Working With My Uncle

Explanation here of who my Uncle is. :slight_smile:

I’ve just had a load more events happen, and want to log them in case anyone’s interested. The force my Uncle worked with, which he described as the Dark Master (as in, Mastery OF Darkness, not of him, or by implication, me) has created a link in our bedroom/Temple, where my lazy habit of scrying on the walls and evoking ad hoc has led to portals everywhere like some spookier remake of Rear Window:

So, that happened and then I updated the post here and did a bit more chatting with my Uncle.

Then, oh boy did things get strange.

First, a spirit manifested to clairvoyant, very near plain-vis sight just below where the Dark Master had flickered and staked a claim, and introduced himself - so, I now have a familiar spirit from this force, which wasn’t really expected but seems very cool.

I had already made a deal with my Uncle for something he wants, and he’s going to help me with a specific career project in return (he has a nice businesslike mind), so this is all related to that.

Then, once I’d logged the familiar in my notes, the Dark Master just flashed again on that area of the room, so I went through the portal and into that realm, calling Uncle to come with me. Uncle’s been manifesting in what seems to be a weakened area of fabric to one side of our bed, it’s where La Santisima Muerte and a few other spirits have appeared unexpectedly.

Not even slightly going to dress that one up btw - I called Uncle to be beside me as I entered that portal because it was scary, the sudden onrush of events was unexpected, and he seems to know the score.

Inside the portal was a vortex of roaring blackness, intense and strange although I’ve seen elements of it elsewhere (sometimes in healing journeys) and the Dark Master introduced himself to me - he told me his name was also Set, and when he said it, he kind of echoed the T at the end - it’s like you see Hannibal Lector doing but it was terrifying, not funny AT ALL, so the name is somewhere between SET-T-T-T-T and SETH…

I’ve had hardly any dealings with Set (as portrayed in conventional Egyptian lore) because I started working with the mainstream Netjer and honestly the need or idea never came up, they do some naughty stuff themselves so it wasn’t a “good and evil” thing so much as not being an issue. Set in that tradition was thought of as the powerbase of the Pharoah, and a vital part of everything.

Anyway back to tonight, I know I’m typing this like “tra-la-la, Facebook update went to gym” but I’m quite rattled (in a good way!) - my left ear is ringing from where Set made his name clear into it, and there’ve been a few odd poltergiest events as well.

The place I entered seemed circular (unlike the normally cubic chambers of the demonic Kings I met) and I sensed that the conscious presence was more intense in a location, but it hurts my mind to try and think of how he looked, and I know it would be unwise to write it out.

Uncle was there beside me and introduced me, he didn’t call him Set, I’m not sure he’d linked the two in fact, and this seems like some heavily dark, anti-theistic, anti-angelic and unholy aspect that’s immensely powerful on this plane, these kinds of manifestations don’t usually happen so strongly, or so clearly, without me being in a kind of trance at the time - but I was wide-awake and in basic normal consciousness for all of this. I’d just finished updating my diary with some new pages and doing totally mundane stuff when it kicked off!

Uncle also doesn’t like to even hear any reference to gods or angels when he’s present, and this seems to fit with the almost alien energy I got from Set, who’s not an alien as in “outer space” (well, no more than anything), but I mean DIFFERENT to most other forces.

What else - Set made it clear that I must NOT call on anything of that nature whilst either in his presence or working with him; indicated Saturdays are a good day to work with him, but it doesn’t really matter; and finally I asked him “Are you evil?” to which he (Set) replied, “No, but neither am I of the good.”

If the way I’ve typed some of this is weird, it’s because the energy was still present and things like lightbulbs chiming and flickering if I type stuff that somehow doesn’t harmonise… it’s weird. Inside my head feels a bit weird as well.

So, that was my Saturday evening - I wasn’t expecting it, though I think by now there’s little point in any of us trying to plan ahead too far with what we’re doing because things come at you from out of nowhere that suddenly become really important, like Uncle, who sought me out a few months ago because I was doing stuff quite similar to him…

This Solstice is going to be SO MUCH FUN!

And I’m totally sleeping with a light on tonight. :heart:


When you say it was weird inside your head can you give an elaborate description of what you meant by how it was weird?

Im sure like you said your Uncle didnt summon demons even though this is posted in the Satanism section, but I believe perhaps it is because he understood the prime elements of Satanism rather than just the beliefs that taint just about every cult on earth. You will have to ask him of course what that is or means.

I also wqnted to poont out the curiousity of the fact that you are making referrence to an Uncle. I knew quite a few other women who did as well. This made me wonder “why the Uncles of all members in the family tree?”

Erm, maybe later…? :slight_smile:

I think most of us have had some weird experience that doesn’t lend itself easily to words though, so it was like that.

Im sure like you said your Uncle didnt summon demons even though this is posted in the Satanism section, but I believe perhaps it is because he understood the prime elements of Satanism rather than just the beliefs that taint just about every cult on earth. You will have to ask him of course what that is or means.

He didn’t summon individual demons because his primary relationship was to the force he called the Dark Master - and, as I’ve already explained, this didn’t mean HIS master (or anyone else’s) - it seems the echoing use of the name I received that left my ear physically rinfing was an initiation/indoctrination, since I’ve found that even thinking his name now summons that force.

So I’m going to call him the Dark Master for the purposes of this thread, because that portal is a bit like the (mythological) knife you don’t draw unless you mean to spill blood. In other words, opening it without using it is problematic.

I know this all sounds pretty lame rendered in a flat san serif font online, but I’m serious. :slight_smile:

Oh, and I know that having a being whose name you can’t speak is relevant to various paths and also most recently made famous by Harry Potter, but I’m reporting this as it happens with no attempt to make it look “cool” or place a spin on it, and anyway J.K. seems to have based a lot of her ideas on genuine magickal principles - wherther or not she believes in them is, IMO, nobody’s business but her own.

I also wqnted to poont out the curiousity of the fact that you are making referrence to an Uncle. I knew quite a few other women who did as well. This made me wonder "why the Uncles of all members in the family tree?"

To be very clear, he’s not my Uncle as in sibling of a parent or grandparent, he’s a distant male relative on my mother’s side who lived and died last century, I call him Uncle in these posts since it’s a conventional term for an older male relative who’s not a father or grandfather (i.e., not a direct male progenitor) - but he is blood kin.

The exact relationshoip would take me ages to figure out the correct term, so I’m using that because it’s convenient. :slight_smile:

I see. I’ll take your word for it. I was just curious as hearing certain magickal women always used the word unkle who was teaching then magick. The lazt one was being taught by unkle how to use such a dagger =). Well just a curiousity of mine I thought jt might’ve had some meaning.

I bet your experience was intense it must’ve been like a Blackhole sucking through a TIMELINE of events…entities and influences and voices. Much like another reality close to your own…maybe perhaps like entering a twilight zone or something. Ok I dont know your experience just usjng ideas as an analogy.

But I will be looking for your explanation later on the weirdness with the head. I myself experience certain things that are strange.

The author of this page mention that “Supposedly, Aquino invoked the Prince of Darkness as Satan, but the Prince answered Aquino by the name of Set.”

My Uncle seemed unaware of that name, and yet he and the force clearly knew each other; I wasn’t expecting the name, and yet it was both revealed to me and apparently stored as some kind of initiatory/indoctinating energy, whereby using it now (even typing it in such a way that I hear the sounds inside my mind) begins the process of calling on that being.

Strange stuff! :slight_smile:

Hathor appears to recognise the two as one being, so I draw a different conclusion to the author of that piece, that the Egyptian god and this force are diffferent - I’ll post anything I can find of that (clearly marked as UPG! Not asking anyone to import this to their own belief system) and most importantly, anything that people here may find useful.

Set, Osirus, Isis and Horus are actually an Initiatory Allegory much like alot of stuff in Egyptian or other magicks. They just represent certain things, just ask Belial about this specifically in relation to the DM and if you are properly aligned you will get the answer and not so much the Flickering light current or whatever it was when you had certain thoughts. Well I think that proper alignment (better synchronization…aka harmony) would answer alot of peoples questions with most entities naturally.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I’m not going to ask anyone (spirit or human) for anything with this - except my Uncle and the DM.

This is the pathworking/journey that has opened up for me - I intend to explore it immersively, and fully. It’s kind of you to offer your insights and I’ll file them with those of the author of the page above, but I want to do this alone, devoid of preconceptions, and then report back. :slight_smile:

Lilith also call Set the Dark Lord. So Hathor and you Lady Eva, are right. Below is an excerpt from the sorcery Frater Barrabbas( ) in which he did an ‘Invokation of one of the 49 Bonarum.’

Lilith speaking…
“…Because you are an aspirant of the dark wisdom and are aligned to the Dark Lord Set, therefore, I would choose you to be one of my many prophets, as I would any man who follows your path. So too, one could see in Set, God of the Egyptians, the personage of Seth, the ancestor of Enoch and the patron of the Gnostic Philosophies. The darkness represents the obscure nature of this knowledge, and the sense of the forbidden is cast aside by the light of realization. Yet all men who walk the dark paths represent my preferred mates, for I am mistress of all sorcerers and the guide of its darkest mysteries.

I reveal to you that Seth is the seventh and final master of the Enochian System of Magick. So you must assume his godhead within the Bornless Invocation Rite, and then call forth the luminous image of myself, the scarlet haired Goddess (who shall act like a bitch in heat), and we shall consummate our union. This is because pure lust, directed from the Body to the Spirit, leads to ecstasy, which is the union of Deity and Humanity, This is the state of ultimate perfection and the domain of the incarnated and empowered spirit…”

That was part of what Lilith was communicating.


That’s brilliant (and helpful), thank you! :slight_smile:

I’ll update this asap with some stuff, I’m pretty busy the next few days and just got some scans of paperwork etc through last week about Uncle, I’m honestly amazed by what he achieved, and need to talk a lot more with him and the DM to figure out where we’re going to go with this.

I’m amazed by him the more I see - and deeply honoured he chose to contact me as well! :heart:

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