MORBIUS is here :)

Hi bro
I`m Turiddu aka morbius,and live in Europe.
I am no longer a young boy but not even a dinosaur :slight_smile: my interests are mainly in the fields of Computer Security (over 20 years),Astronomy,History,Reading fantasy books or Science Fiction,Conspiracies.My dream is a world of Brotherhood,Love,Peace,without Hunger or Poverty,NO Wars or Racism and without Politics.For now is everything.I hope can learn trough YOU ALL too and to find honesty, disinterest in helping and a lot of patience.
Yooh Man


Do you have any experience in magic?


I dont have any experience in magic, Ive read practically nothing about magic! As Ive already said, Ive accumulated books over time, with the intention of learning and understanding the occultism from a scientific and practical point of view…but for one reason or another I`ve never done it, until now! I have a personal need that I would like to solve through a ritual written in a book by a famous person.A question: Can one freely mention books, authors, etc.? Although, of course, everyone has to regulate how careful and discreet they want to be


I got you.

Owner of this forum has over ten books for start.

Also check these out

Last but not least

You will love this entity

Best of luck.And welcome.


Thank you for your interest.
I appreciate that you suggested this offer.