My Journal into Magick

Here are the KOF banishing incantations just to add to my documentation :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Ashtu malku ta dat arkata Sastus seckz altamu partu
Iretempal krez ta felta Vaskalla regent met senturus Ta sastrus estos melta Kelta, kelta, ketla hine.

Say it three times


Asking your Daemon or Angel for help. Letter of Intend:

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If something dragged me through all the loss and shit in life it was this:

'Never ever give up and never ever let others tell you what you can and what you can’t reach in life"

This was Lucifer teaching :slight_smile: and me working :slight_smile:

Friday 4 January 2019 - 0.00. Tonight I’m going to start a learning pact (now more official) with Lucifer.
At this moment he already works in my life with:

  • Spirituality
  • Healing past (even lives) and fears
  • Acknowledging addiction and work on it.

I will keep you updated of changes in my life and interesting learnings.


Very proud of you friend :hugs: :heart:

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Thanks @AradiaX :slight_smile:

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12 januari 2019 - Work on the clairs Clairsentience

This is clear feeling. Sense emotions, feelings around you from people, spirits even animals.

  • High sensitive person, picks up emotions for other persons.
  • In crowded places or another environment (from another person, or a building) it’s easily for you to pick up emotions or psychic reactions. It can change your own emotions
  • You know in front how another person feels. You’re an empath
    Some feel even pain of another person even in their own body
  • You can feel a spirit easily or feel something odd in a place where a spirit might be.
  • You smell or synchronize with a spirit easily (seeing numbers, feathers etc…)

This is one of my strongest abilities.

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Work on the clairs Claircognizance

This is the ability to just knowing things. Things that are very accurate. For example I like to learn magick and teach other people. In most cases I learn a bit and the rest of the knowledge comes to me via my higher self and the spirits I work with.


  • Having the answer already, but you don’t know where you got it from.
    You already knew it.
  • You often have new ideas, get inspiration or are creative. Mostly the ideas are beneficial.
  • Your ideas are unique and ideas mostly pop up for example during work or projects
  • You can easily see when someone says the truth or is lying.
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I shared guided meditation in the above posts. But with the aspect of how to recognize these abilities. You won’t find that in the meditation itself. If you really want to reach the TGS (Theta Gamma State/Sync) than I advise you to use the ‘Claircognizance’ vid. It will help you to mediate and you can train your skills with a spirit. And for example after it you can evoke/invoke a spirit when your still in the right state.

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Clairvoyance (clear seeing)


  • Lucid dreams (very vivid dreams where you can connect with the spirit world)
  • Spiritualism (seeing spirits)
    , Second sight (third eye with your eyes closed)
  • Predictive visions (seeing things before they happen)
    Please be aware that circumstances and universal law still can change.
  • Seeing patterns in research
  • Telepathy (seeing, hearing)

I wanted this question answered. ‘What does the word Amen mean?’. It’s Hebrew and it simply the same statement people use for magick every day.

It means ‘So it be’. Does that sound familiar? Well mostly when we want a spell to do it’s work in the universe, we say, ‘So mote it be’. That’s why a prayer can be pretty powerful, when you say it with the right intend.


I never felt right saying “ so mote it be.” It was foreign to me. I used amen a lot when I first started out and it worked just fine. It was the intention and the closing statement that worked​:smiley:. Now I say “ it’s done,” and it signifies to me it’s already done no turning back. That works for me now :heart:


In our workings we do seem to have a lot in common @AradiaX. :heart:

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6.15 Evocation of Lucifer

In my daily life, I’ve changed some things. They where reaching a boiling point. And I’ve set some goals that I’ve reached this week. Live changing goals. A part it was in my ascension learning/pact.

I’ve learned one thing that I think many people on this forum can profit from after my evocation with Lucifer:

‘The change starts with you’.
‘If you change, the universal laws will change easily with you. We block ourselves to often’

In my workings and thus teachings to you. I say: Stay positive. Even when you think something didn’t work. Imagine yourself that it did work. In most of the cases it did work but we block ourselves.

Have a blessed weekend.


We do :wink:


23/12 - 17.55 I am grounding ritual + Grounding with a pendulum
18.15 - Chakra Meditation
Pineal gland (Intelligence, Thoughtfulness, Awareness)
18.45 - LBPR

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So every evening I am doing the above schedule (I Am Energy/Grounding, LBPR and then meditation or evocation).
I will try to do meditation or evocation in the morning too. Two times a day.

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What I’ve didn’t discuss here is cleansing methods. Beside banishing this a good way to get rid of negative energy in your house (in the case of an imposter and how to prevent calling an imposter):

Preform a house cleansing:

  1. Bless water (with salt and vinegar) in the name of Source, God, Lucifer… (Choose your path), this is holy water.
  2. Then clean your house with vacuum cleaner and vinegar and stuff you always use. Open windows.
  3. Then in every corner bless the room with that holy water (sprinkle it) and in every opening (window).

You could sprinkle the water while you hold sage or sandalwood incense.

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Can I say and I don’t want this to be taken in any other way other than admiration ( from a beginner in the practising art, but I have read a lot. Its just recently got the balls to taking it further) This was absolutely fantastic and amazing. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I have and will (if its ok ) come back to this for reference as I start my journey. Thanks again