Who to choose?

I’m new to demon summoning and magic, but I do have family members who have dabbled in it and experienced supernatural things. Anyways I’m 19 and the occult has always called to me even as a kid. I plan to summon and make a pact with demon in the near future, but I dont know who. King Paimon was my first option and not to disrespect or discredit him but I read he doesnt care for love or romance. I want to summon a demon who can help in every facet of my life. Right now I’m stuck between Azazel and Lucifer. Who is better for a beginner? Are they willing to help me in any area? How do I envoke them? Music is a big part of my life so which god is musically inclined or deals with music. One more thing is there any signifcance in sleep paralysis. I’ve had it since I was kid, and still have it literally everynight. Im not scared at all I embrace it. Funny thing I’ve never seen a black figure or anything really. Just once when I was a lot younger(around 3-6). How do I turn this into Astral Projection?


Lucifer in conjunction with Azazel would help.


Does it have to be a demon for you to evoke it?

Should I summon both at the same time?

If you want to or one after the other.

Most demons have areas of expertise and areas where they are not willing to help, so you’re making quite a big request there which may not readily be fulfilled.

Two options are to ask the spirit you decide upon to create a familiar for you who will specialise in assisting that area, or, to read this post about a relative of mine who has now ascended to demonic form and who only had contact with the being he called Satan, his name is Varnaxis.

Either. :slight_smile:

Invoking usually means some kind of calling of the spirit’s consciousness or energy into yourself, evoking usually means calling them into a tangible (not necessarily VISIBLE) manifestation in your presence, separate from yourself, though there is some crossover and people also use the terms loosely, because magick is as much an art as a science.

There are methods to learn both, the book Evoking Eternity by E.A. Koetting will teach you almost everything you need to know to successafully evoke any spirit, and I’m not saying that as an ad, I think it will be a good first step for you. It’s available as a standalone e-book here:

Check out this seminar by E.A, regarding evocation:

King Paimon as you probably know likes music, and there’s no need to run a kind of “serial monogamy” with spirits, and cease working with one completely when you work with another, unless it’s for a specific reason.

This site deals with projecting out of your body and has good reviews on here: http://obe4u.com/lucid-dreaming-books-free/

The BALG course Mastering Soul Travel will expand your abilities, as well.


I planned to work with the Great King while ago, and soon I’ll begin.
Casually, I got an email from BALG titled King Paimon’s ritual for Dark Ascent, the thing I was looking for.
You do not have to worry about love or romantic life, got my reasons to think that He will make you strong enough to let you think why and why not about His choiches, and one day you’ll have the man or woman who really deserves you next to you.
That’s what I got since I wanted to work with Him.

Then, I’m pretty sure about what we feel when we read about a specific demon, and you know who to call.

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