How To Create And Activate Magic Sigils

I’ve used the method u described which was outlined by Peter Carrol, Phil Hine and other authors for maybe a decade and but found the success was …lackluster. My approach now is making a sigil of 3 different symbols.


So I am can be broken down into 3 nonsense words or something meaningful vibrated while staring at or creating the sigil. Charging it with sound directed at it seems the fastest. My example

Iam - I Am Mental Proseousand - Physically Raised Outside Sourced Entity. Objectively Unconsciously Animated Now Descends …and etc… non of the words chanted for each part of the sigil seem terribly relevant or resemble the intent .

More complex, but I have never found removing the vowels any more successful than keeping them…results come regardless with current methodology employed, and failure in the past was the same regardless of vowels included and excluded (because to my mind if its too simple, it wont work, hence a sigil constructed by a singular part structure, in which each part of the sentence is not taken into account with it’s own symbol is always never successful for me) .

Took years to reach the aha where it clicked but see consistent success doing it this way…Not every practitioners will have success with the same methodology i suppose.

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Nice response and thank you. Sounds like you’ve done some good research. I am familiar with the authors, I like Hines work Condensed Chaos his book has an empowering approach especially for the solitary or casual practitioner.

My message is, if you want to do magick, do it, use whatever you like and say whatever you like. Just make sure what you say and use are meaningful to you, and do it with clear/specific intention. Don’t worry about getting it your first try, 100 percent correct. Experiment with it. Above all, know (and focus on) what your specific intentions are and move forward with them.

Obviously, the more one does something, the better one gets at it. But that doesn’t mean your first few attempts will automatically fail, either. You have a fully developed mind, body and spirit learning to enact your will on multiple levels including the metaphysical.

Magick is just the ‘edge’ you’re giving yourself to do that. Creating you’re own sigils is part of that magic.

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How a tattoed sigil works in this affair?

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The sigil of a deity will function like a talisman on your body for shielding, protection, luck. For many who practice magic intent, and emotional power fuel belief and confidence in the effects of your working to make a successful sigil including this talisman proves your dedication to this deity.

Magic (by whatever definition) requires dedication, and belief. I would do a consecration ritual of the sigil and empower it with your specific casting and intentions, the power and the will within you will shine.

It this what it should look like when its activated?