Amazing first experience with Lucifer

So yesterday I did a petition spell of protection through Lucifer, As I am a beginner my Friend and mentor told me to not practice Evocation right now and take my time.
So yesterday after I did my petition spell, there were lots of weird stuff happened to me…candle flame not blowing off & stuff but the most amazing thing That happened was when I got to my bed (I usually sleep after 5 Am) I was having trouble sleeping because of random thoughts and fears popping into my mind…but then suddenly I could feel a hand but that was not a strong feeling but I could feel the hand on my head and my intuition could tell that it was lucifer…and a conversation started in my mind eventually…i haven’t experienced that kind of thing before.
He said to me, “Be calm for I am here now”
I didn’t open my eyes But an image appeared in my mind itself and I wasn’t forcing it, the image was of a guy aged 25-28 it was little blurred I can see him with black hairs, no beard and he was smiling…while telling me that “know that your every cell and every part of your body is protected by me so worry no more and go to sleep”
I said “Are you my friend and mentor from now on? “
He replied “I am more than that Son”
I was amazed when I heard it!!! I felt like screaming and I was thinking about this amazing thing happening to me…and I couldn’t sleep because of the excitement…I could feel him sitting on a sofa beside my bed still smiling…I asked him “can I share this amazing experience with others” (I don’t know why I asked it it feels stupid)
He replied “ofcourse you can!”
I asked him to please remove all these thoughts from my mind so I could get a peaceful sleep.
He replied. “Yes ofcourse I will do that.”
Then I asked.” Would you stay here until I fall asleep?”
He replied.” I would be here until you wake up”
Just after minutes I fell asleep.

Now can you guys please help me and tell me how to make this connection stronger? Or what should I do now I am little confused also a little afraid.


Thanks for sharing!

There are already threads about that, especially for Lucifer, you should check them out.

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I’m only a dabbler still… can I do that?

I will check them out.! Thankyou. :heart::dizzy:

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Awesome story bro, you made great contact.

I wouldn’t be so quick to give blood tho, as you can speak with Lucifer maybe ask him how to strengthen your bond.

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Hello!. It sounds amazing, I imagined everything, I was very involved in the “story” of your experience. I’m really glad because he was “warm” with you and got you to trust him which is sometimes difficult for us that we are in our first time evoking. That you saw him seems incredible, I made an Astaroth invocation (not evocation) in December, I only felt the presence… how was the process in evocation? I’ve read that we need usually makes a circle, concentrate on sigil and sing his enn… I wish evocate or invocate Lucifer too.
I’m really impressed and thanks you for sharing!

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Also I think that u can talk with him for a moment all days like was next to you, you could feel his presence…

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Thankyou so much.!
And yes, I was thinking the same that this is too soon to offer blood…Anyways thankyou for the advice :sparkles::wilted_flower:

Thankyou so much.! And yes he was warm towards me because I’ve heard people say that he is very nice for beginners this was my first experience ever and I won’t ever forget it. I saw him yes,but it was blurry I couldn’t see correctly maybe it’s because my powers are too low idk.
And ohhh Astaroth is one of my favorites…I’m yet to invoke her but I feel some kinda connection towards her, gonna do it soon. :dizzy:

So basically what I did was a petition spell not a evocation…and yes I’ve read in E.A’s book works of darkness to make a circle as a boundary for the spirit they cannot cross but on the other hand I’ve also read that circle isn’t necessary… and yes concentration on the sigil & singing or just repeating the enn is necessary.
And please go ahead I wish you luck with lucifer! Share your experience with us! :heart::dizzy::sparkles:

It’s my pleasure to share my first experience with you all! :heart::bouquet:

And yes, I hope I could communicate with him again…I will try :heart::dizzy::bouquet: Thankyou.

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If you want to offer your own blood, you are allowed to do that, but there is no need for this. I have tried this practice myself, and while it was effective at creating an altered state in the ritual, there are other, more sustainable ways of doing this through meditation and such techniques. If you feel like cutting yourself then by all means you do you, but do not feel that this is required just because some people on the internet told you so.

To strengthen your connection to Lucifer, all you must do is summon him on a regular basis.


Yes you are absolutely right!
I just found some rituals regarding deepening your connection with lucifer. Is it safe for beginners?

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I love hearing people’s amazing experiences with Lucifer. Funnily enough during one of my meditations, my higher self told me I need to get some magickal protection…could share how you performed the petition with Lucifer as I am wanting to do petition work with him

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Really interesting you shared this because I literally just posted something about my first experience with him too!
No need to be afraid or anything for any reason! He’s wonderful, really wise, and will definitely guide you in the best way. Just be sure to communicate any feelings and fears that you have to him. He’s super understanding!

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First of all congrats,you had a very nice start with Lucifer :slightly_smiling_face: ,I am working close with him and I would suggest you to take just ”Litany“ and use for evocation purpose. Try to work more on your visualization and astral senses (you can write petition to Lucifer too to help you) . I find the meditation a bit difficult for beginners,also the part when you evoke Lucifer‘s darkness and light keep that and use a bit later…do the first part and the Litany it will be more than enough.

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Thankyou. This is exactly how I did it.

Thankyou for the beautiful advice. :dizzy::heart:

Thankyou so much.!
Glad to hear that you are working closely with him…:heart:
And thanks for the advice…! I’m currently working on my astral senses & visualisation…I will writing petition to lucifer about it. :heart:
So basically you’re saying to do the “Substantial Contact with Lucifer.” Part and the litany right?


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Alright. Thankyou for providing guidance. :dizzy:

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