9 Kings, good preparation for 9 Gatekeepers

A question that recently arose within my mind is:

Is working with one of 9 Kings a good preparation for working with the 9 Gatekeepers, and would one of the 9 Kings introduce you to the Gatekeepers?

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Belial is the best to contact first to work with the gatekeepers. Azazel also, but you open Belial’s gate first anyway.
The paperback is on Amazon to help you work though it.

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I am very new to magick and I am not ready for pathworking with the gatekeepers…I need to build my confidence up first with very basic spells, rituals, pyschic defence and perform minor evocation. I have an idea of where I want to go with my magick…I was going to evoke Viné to start off with as it is said that he unlocks hidden secrets for mages and sorcerers

Right, well at this point working with anyone at all is going to be good preparation then. You have to start somewhere, it matters less where as much as that you’ve gotten started at all.

You want to talk to Vine, go for it!

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I would not say one system is a preparation for the other beyond meeting Belial, Asmodeus and Bael outside of their gatekeeper context. I have noticed slight shifts in their energy when you approach them in different contexts for some reason. But if you are drawn to working with the nine kings before approaching the gatekeepers, it might be a good idea for you.

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He is a pretty good one to start with. I’ve worked with him at removing blockages and distractions. He worked fairly quickly

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I currently have some components on order and E. A. Koetting’s Evoking Eternity grimoire on order. I am doing lots of research and prepartion work. My next main task is to consecrate my altar, however I am waiting for my components to arrive. I will spend a full day and night on consecration. I am just taking small steps for now so I can document everything

Really? That is awesome…did you make a pact with him?

Nope, I did not. It was a single ritual where I asked for him to add a blockbuster (obstacle removal) ritual I was performing. He arrived both during the ritual and to inform me that it was complete before I realized what was removed was gone.

That sounds amazing. In what form did he appear to you in? Sounds like your ritual was super-charged and very potent. What offering(s) did you make to him?

It was really interesting with him. He manifested as a storm shaped as a person. Think of watching a thunderstorm at night on your screen and shaping that image into the shape of a person, while the storm is still moving. As far as offerings go, I gave him tobacco and my own blood.

WOW!!! I bet that was an amazing specticle to witness. I take it that his legions had acompanied him when you evoked him. What kind of tabacoo did you offer him and was your blood put onto his sigil?

Actually, he was alone

I did put blood on his sigil as well as a drop on the charcoal I was burning incense on (frankincense). The tobacco was some Virginia sweet tobacco, as it is my favorite to smoke in my pipe. I got the impression from him similiar to Belial where the emotional aspect of giving something you want for yourself is really what he is after when making an offering

He was alone?..so if you are pathworking and/or make a pact with him would his legion acompany him? When you mentioned tobacco I got the image of wise, old mage wearing a hooded cloak, with a long white beard smoking a long white pipe. Do you think if I was to work with him extensively and made a pact with and stipulate within that pact I would help him to spread his knowledge by compiling a compendium on his knowledge and to help him to gain more recognition and to help fledgling mages/sorcerers…that could be one of the stipulations for a pact?

That very well could be, that would be something to discuss with him.

And his legion could accompany him during a pathworking or when called with Viné. They just did not show up in my ritual.

If your new just get a book on magick. Demons of magick by gordon winterfield is a good start. I don’t know wny newbies just don’t get a book? Always wanting to learn casting spell one by one which is the worst way to learn being without any info at all. Cuz that’s not learning magick. tha’ts learning to cast one spell. :man_shrugging: U would think newbie would learn the basics or at least get a book instead of trying to jump to advance stuff with no background info of basics. Just my opinion that i think is common sense. Most often a good book will cover good foundation which many seems to be missing cuz they don’t want to read a book to get overall understanding of magick. they just want to jump right in with casting and see where it goes without protection or understanding the possible dangers .etc… Not only that, you get info that tells you magick isn’t instant. Cast and you hear them or see them in front of you. So many newbies think it’s movie magick. reading a book will tell u that’s not how it works. Be realistic not in fantasy land.

there’s a saying. Look before you leap. Most newbies just jump. lol

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I think you are right with the pathworking and his legions. I understand when you called him up it was like a complimentary phone call in the real world. I guess when you are path working with an entity he receives the pact from the person and then instructs his legions to create the opportunities in the real world and you go out and take advantage of these opportunities and he oversees the process of each task

I would not say that a pact is necessary to create the opportunities. You can work with demons or any spirit to open up doors for you to take advantage of in life without making an allegiance with them (which is one aspect of pact making). Pacts are generally a way to deepen a relationship between the magician and the spirit.

I am not jumping into anything major as of yet and just exploring different avenue’s atm. I will order that book you have suggested but I have also ordered E. A Koetting’s Evoking Eternity grimoire. I am spending a lot of time researching and documenting information that I may need as my journey unfolds. I will take up suggestions from people who are more adept in Magick. I am preparing myself now so once I immerse myself deep into LHP my rituals will be performed to maximum efficiency with my desired outcome

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go to GOM site and read their articles and faq. It will get u lots of info and answer many question until u get a decent book

that site alone give u tons of info of which i don’t understand why many newbies won’t even go read them. lots of free good info.