Warding Sigils

I saw in another thread a love spell I’ve been contemplating for about a week now .
After a few more tarot readings … I think its time.
This spell invokes Astarte to bring me & (target) together & inlove involving the phrase
“alash tad alash talashtu”

After some research I found that this phrase is a demonic invocation . However from my knowledge Astarte is an Egyptian Goddess of love, sex, war . There have been comparisons to her as to the Greek Goddess Aphrodite :heart:

I was confused at first why I would need a demonic invocation to perform this love spell being that shes a goddess. after some more research I found that Astarte has this other demon form -Astaroth . I still want to do the spell , However I’ve never worked with demons before . I need to make sure i can protect myself for a worse case scenario .
(I also have children in another room)
Sooooo… I was thinking about putting a demonic warding sigil on their door & surrounding their bunk bed in salt … just in case . Thoughts??

& if you know any useful sigils please comment below !


If you are THAT worried about a spell, why don’t you just find another love spell that is more your cup of tea? Putting yourself in an uncomfortable place, with all that fear and anxiety, especially about demonic entities is not going to end well with you approaching it like that.

Try a different love spell or modify the one you have to more suit you.


Well it’s not that I’m worried about the spell . I’ve been practicing love magick over a year . However im curious in working with different deitys & demons as well. And its not so much that I have anxiety & negativity about it . I’m very open to it & learning all I can. I just wanted to know what I should do to protect myself . As I’ve read by koetting & other authors. Best be prepared then not at all ya kno

Doing a banishing before and establishing a circle should be enough protection.


update I preformed the spell & everything went fine . Astarte was actually very welcoming & there was no sign of Astaroth . I could feel her & my mother goddess Hekate both nodding in agreement like they were proud of me for going after what I wanted regardless of the consequences. I felt established in a way . Now I’m just letting my candle burn all the way down . Thanks for the advice guys


There are some who believe that astarte is the same being as Astaroth, and it is also believed that Astaroth is a female demon.


The first thing I’d usually suggest for someone who wants to add symbols to their home is to make it personal. Create a symbol that is unique and meaningful to you or to your family. It doesn’t have to be a traditional symbol at all; as always, the power of any symbol comes much from the intention of the person drawing it and their belief that it will work.

There are also symbols connected to many gods and goddesses, so if you have a patron, their symbol, or even just their name, could bring blessings from them on your home and above the door to your children’s room might be an effective talisman.

The symbols for good luck, good health, protection. The Troll Cross is an ancient norse talisman, to make sure the room or house is strongly protected and lastly is the lunar cross of protection. Any of these in any combination would make a great addition to your home protection.



Thankyou :slight_smile: & yes that’s what I did last night ! Goddess Hekate is my Matron so I drew her strophalos & hung it on the door . Also I appreciate the pictures!


^^^My update on the original post of spell . He just called me 5 days after !