How To Create And Activate Magic Sigils

There are many different ways to make a sigil and prepare it, some more complicated than others. What method you choose depends on you, but the simplest method can work just as well as the more complicated ones.

When working with a sigil, the power comes from the actions and intent of creating the symbol itself. The process of taking an intention and transforming it into a magical symbol encodes the meaning of that symbol and it’s magical potential from your mind and should be something that you personally have created for this magical tool to be effective.

When you use a sigil created by someone else you’re using a random symbol of someone else’s creation to focus your magical intention. This can still work and be effective but it is not tapping into your mind and your magic in the way a sigil is supposed to work.

The many ways that you can create and use a sigil is up to the magician and your experience and experimentation to focus on your goals and ritual.

How To Create A Sigil

The letter elimination method is the simplest way to make a sigil. The more specific the intent the better. Mastering the art of how to make a sigil properly comes with experience. I like working with paper and a pencil that way you can easily make corrections or changes, however you can experiment with other methods. Digital art, paints, collage, ink pens, can all make excellent sigil mediums.

Your first step will be to figure out what the intent of your sigil is going to be, your intention should be well thought out and very clear.

You’re going to turn this concept into a sentence, make sure you’re being specific and precise with your wording. You want the sentence to be relatively short and it needs to be phrased in the present tense, i.e. phrase it as though you’ve already got what you want.


One aligns your energy with the result you want, the other aligns you with potential success that may or may not occur. When you phrase your intention as something you want in the future, it will remain ambiguous and not be effective.

Write out your intention sentence and erase or cross out all of the vowels in the sentence. When you’re left with just the consonants, you’ll remove any repeating letters in each word so that you have only one of each letter present. These letters are the base symbols of your sigil.


The most important thing about how it looks is that you like it. It doesn’t matter if it looks like just a jumble of letters or if none of the symbols even resemble the letters they were originally. If it looks right to you then it’s right. Many try and combine the remaining letters into a condensed design creating symbols into a single glyph. Others use the remaining letters simply print them onto paper.

Many may wonder why removing the vowels and the doubled letters, you’re making the original written text into something far less literal. You’re turning a sentence that anyone can read into something abstract and personal, meaningful to you alone. Some have claimed this was done as Witchcraft was illegal in Europe and England and to avoid scrutiny and accusations of being a Witch.

Some use sigil representations of deities and their names or a created image. All function like a compressed file of the universal forces which can then be unpacked using various chanting and/or evocation methods.

There is no single, definitive method for designing a sigil which allows you to condense your intentions for ritual work with symbols, words and letters. The important part is that you feel that the symbols or words have power to you.

Sigils and Magic Circles

The circle is a powerful magical symbol. It embodies the energies of protection and focus. The magical purpose of drawing a circle around your sigil is to allow its energy to draw and build and to protect the sigil giving it power.

Some practitioners draw two circles around a sigil to ensure added protection of the sigil’s energy, many fill the space between these two circles with other sigils, magical symbols, and words/alphabet to enhance the energy and the circles protection of the sigil within.

Charging A Sigil Giving It Power

With the process of making a sigil, you must keep the desire/intent of the sigil in mind throughout. The sigil charging process starts before even during the very act of making the sigil.

This ensures that the subconscious knows exactly what the sigil is supposed to mean and to be associated with later down the road.

Some claim you should let the conscious mind lose the meaning of the sigil completely after the sigil charging process. That desire or goal is always accompanied by fear of failure in the subconscious memory, which acts as a self fulfilling prophecy, blocking the effectiveness of your magick.

For charging and creating your sigil pick a method that affirms the desire/intent of the sigil. For example, if your desire is that of a hex or destruction then charging it with blood might be an option.

Getting into a trance state where the sigil can leave a lasting impact on the subconscious is key to successfully charging a sigil. By chanting the mantras of your goal, a trance state can be achieved.

Although this method is slower and time consuming, your trance state lasts longer, enabling you to charge sigils effectively. Your focus is the key repeating the goal in your mind and saying it out loud will help achieve your goal.

Sigil Activation

When you’re ready to actually use your sigil, you’ll have to activate it. You must do this for the sigil every time you use it. Make sure the entire sigil is visible and gaze at it comfortably. Let your eyes become familiar with the symbol and meditate on the sigils power.

Sigil activation in this context pertains to sigils that function as talismans and engravings on amulets and on the body itself. This is in direct contrast to sigils that are disposed of, and sent into the universe, the great abyss immediately after charging it.

Often, such sigils are used to protect and defend an area or yourself or to bring positivity and/or negative effects in a particular area.

Such sigils possess power from its creation and charging, but certain types of functions, when sigilised, require repeated activation. For example, a sigil of a deity on your body will function like an idol of the deity. By repeated chanting and meditating, you activate the power of the sigil and reinforce it.

Burning a Sigil

1.) To release the will into the universe

2.) Destroying a talisman and/or servitor sigil once the purpose is fulfilled

After the sigil charging process is done, your desire will then be sent into the universe by various methods like burning or burying it.

What I have done is fold the sigil into a square and place it in my book of shadows until my goal has been reached, once I have achieved success I will then burn the sigil as a sign of completion of my ritual and the task of the sigil.

If the sigil is made to function as a talisman or if it represents a deity, then it is often activated over and over and should not be destroyed.


I love using magick sigils


This is why when I make a sigil I go all out and take the time and make the effort to collect the corresponding materials such as wood, metal, gems, etc. memorize the sigil so that when I engrave it it has my utmost attention and I make it as nice and elegant as I can taking great care and then do my charging ritual with gratitude and focus. I’ve made sigil for people before and when I do I focus on them as well, often the people are not the most educated or advanced magicians and my sigils give them a much needed edge in their magic that they wouldn’t normally have and that’s because they have my energy and intent imparted upon them with the intent of giving it for the purpose of helping someone.


I have seen some of your work that you have presented on the forum, very detailed and well crafted.

You’re right when working with a sigil, the power comes from the actions and intent of creating the symbol itself. No matter how much energy you put forth it’s your focus that will drive the symbol forward.

I prefer to create my own symbols that have a special, significant and specific meaning to drive my magic forward for ritual work, drawing in and on the forces of nature and the elements which have meaning to me.


Do you create your own sigils or do you use already published symbols and sigils perhaps from the Lessor Key of Solomon?


I create my own , using Power phrases


Nice work, just letter encoded words on the sigil or do you have some artistic talents and created some nice symbols? A flaming dragon is one I created.


Well I do believe Ancient Languages and Symbols have it’s own source of power within itself.

When I was making my own sigils, I used to conflict pain against myself, Adding that energy into it.


@Daniel_K That’s a good way of charging it I personally feel any source of natural energy especially from your body makes it that much more powerful, I wrote the story about this sigil on some thread I forget which one on the situation but I never posted this actual sigil itself…today when I went to topics I seen“ how to make a sigil“ and remember I still had it so just decided to post the pic of it , share some if you have any on hand


I will do, I’ll post it up soon.


Awesome :sunglasses: I think I seen one sigil on the forum , I like to see people’s spiritual art.:black_heart::metal:t3:


Nice work, fast results proves Sigils that you have created do work with your skills and intent to move your magic forward.


Great idea, go for it!!


@Benji666 It’s been about 6 years since I’ve done sigil magick. Eager to get back into.
It’s an unfinished product still, a draft.


Nice sigil artwork and design. I see you also work in pencil, great to make corrections, looks large is it over two feet in diameter?


Always with a pencil, sometimes I leave it, I don’t go over it with a link pen. I’m not really sure about the diameters, it’s about the size of a small plate.


Looks beautiful, thanks for sharing!!!

I aim for one of two effects pencil or color markers that contrasts with the paper, I like the black and white images, sometimes I prefer something more dramatic with color that shades that fades more easily into the background.

When I feel I have come up with something I always start with a pencil line drawing and then once completed I take it from there.


That reminds me, and I haven’t done it with Sigil Magick but colours have magical meanings to them.

Black: Power, Rebellious.

Red: Desire, Lust.

Thanks for telling about that, think I’ll need to restart on that sigil.


Are you too a user of any nearby available circular object? I use many of those…almost exclusively actually lmao.

Also amazing sigil. Love the futhark use.


Yeah, I can’t draw circles properly. Thank you.