How to form a extreme deep connection with Lucifer

Thank you that was wonderful

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Very nice. I’m not sure I could memorize all of that though. I’n getting better but I think I need spiritual mega memory classes. Some of my free rolling self made rituals include some aspects here but the entirety looks really good.

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@C.Kendall really knows what he is talking about. The words he uses are so precise about what happens. I had an amazing experience 3 days ago with Lucifer. I never had done anything with magic or any kind of things related to what is discussed here in this forum. But lately I decided to accept Lucifer and I wanted to know him, talk to him.

I didnt do anything special, during the day I had the experience I said his name out loud few times and I just spoke in my mind I wanted to receive some signal and contact from him. That I wanted to talk to him.

The day ended and I went to bed. I fall asleep and wasnt even thinking about it actually.

In the middle of my dream I saw myself doing some kind of ritual. I said his name three times and he came. And I “ran”. I “woke up”. At least I thought so. Now I was layed down in the bed next to my mom, I was a kid. The ground seemed to fall I felt falling and very scaried.

Then I woke up. Really scaried. I felt my wife next to me and I just remember to feel fear. But a voice in my head started to calm me down and later I found out this voice was Lucifer. I talked to him a lot. It was amazing. He at the first was all over me as a snake and licked my face. He kind of wanted to show me he wouldnt harm me.

And the more calm I was the more I could see him in different forms. Beautiful, as a king, many forms. At some point I wanted to go to the bathroom. When I was coming back to bed he gave me wings. He said I was too scaried and the wings would protect me. I loved the gift.

It was great. Since then I try to contact him again but I couldnt.

Maybe you could help me, C.Kendall? I see you are very experienced. Anyway I will appreciate comments on my experience from you and other users.

At the first I thought it couldnt be, I should be just talking to myself. But I wasnt. I am sure it was Lucifer because he gave me answers that I wouldnt he kneew things I didnt.

He is very powerful but so delicate at the same time. A true king.


@C.Kendall I did this ritual. I put blood and semen on his sigil. As of right now I am not able to hear spirits. Does that mean he still manifested close to me. I did everything this ritual asked except for the frankincense. Did he still manifest near me. I asked him specific requests after every 100 times of chanting his enn.(I spent more than an hour and a half just chanting his enn.) I asked him to tell me in my dreams. Is that ok? You know him better than I do. You are a reincarnation of him right? So it is just a question. I asked the universe(source) and him to bind himself to something I hold extremely dear. Is that ok too?
My question is if he was there with me. Even if he does not want the relationship, I would still be happy if my king Lucifer was there with me by my side.
Thank you friend Connor. Hope to hear a response soon.

After being a little drunk on new years eve I’m taking my time, as I’m dealing with this hangover (reminder for myself: after 30’s you aren’t a drinking machine anymore), to study a bit because I don’t feel in a mood to make any magick or evocations.

So, as it is, I bumped on this topic about Lucifer and this incredible ritual and I was thinking: this ritual can be used as an offering in a pact?

Well, I think that because of the intent of the ritual. Being “one” with Lucifer is, in my point of view, a huge offering since it works like a pact. Obviously isn’t the initial intent but, as I can see, it can be done perfectly as an offering because it takes a lot of energy to praise one entity.

I’m wrong? I wish to discuss it a little further so, anyone?


how you can give up control?

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Reminds me of being overcome with “the holy ghost” kinda. I see what your saying. Kinda. Posession sounds so negative though. I guess like you said from Hollywood. Movies gives us the ugliest ideas of Lucifer. It is sad.


Bro it’s not school y don’t need to memorize. Add long as it comes from the heart.


This was all beautiful! Thankyou so much for sharing this. :slightly_smiling_face:

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What is: Theta Gamma Sync?

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PS: The Theta Gamma Sync is the deep trance state required for physical evocation.

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Getting into a trance

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Thank you.

A shift of brain state.

There is audio files for this purpose as well. :slight_smile:

I know this thread is old but by synchronistic happenstance I came upon this thread after a related post I made on exorcisims. I have personal experience with this and can attest that yes more devote Roman Catholics are prone to forced possessions. I think it is part of the Catholics way of keeping the flock in check.
I personally believe they do this to certain people who are already highly sensitive and I think they do it to send a message. You know, You have to sacrafice some to the “wolves” to make the others scared enough to follow the shepard to the slaughterhouse.


I Can relate,was a babtist.but decided to make a change at 42yrs old,better late than never,feeling LUCIFERS power and energy was overwhelming at the least.


@C.Kendall this awesome