Astral Travel and protection

So a friend on the forum asked me about Astral Travel and protection. So let’s make a quick topic on this.

Astral travel and protecting yourself has all to do with the vibration state you’re in.
Fear, depressed, angry means low vibration.
Love, compassion, kindness, gratitude means a high vibration.
You have low level entities, low vibration.
You have humans with anger, vengeance etc… low vibration.

So if you travel with a high vibration energy, the chance that you are being attacked is very small.
Of course can a low vibration person/entity still attack you, for that you can protect yourself.
Here are the steps (LHP/RHP):

  1. Ask your Spirit guides, Angels or Daemons to protect you in a prayer. Close it with ‘Amen’ or ‘Blessed be’.
  2. Imagine a white light around surrounding you. This white light can come from:
    A) Yourself (some people, light workers already have that light ). B) Heavens (Ask source to protect you)
    C) Earth: grounding D) :slight_smile: , The Light Bearer (ask Lucifer to protect you).
  3. Raise your vibration. Or go in when you are feeling ok, happy at peace.
  4. You can make this white light as big as you want, make yourself taller and protect your house, bed etc…

I once saw someone get shot down immediately before entering their body. No matter at what point we are still vulnerable


Shot down in the astral? You still have your cord and we mustn’t forget we are immortal in that way.


Mhm someone nailed this guy with a bolt. Not fun to watch lol

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There is an Angel in Kingdoms of Flame, Samassk, who is specifically for protecting those who are Soul/Astral travelling.


You can shield you astral form just as much as the physical…and the cord too.
I learned this the hard way. Many, manyyyy years ago:
I was oob on an island in the great lakes. A being (won’t get into that)…sighted me. He stepped on my hand when I somewhat crash landed from coming in too fast. He pinned me there. I called on my protectors who came and told him who I was. He let me go immediately. I was forbidden oob without one of them for a few years until I learned the skill of shielding, invisibility and not leaving an energy trail in that state.
Yes, you can be killed in the astral. Some things don’t have ethics or morals or anything to limit them from seeing you as anything but prey or intruder. There are different dimensions/realms and each has their own beings and energy.


you shouldn’t be scared of astral projection lol its much easier to fight an entity when you are on astral than on this plane so keep that in mind,and if you work with demons,and approach them respectfully,they will protect you even before you know you are attacked

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No need to be scared. But one should exercise common sense before doing things in unknown places. While I do evoke, I prefer to lean on my own power, else how to be a living god but to accept the role and all it entails?


I have an idea. What about if someone traces a banishing hexagram of earth in the air ( in the astral ) and shoots it towards the entity, could that work as protection? And shooting light out of hands, doing the QC in the astral

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Hi everyone thanks once again for your ideas on protection here :blush:.

Hi @Mr.Ruubs137, yes that would work. I use my light but starting a fight would be stupid. If you go with an higher vibration and respect, what is mentioned by @Aiden666, then it is OK. If someone else starts then your protection will work. If it’s light or a banishing pentagram connected around you. Throwing things would not be necessary but is possible.

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In an oob state, some scary af gray entity got right up in my face. I traced a pentagram on its face with all the will I could muster. It had no effect. There are some strong beings out there. Luckily in my case, it seemed to be content with just scaring me, and I had a glimpse of a master controlling it. Probably some sort of “training” for me. Anyways, my point is that I wouldn’t rely on symbols for protection. Raw power is what’s needed to be cultivated.


So I have been having my first experiences with OBE travel and my twin has been the one helping me out in the celestial realms. She told me Damiana or mugwort are the herbs I should be using, and sure enough I looked up on witch wiki that these herbs are great for astral travel and would help with protection. So thought I would share that here.


Thank you @indigochild, if I make a thread my goal is that people share their experiences here or give feedback. It is highly appreciated.

I made myself a romb pure silver medalion, helps a great deal to refocus on yourself in any situation. Not to mention that i wear a 13skull steel ring with a 24k gold signet on it, in the index finger as a parallel to the Lord of the Air. This 2 items saved me countles times, knowing how to empower them, from extreme curses upon myself.

Just try for yourself the power of magnetism combining steel and gold totems. Is beyond belief what it can do in the hands of a powerful Magus.


I agree about the vibration thing. However, if you’re in a low vibrational frequency at the time of projecting, the white light won’t make any real difference, BECAUSE of the difference between vibrational frequencies between you and the essence of the white light. If it were me, I’d try petitioning Samassk, one of the angels from KoF for protection instead.