Sigil Magic - Complete beginner

For my particular objectives and yea i thought they were only particular sigils related to entities.
So can I draw my own sigil? If yes what are the things I should be taking care of. Any type of links would be highly appreciated and feel free to give advice and suggestions.
Thank you🙂


Yes any type of help would be highly appreciated as I’m new to all this thing.:slightly_smiling_face::pray:t4:

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This is a good start


I may have posted this elsewhere on the forum previously, but I have an unlisted video on my YouTube account on getting started with sigils that I originally made a bit over a year ago for a group I was working with at the time. It’s not public because I feel its pretty sloppy and informal but you should still find it helpful.

That link above is good.

If you’re looking for a quick start,
spell out what you want. Remove the vowels (optional), eliminate any repeating letters (optional), and form the remaining letters into a sigil. It’s easier to fit if you eliminate the vowels and repeating letters.


Glad you found what you were looking for, but yes you can create sigils to conform to whatever you please


Thank you all so much. I’m glad that the community is supportive :slightly_smiling_face:


Creating your own sigil for your magical purposes us a great way to focus your intentions, highly recommended for beginners or advanced magicians.

After the sigil charging process is done, your desire will then be sent into the universe by various methods like burning or burying it.

What I have done is fold the sigil into a square and place it in my book of shadows until my goal has been reached, once I have achieved success I will then burn the sigil as a sign of completion of my ritual and the task of the sigil.

If the sigil is made to function as a talisman or if it represents a deity, then it is often activated over and over and should not be destroyed.

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what kind of social image?

By a good social image I mean not always lurking in the shadows or be the person with the least say. My words should have a bit influence on the people and I should a bit popular socially. Altho I think I’m growing but the speed is slow that’s why I’m thinking of using a Sigil as a catalyst to speed up my process.
Correct me if I’m wrong. I’m always open to advice and suggestions and would highly appreciate it

People to talk about you?

Sigils are good for a beginner. I’d look up the Chaos Magick method of charging and casting as a base frame of reference, I also think its good for understanding how they work. Sigils are very flexible and can be created and cast in many different ways.

Like to have too many friends and yea being a bit popular and they talk about me

Do I have to charge or gaze at it everyday?

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It’s a stupid thing, I don’t like this. I don’t need others to talk behind my back

What I’m trying to say is that I want to have a good image and ppl to like me. Our desires may differ and I respect that and I’m always open to suggestions.

Both. Meditate on it, don’t just gaze at it, but vision it in your minds eye. Visualize the sigil. There’s multiple meditations on various ways.

Thank you so much🙂 highly appreciated

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Charge it once then destroy it and completely forget about it. Remembering the sigil and having attachment to it or the outcome makes it more difficult for it to be a success. It acts like a block in your mind, putting energy against the sigil.

I suggest googling “how to make sigil chaos magick” or “how to use sigil chaos magick”

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