Sigils- printing, drawing, or digital

Hey guys! I was wondering if its okay to use a picture of a sigil on my phone during rituals if i am unable to print it out? or would you guys suggest drawing it myself?

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I’ve used sigils on screens since the beggining of my journey. I also do scrying on screens that are turned off.


great!! thank you:)

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You could use an image or sigil you’ve grabbed online but it’s not as effective as creating your own seal.

When you use a sigil created by someone else you’re using a random symbol of someone else’s creation to focus your magical intention. This can still work and be effective but it is not tapping into your mind and your magic in the way a sigil is supposed to work.

The many ways that you can create and use a sigil is up to you the magician and your experience and experimentation to focus on your goals and ritual.


It is always best if you make your own seals. To me it creates a relationship between you and that Fallen Angel/Demon. It is the mark you have created and stepped forward to and dared to open.

I wouldn’t use your Iphone nor would I use someone’s sigil that they gave to me. You could print it out and get another piece of paper to trace it out if you’re having problems drawing yourself.


thanks guys :slight_smile:

I completely forgot that you said you don’t have a printer, I am sorry. :laughing:

You can use a plate and a piece of paper “Parchment Paper Circle”. And a piece of cardboard, clue the piece of paper onto it. Most sigils have doubled lined circles but I think you would only need the plate anyways.

I wish you the best of luck. :smiling_imp:

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Doesn’t matter, only time it matters somewhat is if you’re aiming to contact some well known entity and want to avoid thoughtform bs or fakes. You then make your own or ask the actual entity to give you one that helps as a personal contact to them, in which case you’re going to draw it.

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its okay haha thank you!!