Has Lucifer appeared to anyone else in this way?

I know exactly what you mean by darker aspect. I can feel the shift in energy sometimes quite dramatically. He always has the same voice and tone… sometimes very dry and sarcastic. Dark humoured, straight to the point.

The shift in energy is powerful. I can Evoke him to just offer him roses and offerings and to be with him and he is soft and mellow and eases me to sleep.

If I use him for dark magic or if I have been upset by someone in a very bad way, his darker aspect can be overbearing for a human at first, protective and strong

My Harlequin Lucifer looked like the 2nd one of yours,a little like David Bowie


I see always see him sitting in a chair wearing super fancy dress suit.


The user on here who draws and paints spirits sees him like that too, I saw her artwork. It was amazing…


It’s always super fancy and modern Rocco (18th century) black suit. I get he loves and misses that sorta or fashion for men.


what ritual? linky?


Here you go :slight_smile:.

So I did them all, only I had a white candle and no black Sigil (normal sigil, white paper black lines). But if you set your intend it will work. And you can always print that black Sigil with white lines.

I had my tablet and the stupid thing goes black when you wait to long :joy: so I really had expected nothing because of distraction. But they say when you least expect…

So in the Litanny (last ritual) I saw his face, just like the 6th appearance mentioned above. I saw that painting years ago somewhere. So it wasn’t like I expected something like that. Very awesome.


okies. Yes, I read that when was posted. :slight_smile:


He always posts nice rituals


Yeap and it’s the same level as for example rituals from Asenath Mason. Really genuine. He can write his own grimoire. I love that he shares the stuff and help people learn.


Lucifer appeared to me in a dream as a professional dressed in a black (pinstripe?) suit. Afro-American man, early forties, clean-cut, well groomed with a slight smile (smirk?) on his face. He was in a “law firm” with Belial.

That was the only time so far, that I have seen him.

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@anon88243269 that would be his trickster aspect.

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Rocco (18th century)

I’m a fan, but I’m torn, it’s gorgeous but so fussy I can only handle it in small bites. Very nice on men though: their masculinity balances it well I think, it’s just too much on women for me.

Some of these very nice vests are Rococo - a whole bunch of revival styles get lumped under goth though these days, not that it’s a bad thing, at least they’re available.

Uh, last time I saw him he was robed and hooded, as the often are… I’m not into appearances so they don’t bother as much with me, I guess. :man_shrugging:

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I haven’t worked him yet, but Raven (Secrets of the Gods on youtube, she used to post here) mentioned in one of her videos that Renaissance Jester aspect/appearance.

There’s also this:

Doesn’t directly say it, but I think it’s implied that the autor saw him like that as well.


I love this, thank you

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he came into my room one night while I was sleeping… as a hooded man in black robe… but he appeared to me in third eye as a African American male and another time looking exactly like my boyfriend…lol.


i thought you mean like batman’s Joker’s Harlequin, for the first brief moment.

You know, somewhat like this:

Lucifer in his standard form with his regular sigil i still avoid to a degree,
even tho i’ve successfully manifested him before.
I went for Sol Invictus Specifically,
so in exact detail i may have conjured a differnt,
yet similar solar deity back then.

With the Jester Harlequin i mainly see the peakock, like Melek taus being represented.

I think having a look at Melek taus may at least help clarify the image for yourself a little more clearly.
Having him come up in that form definately is a good sign,
since that expresses his glory and beauty,
both atributes which shine from his very core.




Yes! Like this but blue, not red. Taller and much more beautiful bone structure.
He chose at this time to agree to what I wanted of him If I agreed to listen and do what he advised

Thanks so much. x

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Well, i can definately see that make sense.

Nice, thank you very much for sharing.
And yes, it’s kind of logical, he can only help you when you allow him to.
The good old healer’s issue.
No matter how much someone may be in pain,
it’s only when they open themselves,
that true healing can take place.
Similar in working with a guiding Demon like him.



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Thank you. This was about 2 years ago now and I always wondered as nobody else commented anywhere really about a Harlequin type figure.

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I deleted it as it felt a bit too personal and I felt a bit weak talking about it. thanks anyway.