Good demons for cursing someone?

Hey y’all! I originally wasn’t going to make this post because i was not going to curse anyone. But a dude i know has some blackmail on me and i want him to pay, and if possible be able to break his phone so no one can see it. I know he’s already shown some people but it hasn’t ruined my life, but recently I found out that he offered a whole entire group of people (luckily, they said no) but i’m still scared he’ll show other people. So any good demons that could help me? Thank you !

(edit: I forgot to include this but, I performed a binding spell a month ago, but I feel like it’s not working too well so that’s why I’m going to curse him)

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Some ideas for you. :slight_smile:

Unwanted use of technology:

Abuse of power:

Freezing someone out:


thank you so much! this so helpful :slight_smile:

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Hi Lerage for causing and accident that destroys all electronic mediums with the blackmail act and haures for the curse.

I can strongly recommend Glasya-Labolas. Very very amazing and quick results.