I don't know if i can stick around here

People have different opinions and different ways they work. Our path is unique and different for almost every single one of us. We’re not a cult for everyone to have the same point of view and ways. Instead we support and respect individualism and each other’s path, even if we don’t agree always with everyone. Just because I don’t agree with you for example, that doesn’t mean you are wrong and I’m right.
You can always of course make your own threads or post replies under someone else’s thread to express your view. Constructive and respectful criticism is and should always be welcomed. If someone doesn’t want to be (respectfully) criticised than the problem is on him/her and not you.
Yet remember that criticism and insults/being disrespectful/harassment/preaching dogmas are very very different things and also against the forum rules. So if you feel at any point that someone is getting out of line, don’t forget you can always report that person.


Perhaps look into learning to shield yourself.

It sounds like you are very sensitive and this forum can have some intense energies flying around sometimes. Some individual members have strong energy that can be felt in their posts as well, so learning to shield can help to prevent a lot of the emotional blowback you might encounter from certain topics.


…which includes the right to “not like to the absolute maximum amount possible”, and that’s going full circle of the promotion of “freedom of speech”. :+1:


Yes, I’ve been known to be sensitive at times for sure. Aside from the Bipolar :grimacing:, im a pretty emotional thinker and person. In all honesty its probably going to be one of my harder things to work on, which is why i enjoy this particular feed back. Its a reminder to me about the things i should be trying to better as well as working on new things :slightly_smiling_face:


@Purple has a great tutorial on basic energy work like shielding that you should read.

If you are really sensitive to energies, shielding will help you. I was like you when I was young. Certain things would just cause me to burst into tears for no reason because of the emotional impact.


I believe thats the second time ive been told about that tutorial, woops (;ŏ﹏ŏ). Haha, I shourd really get on that.


TMW You’re sensitive AF


Uh. Yep, yep i am. Thank you for your helpful words.


Regardless of the sensitivity. I’m sorry to hear that you cry whilst reading certain stuff within the forum.

I’d recommend that you practice shielding along with some deep breathing, if you feel intense feelings surging within you then just visualize the feeling and just let it go like water. I hope this helps, if you want to vent/talk then I’ll be around. :wine_glass:


It’s about not preaching, nor moralising, nor trying to derail someone’s own posts just because the other person doesn’t share their worldview, personal values, or beliefs about the nature of spirits, as far as this forum goes.

We don’t discuss (human) tyranny because there is as of Sept 2018 a ban on political posting, and human tyranny almost always ends up being about politics in some form.

White-magick forums tend to allow a small clique to go around silencing anyone who deviates from a narrow script. We don’t roll that way here: you can adore demons, fuck them, hang out and share a brewski with them, command them, bind them, imprison them, profane them, even hate and despise them, or simply believe they don’t exist.

  • We manage this balancing act not through commanding a mindset (by which I mean we don’t have a rule of “thou shalt respect” - respect is an internal state, aka, thought-policing) but simply through requiring courteous interactions.

I explained that rule to you in PM. It’s an admin rule, no wiggle room. :man_shrugging:


Shes not crying for no reason.

Who, what, where? :thinking:

Im done speaking about this.
See you on tbe other threads.

Thank yoi.

You can Mute threads, specific members, even entire Categories, to mute a Category just go to the index page of that category (eg: https://forum.becomealivinggod.com/c/vodoun-santeria-palo-mayombe-african-roots) and then click the circle icon right below your avatar at the top right, it will give you the option to mute that whole section. :+1:


America is not the only continent in the world you know? Europe does not define “free speech” (whatever that is) as a “right” to speak against tyranny at all.


With respect, that is irrelevant in the context of this topic where I was simply explaining that we have a policy of allowing all kinds of different ideas to be posted, provided within the rules.

Such as this:

  • I don’t want to see ANY politics creeping into this topic please. :+1:

With respect, if I see ignorance and nonsense I call it out. But I’ll leave that at the door for now.


Appreciated, thanks. It’s not your comment so much as where things may follow on from it that I am addressing. :+1:


Okay I’m going to quickly drop the rules here and some info, and then close the thread, I think we have some good on-topic and constructive replies made now, thanks to all who replied. :+1:

Rights & responsibilities of members:

What are the limits to what we can post here?

You may use adult language, post sex-themed artwork, and openly discuss black magick, including hexes and curses – just please don’t name the target or give any details that may identify them on the post. That’s covered in the rules linked at the top of this message.

As of September 5th 2018, the site owners have prohibited posts whose main premise is magick related to (and discussion of) party politics, identity politics, and highly politicised topics such as mass migration of people.

You can read the original post by BALG co-founder Timothy Donaghue here.

And details of how that works in practice here.

If a problem occurs, it’s usually handled by respectful clarification of where the lines are drawn, and every opportunity given to sort things out in a mature manner.

This forum is not a cult and groupthink is neither expected nor required, many people here are a bit eccentric, and have unconventional views about things.

Someone else broke a rule, what can I do?

This forum respects its members by encouraging member-moderation, and that means YOU! You can help moderate this community by flagging any post or PM that causes you concern, this helps us to handle problems early, before they grow into something bigger.

Click the three dots … at the bottom of any post or PM to flag it – there is a confirmation step, and it is private and confidential:

Use the Something Else flag to alert us about something that may be a problem. :+1:

Using a flag bumps this to the top of the Moderators mailbox and it will be the first thing to be handled. You will usually be privately notified about what action was taken.

Trolling, spam, derailments and flamewars are always removed so they don’t pay off, so, if someone starts posting nonsense, don’t waste time getting involved, just flag it, it will be removed shortly.

This forum also has the ability to automatically hide posts or lock a topic for a short period if it receives a lot of flags from several different members, giving everyone involved time to cool down, so your flags really do matter.

I've seen a post that offends me, what can I do about this?

Aside from posts that break rules, we defend a wide range of freedom of speech on this forum and that does mean you will occasionally see things you find disasteful, contrary to your personal values, or just outright weird and improbable.

You can always Mute an individual topic, which will prevent it showing up in Latest, and you won’t get any notifications from it, even if someone’s @'s your name or replies to you.

To do this, go to the bottom of that topic and you will see a button, if you replied it will be set to Watching, or otherwise to Normal, and you can select that and make it Muted.

  • Scroll down to this, it may say Normal if you have not replied in that topic:

  • Click to open the drop-down menu:

  • You can also use this to follow any topic, without needing to post a reply. :+1:

Please note that this forum does not permit members to derail topics by preaching about karmic repercussions, the “Rule of Threefold Return” and similar moral constraints. There is a White Magick & Right-Hand Path Category where you may freely discuss your own workings, conducted according to your personal moral code.

Unwanted PMs

There are several different things you can choose to do if you receive unwanted PMs, beginning with letting the other person know you wish them to stop PM-ing you now about whatever topic it is. This is never a nice thing to deal with, and I understand that.

You can word this any way you choose, just make it clear you no longer wish them to PM you.

If that’s ignored, you can find the Add/Remove button right beneath the very first message and use that to leave that PM if you wish (it may not be visible on some mobile browsersm but should be there on desktop or laptop), or Mute them, or flag/invite me (all described below).

If you wish to Mute (block) them, go to your Profile then to Preferences (along top menu) > Notifications (left-hand side menu) > Users and start typing their name in Muted, and it will auto-complete – select that and that will stop any of their PMs, and anything they do on the forum will not notify you either.

An alternative to Muting them and leaving a PM thread is to state if they continue to PM you, you will consider it harassment as you have asked them to stop, and will notify moderators.

If you need to do that, either Invite me to the PM using the Invite button at the bottom of the PM thread, which will place a small message into the thread stating I have been invited, or flag any of their messages using the three dots … and then the flag-shaped icon, there is a confirmation stage and they will not be notified of the flag.

I mention these alternatives so you can choose the one you feel comfortable with, I understand these things are seldom black-and-white, or simple, or pleasant to have to deal with – the only pre-requisite before a moderator steps in to prevent someone harassing you via PM is a clear statement you wish them to stop sending you any more messages, either about a specific topic, or in general.

You do not need to do anything after that except flag or Invite me.

Any reply from them once you have stated you do not wish them to PM you again, beyond a brief acknowledgement, is then clearly harassment and will be dealt with appropriately, ranging from a conversation and caution, formal warning, removal of PM privileges temporarily or permanently, up to temp suspension or permanent ban. It all just depends on the circs and on what’s been going on.