How to prepare a sigil of Lucifer

Ok, so I’ve drawn out the sigil for Lucifer and what I want to know, is what does a sigil for him have to be anointed with and charged/consecrated. Any input on this will be appreciated. Thanks!

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Same as any other sigil. Did you try the search function? Basic questions like this are answered over and over again.


Please use the forum search function in the future. Also, do check out the BALG FAQ, for it has many answers about really many topics.

What is was asking specifically, is will this sigil require any oils, blood, etc. Damn, it came out so nice I don’t want to ruin it!

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You can consecrate it with oils or blood, absorbing into the design will not ruin it but increase its power. Such sigils increase power from its creation and charging.

For charging and consecrating your sigil pick a method that affirms the desire/intent of the sigil. For example, if your desire is that of a hex or destruction then charging it with blood might be an option and will morph with your design and empower your intent.

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If your using a printer to create your sigil and worried about the ink bleeding when you apply oils or other materials, what I have done is use pencil to create my sigil or trace your ink printed design with pencil that way your design won’t be effected no matter what you add or apply to your sigil.

Thanks. I drew it out with pencil, and then used heavy black marker over it on the parchment. Was curious about the oils, etc.

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