Marijuana power or weakness?

well if you ever try it tell me how it went. I tend to smoke but i don’t all the time and when i do rituals i ask the demons while im sober if everything went well last time and they usually say yes sometimes they say i got emotional or carried away but they don’t seem to have a problem they actually like it. sabnock say’s i am very giggly some days and not so giggly others.

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I have heard marijuana opens your astral senses a lot. It allows your 3rd eye to open while you are not sober. So I think your experiences may be real. My astral senses are not developed right now so I have not been able to see or hear any demons. I do have a lot of knowledge on magic though. I believe that you are experiencing conversations with real demons.


one time i was so mad because i asked sabnock if he spoke to me one night before and he said no but i do believe i had contact with something just not sabnock.

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Maybe. Hopefully someone more skilled in magic will reply and help you.

hopefully. but i believe you are skilled you just haven’t developed your senses enough you will one day trust me.

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Thank you. I did my first real ritual for Lucifer last night. Hopefully he accepted my ritual even though I can’t see/hear him.

I am interested in many demons just not Lucifer or Satan.

But remember. they always come and speak to you i am very sure he did take your offer.

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Ok thanks.

@new_to_magick714 if you want a valid ritual I don’t recommend alcohol or weed. You need to focus on your goals with a clear head to evoke whatever Deity you are trying to connect with. You are trying to create a transitional state of mind from your meditations between the worlds.

You don’t want false reads from your rituals. You want to connect with a spirit force through your own unaltered mind to complete and comprehend all meanings of any messages, signs, or visions. This way there won’t be any doubts about what you are receiving i.e. was it the weed or a real messsge from the Deity.


I have smoked for a long time. What I’ve learned is, while it helps to focus the mind and raise vibrations, constant use over long periods causes the sober mind to lack focus/second sight therefore making rituals or any magical work
dependant on marijuana.
The past year or so I’ve cut it back to only smoking during cerain spellwork and meditation, dreams sight and focus have strengthened again.


I love to smoke marijuana.
There have probably been 5 days this year where I haven’t smoked.
I also drink a lot.
I am addicted to Alcohol.
For years I’ve tried to smoke and drink my problems away.
Hasn’t helped me financially.
Here in Texas a half oz. goes for 140.
All of that adds up.

Marijuana hasn’t helped me get a good job either.

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If it helps you ascend then use it, BUT additions arnt good nor using crutches all the time.

I do agree smoking makes communication easier but also the spirits say don’t rely on this always because you may think your go Insane and we don’t want that. Hahaha



Think of it this way -you can walk with crutches, but its damn hard to run with them.

If you can do it under your own power, all you need is yourself. Thats my goal anyway.



But hey we all have those days, so if you need it don’t hesitate. Sometimes it reconnects me and makes me reawaken again when dulled

Very powerful if you know how to let the mind go, otherwise is a mindfuck.

I find it harms more than it helps.It suppresses dreams, and is demotivating. What use are enhanced astral senses if your too couch locked to do a ritual? Even then its easier to get distracted mid ritual.


It is a weakness and great weakness …

I will begin with my personal experience.

I have had two really good “high experiences” in my life and I considered them “beneficial”, everything else has been shit, I felt weak, drained, and the next day with a lot of lack of energy and focus.

You should know that the current marijuana is a shit too, it is too strong even for the pot head.

I am not a marijuana user and I do not like it, I consider it a weakness.

My brother has been smoking almost every day for 4 years and he has changed, he is older than me, he has not achieved anything in his life, he is a loser, he became self-centered, bitter, always wants to be right, criticizes everyone, in short, it is a pot head.

The other day a friend of a friend also confessed that he wants to leave the take, also takes like 3 or 4 years smoking it a lot and feels its negative effects.

go figure…

I hope that serious studies come out, nowadays that drug can hardly be questioned because it is politically correct.

But many studies indicated its long-term negative effects.


My personal thoughts on that horrible smelling herb notwithstanding, if it helps you, and it’s the only way you can make contact, spark up another doobie.

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i think the one thing people are saying is don’t use it all the time and i don’t it does help but i always meditate sober and i do think it is always helpful to strengthen the sober mind to.

I don’t smoke, but I occasionally (about once every couple of months) have edibles or marijuana-infused tea for recreation. I don’t use it for spirit work, but I’ve had a deity visit me once while I was under the influence. I hadn’t called her, at least not consciously. It was a positive experience, though I’m pretty sure that was only a one time thing.