How to form a extreme deep connection with Lucifer

Deepest immersion into Lucifer.

This is for those looking for the deepest connection with the Infernal emperor Lucifer. In this text I will give exercises and rites, which will not only connect you to Lucifer.

It will make Lucifer apart of you and you’re everyday life.

All of these rites must be performed in the same area, do not cleanse nor banish anything done in this area.

Do not evoke anything else in this area neither.

Substantial Contact with Lucifer.

First begin by placing Lucifer sigil in the east hang it up on a wall.

Begin by offering blood or semen upon his sigil, burn either Dragons blood, Copal, Frankincense or Sandalwood incense.

Light either black, red or white of a mixture of these candles.

Next begin looking at his sigil whilst, doing this begin reciting.

" Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer ".

Do this over and over whilst dropping into the theta gamma sync.

Once the sigil opens, keep reciting his enn over and over.

Feel Lucifer’s energy descend into the area, simply after this is done.

Close your eyes, visualise Lucifer’s energy rise around you. Next simply state

" O’Lucifer hear me and come, enter my life, enter my being, enter my mind, enter my heart, enter my body, enter my soul.

Lucifer take me into your heart, take me into your soul, take me into your being, may your light and your darkness infiltrate every fibre of my being.

Lucifer come and may your infernal flames encompass me and burn all which must be sacrificed in order to begin our great work together, rise Lucifer rise ".

Now take Lucifer’s sigil before you, do not dismiss him.

Allow him to stay where he is, no offering needs to be given as you’ve offered your blood upon his sign.

Next is a invocation mediation which many individuals have had great success with.

Lucifer meditation.

Close your eyes
And relax
Take a deep breath in and out
Feel that each inhalation
Lifts you up in the air
and energises you
And each exhalation
Relaxes you
but as you exhale
Feel the earth spin faster
Repeat this
Around 10 to 15 times
Then visualise your surroundings
Become nothing but a empty
Dark void.

Visualise at each shoulder
Lucifers sigil
Then each inhale you take
Energy flows into these sigil’s
And the sigils glow and charge

Then visualise your chakra points
But where the chakras should be
Visualise lucifer sigil
in the place of where all your chakras
Should be.

Inhale light energy into the sigils.

Once all all nine lucifer sigils
Are energised, then focus on them.

And say in your mind

" lucifer I invoke thee
Lucifer the light bearer
Lucifer the serpent
I invoke thee
Lucifer he who wears
The emerald crown
Enter me, I invoke thee
Lucifer lord of light
And darkness
, lucifer the emperor
Of the infernal kingdom
I invoke thee
Enter my mind, enter my body,
Enter my soul, enter my blood,
Enter my heart, enter my flesh.
Lucifer he who wears many masks
Lucifer he who is called
by many names
The dragon, the snake, the devil, the angel, the god, the lord, the light, the dark.
Lucifer I invoke thee. "

Then visualise in this void
Light enter you and this light
Opens the sigils inside you.

As you inhale your being becomes
Brighter and brighter
As you exhale you become a black flame
And then as you inhale you become light

Repeat that visualisation
While inhaling and exhaling,
Visualise in your left hand
A trident of pure dark power
Like the trident of shiva
Then in your right hand
Visualise a torch of white fire
And say

" I wield your trident
Lord lucifer
In my left hand
Your power, your darkness, your destruction, your unholy force
is manifested into the trident I hold "

Then inhale and visualise
The trident burst with power
Then exhale condensing its power

Then say

" I wield your torch of light
Lord lucifer
I hold in my right hand the light
Of enlightenment, spiritual illumination
, your power of genius, knowledge, power of light, and celestial force
Is manifested into the torch I hold ".

Then inhale and visualise
The torch burst with power
Then exhale condensing its power

Then visualise on your head
A emerald crown inside
The green emerald crown
Is lucifers sigil.

And say

" lucifer crown me
Lord lucifer, the dragon
Place upon me the crown
Of royalty over all
Lucifer fill me with your will
Lucifer fill me with your greatness
Lucifer fill me with your strength
lucifer I wield your crown
The crown of the infernal
The crown of enlightenment
The crown of the celestial
The crown of the emerald sphere ".

Then inhale and visualise
The crown shine bright green
Then exhale condensing its power.

Then visualise the nine sigils of lucifer
Shoot into your third eye
Creating a beam of power
Shooting into the beyond

And repeat the Latin incantation

" habeo quod imperium,
Of lux lucifer
In quod quod
Imperium tenebris
En lux
Imperium tenebris
En lux
Lucifer "

Then visualise wings
Burst out of your shoulders.

At this point the energy built up in the area has transmuted your spiritual being, to become the perfect vessel to work with the powers of Lucifer.

Summoning Lucifer’s Darkness and Light.

Items needed.

  1. One Black Candle
  2. One White Candle
  3. Lucifers sigil on white paper
  4. Lucifers sigil on black paper

Now place the black candle in the west, lean the sigil of Lucifer on black paper on the black candle.

Now place the white candle in the east, lean the sigil of Lucifer on white paper on the white candle.

Begin walking around in a circle, this is called circumambulation. Begin walking clockwise whilst saying.

" Lucifer come, Lucifer come, may your light rise as a pillar white blinding flames ".

Next open the white sigil by gazing into it in trance. Next recite this incantation given in demonic tongue, to summon Lucifer’s light.

" tremos sankah yema pholos kala mena kabaray sinc dremo
dula seme yaza sitra alas fue rumo dene pah rah sol deme
exu;indor kalafay yumay dama, jen oose zaza thin;mon ghoul
em ay lucifer iama set er ray yaza kala dren yune pule imos
ee en ya santay sock omos lil inte pool yema aye pool yema aye ".

Once done light the white candle and visualise a pillar of light rise in the east.

Next walk around in a circle counterclockwise, whilst saying.

" Lucifer come, Lucifer come, may your darkness rise as a column of obsidian abysmal darkness ".

Next open the black sigil by gazing into in trance. Next recite the next incantation in demonic tongue to summon Lucifer’s darkness.

" Kala say senakamus men ooke saunt om may
inz dremes ol fontay sal palmah cron oz salat
fendrensen talamala lucifer seakz gonos fue asamas
sentem dramaz hue bulin kay estos famala suin rept
tinmon peft duin kala supe kal duke kalmin ;duke
vilalent ay sonck aronck pheloosh amazaye amazaye ".

Once done light the black candle and visualise a column made of darkness rise in the west.

Stand in the centre and state.

" I stand here in this space, for the idols of Lucifer’s nature have risen.

I have called and summoned the pillar of Lucifer’s fiery light in the east.

I have called and summoned the column of Lucifer’s obsidian abysmal darkness in the west.

Rise the black sun and the morning star, rise the darkness of Lucifer, rise the light of lucifer ".

Visualise a mass of darkness rise in the west, next visualise a mass of light rise in the east. See the light and darkness rise around you, the light spinning like a tornado clockwise. The darkness spinning like a tornado counterclockwise.

Sit in the centre of this astral tornado of darkness and light, allow this critical power to carry you deeper into trance into the rapture state.

Rock and back and forth loose yourself whilst reciting Lucifer’s enn.

What ever you may experience, see, hear and feel document it down in your journal.
Go to bed and sleep allow the swirling nexion of Lucifer’s darkness and light to continue in the temple.

Now your very being and temple is aligned with Lucifer perfectly. His presence will keep building within you and within the temple.

Litany Of Lucifer.

Face the east.

" Lucifer, He who has many forms, masks and names
Lucifer, He who is known by the hindu’s as Shiva
The God who is the destroyer and transformer of worlds
And Lord of the trident
Lucifer, He who is known by the romans as Janus
The God with two faces, God of time, duality, beginnings, gates
and endings
Lucifer, He who is known by the ancients as Attar
The antelope god of war, the son of the dawn
Lucifer, He who is known by the hebrews as samael
The venom of god, the prince of darkness
Lucifer, He who is known by the greeks as Prometheus
The titan, the bringer of fire, the champion of mankind
Lucifer, He who is known in the land iran as
Melek Taus, The peacock angel
Lucifer, He who is known by many as shemyaza
The watcher, the serpent angel
Lucifer, He who is known by the irish as Lugh
The invincible sun God, The shining one
Lucifer, He who is known by the cults of the dark
as Lucifuge Rofocale, The lord of the night
Lucifer, He who is known by the greeks as Pan
, The God of nature, Sexuality, The Horned One
Lucifer, he who is known by the watchers as
Azazel the infernal one, The lord of transgression

Lucifer, He who is known as the emperor
of the infernal empire, The serpent and The Dragon
Lucifer, The Devil, The Angel, The God, The many
Lucifer, Lord of the path of flames, Lucifer Deliver of the profane
Lucifer, The morning star, Lucifer the solar beast, Lucifer the evening star
Lucifer, Dark God of Sitra Ahra, The Dark Initiator, God of Atlantean Magic
The Light Bearer, Lord of the Air, The Adversary, The Infernal Spirit
Lord of Thaumiel, Emperor of Shadow and Flame, Lord of Ascending Flame
Lucifer, Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer, Rise as you’ve never risen before
Lucifer The Light and The Darkness, the feminine and masculine

Hail Lucifer, Rise Lucifer, Come Lucifer, Descend upon me, Lucifer manifest
Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer, he who holds the torch of light
in his right hand spreading light, knowledge, illumination and revelation
He who holds the trident in his left hand, spreading darkness, power,
destruction, chaos, strength and greatness

Lucifer, Lord, King and emperor come and rise
Lucifer, The Fire of the south, The Air of the east,
Lucifer he who is eternal, Lucifer come unto me ".

As you say this Litany it funnels your dedication and your energy towards increasing the presence of Lucifer.

It is impossible for Lucifer not to be present, not only will he be present but from the rites performed his manifestation would have reached a critical mass.

Allowing him not only to manifest to a huge degree in the temple, not only aligning you to his vibrations and power. Not only initiating you into the current of the emperor.

He will be apart of your everyday life, when I have done this type of schedule to align myself with a being so intensely. Poltergeist activity, full possession, infestation, spiritual phenomenon are all possible.

It is important once these rites are performed to then summon Lucifer.

Just use the Litany as it acts as a amazing conjuration better than a simple summoning conjuration.

Now prepare for the hand of darkness is placed upon your left shoulder, for the hand of light is placed upon your right.

The dragons wings wrap around you, the serpent rises within, the trident and torch are delivered unto you.


Connor Kendall.


Dont want to be the “devil advocate” here (Had to make that joke :joy:)…But arent those effects a bit…Undesirable?..Please be more specific about the effects of this deep bonding, if you are willing/allowed to share them.


Poltergeist activity is one of the effects of the five stages of possession. So no these aren’t unwanted effects

Being possessed by a spirit isn’t like Hollywood, it’s one of the greatest things you can do.
You obtain prophecy, revelation, it’s empowerment, you fortify yourself, being possessed gives you and the spirit a very close bond.

Infestation isn’t actually bad it’s one of the five stages of possession, it’s the spirit being with you outside of the temple.

Protecting you, advising you, observing you, making the spirit apart of your everyday life again deepening your bond.

Spiritual phenomena happens all the time with deep immersive magickal acts.
Seeing the spirit manifest spontaneously without calling it.
Feeling its energy in a very physical way, or even deepening your astral senses which increase your astral senses too.

These are all benefits and the closer your bond with a spirit the better the working relationship will be.
That means the spirit respects you more, admires your determination and dedication and these close spirits even give us more than what we ask for.

Ea Koetting mentions this when he worked with Azazel he explained that after his very close immerison with Azazel and deep bond.

Azazel didn’t only give EA Koetting the goals he wanted but he saw to it, that he had more than what he asked for giving him better finances, better business opportunities.

Giving him a whole empire to run, also being there for him to further his ascent as his patron demon.

So all these things will occur and they are desirable if you understand them correctly instead of taking them at face value.

Forming such a close bond with the spirit you work with is utmost important.


Thank you for your insight, i have another doubt if you dont mind…What happens exactly when a Hollywood like posesion occurs in real life?..There are documented cases (when mental illness have been discarded) … Why those people get worse and worse?.. Does the magician have full control over that bond? Or can it be dire consequences if he decides to renounce it?..

Man, i need to develop astral travel urgently and ask some spirits about this stuff. :joy:


Well see REAL forced possessions are extremely rare.

In order to become fully possessed you must do two things.

  1. Learn the stages of possession.

  2. Relinquish all control by entering a state of attachment.

See In order to be possessed you must give up control. By this I don’t mean tell the spirit

" I give you control ".

Instead you must learn how to loose control and allow the evoked presence of the spirit to control your body.

First giving up control of your limbs through various methods, next giving up control of your vocals by speaking in tongues.

Next entering the rapture state which is a very deep trance, where you’ll be rocking back and forth, in the crossroad state too and loosing your sanity.

Then learning to surrender the body to the influence of the spirit present.


Interesting, it is said that very devoted christians are more prone to full forced possession…Putting all your faith and strenght in something external to yourself (like YHWE) is part of traditional catholic christian devotion…

So, it is a crazy theory that i just made up, but maybe this people accidentally leave themselves wide open for full possession, because they have fallen prey to the belief that they are powerless and only YHWE is the source of power…

I am deviating from the topic of this post so lets call it a day haha.


I’m sorry to be that guy, but there is a difference between “apart” and “a part”. Apart means those things are separate, while a part means it is connected with it. I need help, I can’t help myself!

But very cool nonetheless!


Yes that happens I once had YHW go and take over my voice during church. Now to him I’m like get out of my life

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I noticed it too, but hey, someone have to be that guy hahaha


Somebody once told me that possessions can destroy a human body because they are not a suitable vessel for such a powerful energy.

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Ooh what did he say?


Used a example when the pastor was asking for one something about Jesus and a well

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Oh like the story of Jesus and the Womsn at tge well? I forgot how it goes, but he kept telling her all her sins


Yes that was it now evry he interferes I rebuke him

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@C.Kendall many thanks for explaining everything so clearly.


It’s amazing, I used to be a great God fearing Catholic… Noe I’m a blasphemous moyher fucker who sleeps with the enemy


Same. Well i went to Catholic school but never was able to get into it


Man, I still love Catholicism in my heart, and I’m surr that firey passions will never leave


Nice work. VERY nice.

So i just like the meditations i wanted to do this whole ritual to strengthen my bond. I used my tablet but the annoying thing was the black screen you need to awake, i have to change that or write it down. You learn from your mistakes :slight_smile:

Another thing is my imagination of the Sigils, in the beginning it’s no problem, but then it’s harder to make those sigils visible in your mind on each chakra point. But practice will learn.

At the Litany i connected with Lucifer, he was there. He showed me this image of him and i felt his energy.

So yes @C.Kendall