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14th May 2018
Prayers: Do you say a Prayer to Daemon and do they hear you


14th May 2018

Steps performing an evocation ritual:
1.Get into TGS (mediate as long as you need, sometimes within 5 minutes, sometimes in 30 min).
2.Make contact Sigil, Call the name, foto diseased
3.Incantation to make ritual more powerful (if you have it)
4.Communication (divination, scrying for example)
5.Make your request (issuing a task) which you have written down (beforehand)
6.Dismissal (Banishing)

Source: Koetting

How to summon Belial?

Hey a fellow dutchy! Interessant om te lezen zulk soort posts, succses :slight_smile:


This is how we do an Exorcism:


5 June 2018 : yesterday i started my dedication rite to Lucifer. 21 days of evocation and working on my astral senses.

For the steps taken i did some research on the forum starting with the post from @DarkestKnight and @C.Kendall


  1. Meditate for 15 minutes with binaural beats and third eye focus exorcise
  2. Lit little candles
  3. KOF banishing incantation (had to research this, perfect documentation thanks to @Lady_Eva and @DarkestKnight)
  4. Meditate (kept attention on breathing)
  5. Conjuration of all Magical powers (EA’s documented on the forum)
  6. Meditate and I saw a figure for short time
  7. @C.Kendall Lucifer Light and darkness
  8. Meditate, lit the bigger candle and started gazing at the sigil while welcome him to my temple.
  9. Gazing again opening the sigil and call the Enn

What was positive:

  1. The meditation I came in TGS
  2. Short feeling he was there

What went wrong: The incantations I used, got me focused on my TV screen (computer).
Which I used for the exorcise. This got me out of France.

So when I picked up Lucifer’s candle it leaked on my keyboard. And the old keyboard is broke. The next morning I understand the message. Try to focus and turn your computer off.
So I will. Let’s see if I can write everything on paper if reading on a paper works better and try to remember the incantations.


Besides this i will try to get in better shape. Since friday i’m walking before work, in the afternoon and after eating in te evening. Total an hour or more. I did a walk before the ritual too.


Day 2, 5th of June

Did the same ritual as the first day. Only no computer, television on or guidence. Just myself with all my notes. The candles went crazy and i got a lot of guidence. Lucifer was there and even guided me a bit (what i can hear). The Sigil flashed and it went ok.

Lessons learned: Try to whisper incantations and welcome to not get distracted.

I did a 75 minute walk during the day.


Day 3 6th of June Wednesday the walked 5 miles, did push ups and abdominal muscle exercises.
Did the evocation. Noticed flashing sigil again but the energy was peaceful
In my sleep I felt my uncles energy and he said to stop smoking :slight_smile:

Day 4 6th of June Wednesday walked 6.5 miles
Noticed the candles go very high, even dancing.


Day 5 7th of June Friday - Prayer to Lucifer
Day 6 9th of June Meditation exorcise and back to training and walking.


So today i was cooking and than i felt somebody wachting. It was quite tasty so i quick did an evocation poor some wine and food on the table and did it as a guest offering.


Above was the 8th day (Tuesday 12th) of June of Dedication to Lucifer. Monday 11 (7th day) I did a quite evocation/meditation ritual.


Because I was sloppy in propper banishing I tried this grounding and banishing ritual. It takes time, but I do this and the LBPR to have a proper connection and to practice banishing:

Need help with protection
Lesser banishing ritual before evoking Lucifer?
What do you do to ground?

Solar Grounding I Am, explained

A little explaining how I do this exercise @Lady_Eva provided on this forum.

  1. As I stand on the sun and on the earth. I go with my hands to the sun and draw the energy from there to my head (pointing with my hands the flow, breath in)
  2. Then I push my energy back to the earth, to the ground (breath out).

2 times

  1. Then I stand straight and imagine that energy from the sun, going to my head (breath in) and back to the earth, to the ground (breath out).

2 times and back to 1) & 2), then back to 3)

Then you can easily do this for 15 minutes.

The last part 1 minute is almost the same. Get one feet of the earth, get your feet on the sun.

  1. I go with my hands to the sun and draw the energy from there to my head (pointing with my hands the flow) breath in, breath out. Feel the energy staying in your body.

2 times

  1. Then I stand straight and imagine that energy from the sun, going to my head (breath in and out)

2 times

Succesful Evocation
Need help with protection
What do you do to ground?
  1. I ask my Pendulum to ground me:
  1. Preform the banishing wave. Tip imagine the explosion (wave) in every room of your house.

What do you do to ground?
Need help with protection

A very good video on Clairaudience and training on hearing and the 5th Chakra (throat). Enjoy!


Theta Gamma Sync is the deep state trance that meditation for at least 15 minutes will get you in. Mediation: No thoughts, because you focus on breathing in (4 seconds) and breathing out (4 seconds).
Technically the state is the same state when you almost fall a sleep (slow wave) or at the end of your sleep from REM to wake-up.


Opening a sigil:

  1. Meditate
  2. Gaze into the sigil. Don’t close your eyes. If you need to close them do that real gently and open them.
  3. After a while the black lines get white or there is a line beside the black line. The Sigil get’s in printed in your vision. Then some say it’s flashes/3D. With me the lines become little block (like interference in your channel). The Sigil comes of the paper.

Welcome the spirit into your temple.


Banishing. This is the guided meditation that I’ve used to learn the LBPR. You can use the EA Koetting version on YouTube also:

Need help with protection
Lesser banishing ritual before evoking Lucifer?


Homage he has from all - but non from me.
I battle it against him as I battled in highest Heaven. Through all eternity.
And the unfathomable gulfs of Hades and the interminable realms of space.
And the infinity of endless ages. All, all I will dispute.

Source: George Byron - Caine a mystery


When I started I followed this course on her site. This is nice for beginners on BALG: