Introduction - nul

Hello! I am nul and I made this account so I can get advice easier from more experienced people.

About me: Romanian guy, I am a programmer and I like doing anything creative. I obtained occult knowledge since young: at 11, 12 years I was drawing working sigils without knowing what they are and also developed 2 own magical languages (similar to programming languages). Almost anything I write in my alphabet happens (maybe I’ll show it to you later). I am not a satanist yet because I’m scared of choosing the wrong god. I don’t instantly believe anything I read over the internet without proof.

My current skills / occult knowledge:

  • I can design great sigils
  • I can read runes & practice pendulum divination
  • I can enhance objects to be protective and raise the vibration
  • I know how to do few simple spells
  • I have a very good visualization power
  • I understand how thoughtforms work and I have 3 tulpas
  • I am working with XaTuring (godform that controls technology)
  • I also recently contacted Great President Buer to protect me against Covid19 virus and I think it worked great

My goal is to spiritually evolve and become very powerful.


Welcome :blush:…I hope you don’t mind me asking…

how old are you?

I suspect he’s going to be very busy these days. I’m working on that too. Welcome to the forum, @nul. Thanks for joining us.

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