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Tuesday april 25, 21.30 - - The Light Bearer Ritual
After reading the first pages of the book (The Light Bearer Ritual) I decided to go through the first ritual. The only thing that was setting me back is that you need a golden candle. Now there are different stores here, but a golden candle is not that easy to get. So what should I do, I have the book and I want to go on. Well I have a white and red candle let’s use them. I decided to do just that, otherwise i would postpone. And i did not buy this nice book to wait until i stumble on a candle. That I’m trying to going to get a golden candle when I’m in the city on Thursday won’t delay me. I want to go on, that’s the main thing.

First of all i did draw the sigil of The Light Bearer on a paper. This sigil contains an inverted pentagram, horns and fire. Well that was a bit funny because my drawing skills are terrible.
Second i needed to consecrate with blood. I got a tiny needle but i didn’t get the blood. It was terrible. During the day i did some maintenance in the house and got scratched by a closing door. Then there was blood. But now with that tiny needle i cannot get blood. Another funny thing.
So grocery list (Golden candle, diabetes lancets). But I’m not giving up. I said that the offering will be done, but i want to do this ritual.

Another thing is the dagger. You need to draw the trident with a dagger. In my believes i don’t see a dagger as a weapon of protection, i see my energy and spiritual body as protection. So i did draw the trident in the air (like the ritual tells me).

In between you meditate and you imagine that the fire is cleansing your body and that you’re the Light Bearer for a short time. The ritual felt really good and today I’m having a very powerful day although i did feel drained this morning.

It’s not perfect. It will be done again with blood or another offering. Keep you posted.


I love it, keep us updated. For science :wink:

Personally, id use a kitchen or pocket knife and make a small cut on your finger (left pinky finger is my go to). Had trouble with needles before as well.

As for that candle, could you get a white candle and some gold paint and achieve the desired effect?


Hey @DormiensDei,

Thank you. I’m playing guitar so i am very careful. But thanks for the idea!
Well I’m not sure because the paint will make a lot of smoke and it’s very bad to inhale.

Keep you informed! And when it’s really interesting you will get a PM!

Take care.


After the Light Bearer ritual I had a very nice day with all things at my home (I’m renovating) done and even my car was repaired. Much bad luck with the car but now it’s fixed for real.
The coolest things are not the material things, it’s just a cool feeling afterwards, that you’re learning and the wonderful experience of being alive. Very strong relationship with people around me. Old friends for live seem to pop up.


22.30 - 26 April 2018 Invocation of the Dark Initiator

So what I did
Offering Dragon blood incense

  1. Gazed into the 'Lucifer Princeps Inferi" sigil
  2. Call him with the above chant.
  3. Call the ritual
    4 Did the invocation one time. Very strange it said 7 times but because of the TGS I did it one time. I missed the 7 times :slight_smile:

He was there. Strong feeling. Let’s try it tomorrow again with the invocation 7 times.


Well in a journal you sometimes take a break and enjoy music. So let’s add some music from my own country (Dutch).

This is for my Uncle, Mom, Granddad and Grand moms, who are often with me.

I didn’t knew that I would miss you this much:

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20.45 (time zone Amsterdam) 29 April 2018 - Invocation of the Dark Initiator

  1. I’ve started with this exorcise and meditation to focus more on hearing. I’ve chosen this because i can already feel spirits:
  1. Gazed into the 'Lucifer Princeps Inferi" sigil
  2. Call him with the above chant.
    I noticed when i said Lucifer my candle was flickering like crazy.
  3. Did the ritual and offering.
  4. Pronounced the invocation now 7 times as the book ‘Rites of Lucifer’ states.
    Noticed the candle kept flickering but not the whole time. Every time i started the invocation and in pronouncing ‘Lucifer come to me’
  5. Gazed for a vision or something i could hear. I didn’t notice anything, but it could be after the ritual or in my sleep.
  6. Ended the ritual and thanked him for the good vibe and positive week.

Welcome to my temple


Chose a good wine:


7.11 (time zone Amsterdam) 1 May

I’ve started meditation tomorrow because I was yesterday evening tired of work. But I want to do this daily.
This was a guided meditation:

What I’ve learned from this:

  1. Opening up your pineal gland
  2. Ask spirits, Angels, Lucifer and Archangels, Daemons and spiritual guides to send you information in a thought form.
  3. The beginning of Claircognizance is synchronization by numbers (111, 666 etc…), so I’m doing something right.

I painted a candle gold years ago for a ritual haha.


Yeah seems like the only option or order. Because I went to several stores now. But I simply do the ritual with other colors.


Yesterday i did the Clairaudience meditation again. Around midnight.
It seem to have effect on my Lucid dreaming, very interesting. Tonight another ritual from the Rites of Lucifer.

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4 May 2018 - A short (10 min) invocation of Dantalion. Initiation and a question about love/lust. The answer was.: “I see what I can do”. I think I need to invoke and talk to him more often.

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I’ve researched a banishing ritual and to learn it fast I found a guided version on youtube:


Your life was hard, your life was sometimes mean towards you. It looked like there was no way out. But we made the best of it and under stress we cared for each other deeply.
You’re protected by Angels now, nobody can hurt you. You have got another task and even with this distance between us, we are connected even more now than in life. Love you mom.


Sunday 13 May 18.45 Amsterdam Time Zone

I’ve started with the LBR and after that I did 3 invocation to the Angels of Avatar Power.
My goals where:

  1. Ascending
  2. Money
  3. Healing

I hereby want to thank the Angels for the ritual.

Ritual and meditation music:


So as I follow my journey a subject I want to know more about myself or want to look back on, I will post here too. If new magicians have a question I have one spot where I get my information.

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14th May 2018
Learn to scry: How to scry

Making the mirror: Making a scrying mirror from a frame with glass