Experienced Magicians Debunk "Selling Your Soul"




Yes and no

yep that’s it true

Hey one of my very first topics is in there

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Makin a seperate post for all the free Video reference material that keeps gettin hurled at me from various podcasts and youtube channels to keep the other post thats is majority community contributed info and posts.

Playlist with videos on topics ranging from pricniples of meditation in regard to ritual, the elements of ritual,divination and energy work.

Playlist with some basics on traditional western astrology

Some videos on vedic astrology

Basic money magick ritual use it and buy some books more advance books if that is what ya feel ya need :alien: ive done a modified version of it with what i know and it kicks ass :smirk_cat:

Regarding invocation

Some videos on magick from the hemertic standpoint

Some simple but power energy work and meditations anchored in norse tradition.


This honey one looks intetesting considering we have bees.

Also glad to see this get a much needed bump. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve been getting bombarded with good podcasts and info so made sense to share um incase anyone has any roadblocks they may be able to help them get past.

Also i posted the modified ritual i did in the lounge awhile back turning it from a money to a kind of prosperity ritual. Felt like the right move since my version does have cause a bit of upheaval to do its job that some people may underestimate when gettin started.


Very nice!!! :grin: :+1:

Thank you Andromalius for getting a toxic, drug addicted thief out of my best friend’s life!


I was told by Belial that a human soul is worth very, very little. Ants on an anthill.

Upon ascension it can evolve into something powerful.


Azazel may have ate my soul,

Does this count as selling it? :thinking::japanese_ogre::grinning:


May have???

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I’m going to send this video to my close friends swimming in lies. I don’t blame anyone for trusting what they trust because I used to trust the same thing having a big Christian background.

I think it can be a way for them of realizing that one must first dig before blindly believing.


This just has me thinking now that the human soul is the Magikarp of the spirit world lol


I could not find where the soul to be sold was defined. What is a soul?

Most here are taking the concept of soul from the movie idea. Which is likely what most Xian’s believe too since study is the furthest thing from a Xian’s daily routine.

But the Qabalistic idea is very clear and has everything to do with one’s blood, DNA, and evolution.


No way thats ridiculous.

Soul isn’t an object. It’s an emissive biproduct we create every second of every day. You can sell that or trade it. Soul is a residue. Nobody wants your residue. lol


In my experience of signing a literal contract to sell my soul to my uncle, I’ve discovered that we aren’t things. We are infinite, omniversal consciousness. To have soul is to be harmonious and ‘in the flow’. Many people are soulless zombies hypnotized by Beelzebubs psycho-social trance. I give a good bit of my soul to my uncle but I also give a lot to many other people, places, and things… You could see it as a river that eventually returns to the sea, or is distilled through rain, we all come from the same pool and we all meld and mix back into to it in the end. Everything that exists is eventually destroyed and distributed throughout the universe over time to contribute to many different new formations of things. No one can control that many variables to where your soul goes.



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