Ground yourself with a Pendulum

Hi everybody,

Here is a little instruction for people having difficulties to ground or having difficulties with Pendulum divination. You need a Pendulum or a nice necklace (with a weight at the end, it can be your sign or a cross, do what you like).

With a Pendulum you can perform divination with your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Angels and Daemons.
Some people have trouble grounding themselves, but your HS, SG, A&D can help.

  1. Please stand up for this exercise.
  2. Empty your head.
  3. Invite your HS, SG, A&D. ‘I invite my Guardian Angel to answer via my Pendulum’. Or just ask your Pendulum a question…
  4. Hold the pendulum beside you first (I work from the right of me). I hold the pendulum at the end of the little crystal or frictionless pivot (see image 1). Some people prefer holding the frictionless pivot between the thumb and the index finger giving it a little less chord.
  5. To check which is ‘yes’ or ‘no’. You can ask, ‘Pendulum show me yes’, ‘show me no’, ‘show me maybe’.
    Or ask it questions that gives you a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. I’m not 35, so I will get a ‘no’ if I ask, ‘am I 35’.
  • Be patient. It has to give answer before you can go to the next question.
  • If the answer is not clear, ask: ‘Please be clear in your answer’
  1. Now for grounding. Move your upper body towards your feet (see image 2) Place the pendulum between your legs and ask, ‘Pendulum please ground me’.
    It will now make rounds between your legs. Wait till it’s finished. It can finish with a ‘Yes’ or stop.

Image 1:

Image 2: (yes I cannot draw :wink: )


Be a little creative. With item 3) you can also use the Pendulum over an activated sigil.
Practice, practice and practice. I couldn’t get the Pendulum to work in the beginning, now I’m doing it with a necklace. That’s why I want you to have an heads up on how I’ve learned it.


Thanks for the tips! I found it harder to use a pendulum than any other divination tool. I would add that like all tools you should cleanse first and have patience. I’m also using a necklace, Its one with my sign on which my parents bought me when I was born :slight_smile:


That’s always nice, that’s puts a better connection in it. Thanks for your tip too!
Well the strange thing here is that after my vacation I lost my Pendulum (don’t know where i left it). I use the necklace I bought. After the necklace of my diseased mom was stolen (burglary). Luckily I found almost the same necklace and bought it, so that means a lot.


How do you cleanse it @Anassa

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I follow the same cleanse I was using since forever, wrong or right it worked for me always:

  1. I bury it under the ground for 1 day (if you don’t have access to actual ground, you can use a pot of flowers usually I prefer a pot with basil if I don’t have any then a plain pot with soil)
  2. Lit a candle and pass the tool over it either 3 or 7 times
  3. Leave it in a glass of river or sea water or a simple tap water with 1 table spoon of salt for 1 day
  4. Charge it 3 days on sun and 3 nights on the moon with last night being a full moon.

Or If I am in hurry, I just rub some soil on the tool, then pass it over the flame, then rub it with salt and rinse with water and leave it at least 1 night under the moon and sun.

Make sure the tool is waterproof lol. For my decks I just leave the full deck 3 days and nights under the sun and moon (with last night be a full moon).


Thanks for the tips. I would use the salt water, but the other tips are great too. And come in handy if a device is waterproof.


thank you for sharing … i want to learn some divination too and while im waiting my tarot deck … i thing i can start with pendulum …


Why do we need to stand like that? :thinking::love_you_gesture:


Firstly ‘the standing like that’ is mainly for grounding. If people try it for the first time sitting down, the pendulum doesn’t always move. It’s easier when you partly ground and that happens when you stand.

If you are more advanced you will sit down on the floor (meditation sit) or even in a chair.

One more note: Divination works better if you ground. So starting with number 6.) is a good idea.


Ok i see. I will try. When i sitt i and ask a spirit some thing just holding de pendulum still it start to move and answer my question. So does that mean i already is grownded?

Yes could be, for some it’s easy for some it isn’t. This instruction is for people who cannot get the thing to move :joy::joy::joy:.

Oh and remember,

  1. cleansing if you want to aks another spirit something
  2. Charge the Sigil of the spirit you want to ask something
  3. Hold the pendulum above the Sigil so you ask the right questions to the right spirit.

This is pritty new to me so i think i doubt my self just a bit still. :thinking: Ok how do i cleanse the pendulum? I have mine in a cup of fine salt and sea salt. Does that work. And can i visulize bright energy like the sun purify the pendulum? :slight_smile:


Very good that’s enough, you can even say something like, this water is blessed and I cleanse my pendulum with it (intend) , or if you have a garden and you put it in the sand for one night (element earth)

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I draw it in the Flame of the candle then i put it in salt. And know i am miking a pendulum made of silver chain and a polyester wheight with grinded silver flickes in it. :grin:


I totally recommend what op said, just used my pendulum for the first time, grounded it first and then asked questions to King Paimon, the pendulum moved pretty fast, I didn’t have to wait long (and i’m kinda surprised), probably because I grounded it first and used the pendulum standing up (after awhile I didn’t feel too good tho…too much time standing still).
Anyways, does the activated sigil ensures that you’re talking with that specific spirit?

In terms of cleansing it, I washed it with (running) tap water while visualizing light surrounding it and focusing on the idea of the pendulum being cleansed. Then left it for around three weeks with my clear quartz (along with other gems), that is said to be a good gem for cleansing.


You kind of already answered my question, so nevermind. Thank you for providing such helpful information!


My pendulum swing clockwise if yes and counterclockwise if no. There are sometimes where it swing more bigger clockwise and faster and the other way around. My session like any other magical work is always done in an invoked demonic elemental balancing circle.

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For people who aren’t sure, you can always verify: ‘Give me a yes’ or ‘Give me a no’

The swinging depends on the spirit too, some are very eager.

I do not communicate with a specific spirit. I communicates with those who watches the ritual who are invoked by the demonic enns of Leviathan, Lucifer, Belial and Flerious. I’m sometimes uncertain if it is those who respons but I cannot see who else as before the invoked elemental balancing circle I banish the temple and area using the sound vibration from my bell to be sure unwanted visitors are not there.

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