Introduction and thoughts on Lucifer

I hope I am not stepping outside of my bounds but I needed to know something in relation to Gnosticism because I remember seeing something written and I think it was here but when I came back it was removed.

The post read that after the goddess Sophia created the Demiurge she was embarrassed so she cloaked her creation from the rest of the world and watched as Yaldebaoth started to create things. Once she saw that Lilith was created and had been thrown out by god she gave her the divine spark which gave her knowledge. Following this Sophia realized that Yaldebaoth had to be stopped so she gave the spark to his most beautiful creation Lucifer, and from there instructed her to spread her gift to all the creations that the Demiurge makes. Lucifer then took this knowledge with her and gave the knowledge to Eve, who gave it to Adam. As punishment for this Yaldebaoth cast them out of the garden of eden and Lucifer out of heaven, from here Lucifer became the spirit of rebellion and has been working with Lilith and other deities to undermine the Demiurge.

This is what I can remember of the post, I tried to find it in my search history and while I came back to this site I did not see the post, I was wondering if anyone had any information on this topic.

Also, my name is Evelyn, nice to meet you all!


You’ll find lots of resources here


And many more

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I think you may be mixing up your mythologies a bit here. It’s been a bit since I was studying Gnosticism, and by no means did I do in-depth into the subject, but I don’t think Lucifer or Lilith are mentioned in their works.

From what I understand, you can link Ialdabaoth (aka the Demiurge) to Lucifer, but Lucifer is not explicitly named in Gnostic myths.

It seems that you may also be misremembering some other details, or perhaps there were inaccuracies in the post that you read (just because someone appears to know what they are talking about does not mean that they do). Again it’s been a while, but if I recall correctly, there is a story where the Invisible Virgin Spirit (the Gnostic Source-God) casts Ialdabaoth out of the Entirety for attempting to be like God, so more-or-less the same story as God kicking Lucifer out of Heaven.

If you are interested in Gnosticism, there is a great series of lectures on the subject by professor David Brakke available here.


You have to be careful, the magick community is full of larpers and rpgers who get mixed up with the fiction they read/write and can’t tell the difference after a while.

It’s best to go back to original sources and do your own research, then you can recognise what’s historical/ recorded myth, and what’s Unverified Personal Gnosis (UPG) when you see it and know that you may not (probably won’t) have the same experience, should you start traveling between the worlds on your own.


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It’s pretty unfortunate how right you are, but this is why I like this forum. There is some of that going on here, but do we also get people who actually know their shit (not to imply that I do), and the people who create the video content here are also pretty legit and good at showing people what magick actually is like.

You gotta admit some of the larpy stuff is pretty funny though (not to disparage people, but like come on, it can get pretty wacky).

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Sorry I didn’t see the guidelines.

I’m 27


Well, kind of, but It’s going to take some explanations. I’m not really certain of what I am experiencing which is why I came here. I was a militant atheist for a long time (Since last year) because I didn’t see any good reason to believe in god, but there were some things that even taking a skeptics position I was unable to explain.

For example, I get visions of things to come sometimes but I’ve not been able to use them usefully all the time because it’s hard to tell what is real and what isn’t. When I do get a prediction correct it’s scary accurate and I’m able to avoid something horrible by predicting it beforehand. I can’t control what I get visions of the future from but recently I converted to something similar to what I would call “Gnostic Judaism” and have been getting more visions since then that I think are from the goddess Sophia.

What sealed the deal for me is when I got a premonition In mid November that we would be in lock-down from a disease within 4 months, back in January of Covid19 and the shutdown of the U.S. I didn’t believe it at the time because it seemed crazy and I ignored it because I thought this would be like all the other times a disease like this was blown up by the media.

Currently one of the biggest things I see is that Covid19 is going to lead to such a large amount of political unrest that we’re going to start seeing people going to prison from attacking their respective governments, revolutionary attitudes are going to start to clash with the leaders of the country, the American Empire is crumbling, but what is going to take its place has yet to be determined. Will China replace it as the global empire? Will America manage to maintain its grasp on the world? or will a new ideology get a shot at things such as a more extreme version of fascism, a more libertarian version of socialism or anarchism or communism?

I don’t mean for this to sound preachy, and my intentions are not to start a political conversation. I am just merely stating what I see in my dreams and whether those are informed by my knowledge of politics and the world around me, or are given to me by a deity is hard to say, and whether there is a difference between those two remains to be seen. About the only thing I can say for certain now is that I am going through a hard time like most people around the world due to the virus, and I know that the virus isn’t going to be the only thing that gets worse. For certain people will die, but the question remains is the virus going to be worse than the economic of the disease?

Since I came here I did a ritual to summon Lucifer for possession and it was… Interesting, I ended up with the following.

Please note that when I say “He told me” this, he may have given me a feeling to let me know that is what he meant, told me in my head, or both so bare with me.

He gave me some insight. First he said it had been awhile, he said that he had tried to defend me as a child but the demiurge hurt me greatly (I know what they were referencing here and I won’t be revealing what that was) and that closed me off to him, and he said he was glad to be brought back into my life and said I had grown into a beautiful woman and my decisions made sense (I won’t say what this is in reference to, but I know what he was talking about.).

I scoffed because I thought he was just trying to flatter me because I feel ugly but he told me to stop and reprimanded me for thinking that way. Furthermore, that the goddess Sophia had been giving me those visions of the future and that what I had posted here asking about was one of those things.

I asked why I associated them with being a female when they came to me in a male form and their response was to ask me if I “Really thought that deities have genders” and then explained that no deity really has a gender, and while someone like Sophia may be the aspect of femininity and the Demiurge a masculine aspect, ultimately all beings without exception contain energies of what we would call “male”, “female”, and others that fall outside of that binary.

I would go into more detail about how the conversation went, but there was some personal things after this and I don’t really want to talk about those.

Another example of these predictions is that back in 2017 I had a vision of a horrible recession that was worse than it was in 2008 that was supposed to have 2 or 3 years in the future. November of 2018 I got another prediction and this time I knew I had roughly a year and a few months. Around April of 2019 (which is shortly after I started Identifying as a satanist) I kept having those visions so I started telling people to stock up on food,and to get 2-3 months of it I told my aunt to take her money out of the stock market (She’s quite well off). Then I stocked up with food as soon as I could. Then the dow fell back in July or August of last year (I can’t remember) and it recovered so I was not certain but I had a vision that that was only the start. I told my therapist these in a session I had after this.

Now we are here, the stock market took a major hit, people are on the verge of being homeless, the world is falling to pieces from a disease.

And here I am, stuck here wondering if I’m going crazy, and wondering if all of this is just my subconscious putting things together or if there is actually deities. I basically betrayed something I considered an important aspect of myself that being my reliance on math, logic, and reasoning, and I cannot explain what is happening. I’m confused and I’m looking for answers, trying to avoid putting a bad one in the place of the unexplainable.

One more thing I should mention, if I am getting visions of the future and advice from Sophia then I will say that I was told that the universe isn’t deterministic (This is really hard for me to accept, and I don’t want to because I believe in a mathematical universe, or at least, I did) and by telling people visions of the future they may not come true because they can be avoided by the anima mundi, or through other means.

Sorry for the long post, I am just saying what is on my mind and why I’m here. I’m not certain what type of magics would be useful for me. Maybe I should learn magic that helps me focus on predicting the future?

I definitely appreciate it. Perhaps it would have been more accurate to say that it’s similar to Gnositcism without being it.