight is to make a new topic and allow people to evaluate it on its merits, not derail anything that happens to doisagree with one’s own ideas.

This gives us back the “peer review” element from the oiginal forum concept; people can look at what someone has posted, and decide whether they think it has validity, or not.

One important thing:

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But threats are not permitted, and any implication of using magick to punish others who one disagrees with, is absolutely against the rules. Flags, forum rules etc., are, as I describe above, matters relating to the practical use of the forum, and never about whose magick is most right, or who’s “wrong” and needs to be silenced, etc.


We can agree to disagree. The resources given are Wikipedia links and YouTube videos which doesn’t make your argument as favorable. You are insinuating that I haven’t spiritually looked into things on a deeper level which honestly blows my mind since I have work with both the djinn (over half a decade) and the fae (possibly around eight) over the years. Im not “asleep”, I just do not take information outside of its own source which is more then reasonable.

The fae are only associated with demons and angels due to Christianity taking hold of Celtic and Old Nordic cultures and twisting their beliefs so that they would convert (this has happened many times to invaded civilizations, the Romans invading Egypt is another example of this). If you look at the remains of the myths prior to being invaded (which honestly isn’t a crazy amount due to a lot of what was written about them was wiped out by the invaders), there is really no evidence of them being equated to the two.

I also want to bring up the fact that I know that the little folk span multiple cultures, I have found a nifty link that supports it and I have never denied that fact:

Another thing I want to add as well is I never said that all the djinn do not have faery associations, hence the Peris. However, this is said due to them being blended between the two worlds. However, if you do look into the stories about them there have also been cases where the Peris have been disconnected from the djinn so there is that as well.

I have been to their plane, I have done my evocations, I have done my research, and I have talked to multiple spirits from both sides that gave me the conclusions I did as well as other people who confirmed things from a objective experience. Satolos isn’t connected to these groups of spirits and only few of the 9 gatekeepers (namely two) are known to be djinn. Let the actual spirits speak for themselves instead of a third party speaking for them in their stead (and no, I do not believe that speaking to two demons with djinn associations is solid enough in my opinion to prove the perspective to be indefinite and thorough).


I wasn’t the one who flagged the post so I’m not sure why I’m being responded to? I only gave my own theory as to why it might have been flagged, that is it.

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