Time Travel, Aliens, And That Damned Reflection

This is branched off from the post quoted below, I didn’t want to derail the overall topic of time travel with a big dump of my own UPG and theories, so I started a new thread here. :slight_smile:

Long post alert, so just want to say first, I’m not asking anyone to believe all this stuff nor to take it on board as “the way things are” - there’s some pretty far-out stuff here, and this is just my current understanding, and I know for a fact that people who think differently get excellent results in their magick as well, so this is just for the fun of discussion, and not dogma.

Starting Point

First off, my current model of reality is that there is a Singular, Void and Manifold Source, which first becomes a focal point of awareness, and this then creates for itself qualities (like width, height, mass, and also various “laws” of nature, physics, and so on) so it can experience things outside itself, when there’s nothing outside the actual larger Source.

Aonther word for it is “the All,” you can find that idea explored in The Kybalion and there’s a decent cheatsheet for that here, and the book itself is out of copyright and readily available online.

That book is useful because it provides insight on the fundamental paradox met by people who study (especially) the Law of Attraction, about whether or not anything can exist in a person’s life that they haven’t somehow intentionally attracted, and a few other apparent paradoxes I’m going to present below.

Being the All, there’s nothing outside of it, no external values (so, nothing to aspire to or become) and that’s something I’ve briefly experienced, and posted about here.

This All, which I call Source, is in some ways like the light shining through a coloured lens, the lens (which blocks some frequencies and allows others through) is the individuated and limited personality of the magician, for example, me.

Therefore, in one sense, nothing else exists but me, but because I’m shone through the lens, other limitations apply somewhat.

For this reason, I ignore the “multiverse”/parallel realities thing, except as an abstract concept. The thought of me’s (or, people and animals I love) who are having worse lives is pretty depressing - also, nothing in my model of reality requires me to believe in this. And many people who do, seem to talk an awful lot of nonsense…

I put my current thoughts about the overall nature of the manifest reality in this post, they haven’t significantly changed though I’m still working on ways to manipulate reality better: The “Block World” Concept.

That’s an imperfect model but it’s the closest one I’ve encountered that fits with the things I’ve actually experienced, so far - where I differ may only be in what I think they’re saying, that this has limitations (things that are NOT existing within the “block world” and never can) because I believe that the block world has in one sense all already happened, and yet has the ability to appear to expand, so literally anything CAN exist within it, if the lensed individuated awareness wants it to.

This appears to be a paradox, a static block world which can still change and grow, but only so long as you hold a model of linear time, and I’ll be getting to why that idea of expansion is important, later.

Snaky Time

Obviously, things and people appear to have existed and got quite busy before I was born, so while in one sense, what’s “back of, and behind” my consciousness is all that exists, I also work in some stuff there about DNA, which right now is leading to the bizarre idea that certain streams of DNA (or, spiritual forces whose earthly manifestation is DNA) are meta-conscious in their own right, and throw forth human incarnations to test themselves out, combining with other strands of similar harmonic wavelength, and replicating themselves.

But that does my head so I just look at it and go “Oh hi, you again” whenever the idea comes up.

And, what people call “the universe” or “reality” or whatever, I actually call “the Mass-Observed Spacetime Perception” - mass-observed, because I have reason to believe miraculous things - events which defy all known causality, laws of physics and nature, and come into being from will alone - can and do happen, but that in many cases the attitude of observers (including of course the magician himself), when it’s skeptical, doubtful, or hostile, can collapse these back into a probablistic outcome instead of a willed, improbable outcome.

I wrote out my current understanding of the role of probabilities in magick here, and observers, here.

Again, that I am simultaneously capable of being the All, the Source of all creation and experience, and yet can have my work affected by other people, appears paradoxical, but not so if you see them more as emanations of the same Source who simply want different things, and even less so if you’ve had the experience of seeing that everything in your reality is somehow an aspect of yourself, and your own consciousness and personality.

Becoming A Living What?

So, overall, if there’s a Source and it shrugs itself into a manifest block world with every probability and also every improbable thing already existing inside it, then lenses its awareness into individuated minds to follow along the apparent one-way flow of time as we experience it, that individuated awareness should in theory be able to shrug back into its other form (so to speak - like one of these optical illusions, where the same lines are suddenly a completely different image, if you shift what you’re aware of within the picture).

And in so doing become, not a limited emanation of Source trapped within rules, nor the dissolution back into formless merger that many Eastern religions propose, but instead the maker of the rules themselves, Source walking round in a living body with will and ego, and therefore able to re-write them, or at least break them, as you choose.

I believe I’ve achieved this a few times, as well; make of that what you will, I’m truly not trying to convert you - obviously, because apart from anything else, nothing in my belief system requires that. :slight_smile:


I believe that for a while there, too much of Source-being-humans got too bamboozled by the ideals of monotheism, which are ultimately about disempowering the manifest (individuated) self in relation to an idealised “God” (or set of abstract values), and that this was a problem (like someone playing the Sims and thinking they really ARE all their characters, and therefore not functioning as a real person any more) but that this has obviously begun to correct itself.

This is echoed in the myth of Narcissus, where he fell so in love with his own reflection, he wasted away and died rather than stop gazing in adoration - Source-as-humans fell so in love with distanced worship and submission to “God” that things got out of balance.

But as I said, I believe this got (naturally) corrected - Source after all cannot cease to exist, since it’s beyond linear time anyway - and that the alternative to that natural correction would have been archiving the “game” - the current block world and everything in it, every complex emanation and individuated consciousness - and shrugging itself into a new one.

I say archive - not delete - because linear time in which consecutive block worlds follow on doesn’t seem to exist at the level of Source, rather, linear time is a function of our current spacetime model of awareness - and therefore all Source would be doing is withdrawing from the non-expanding model (interesting coincidence - most religions have a downer on ego, greed, desire, expanding scientific knowledge, and so on) and investing more fully into a different one.

Also, being limitless, it has no need of resources, nor to recycle the materials from one emanation into another, so it would simply put it aside as you put aside a book that’s become boring, and pick up a new one. And yes, this is pretty far-out stuff, but it’s just a kind of model based on what I’ve observed and been told over several years.

The archive would amount to a read-only ghost and dead reality within which individuation exists, but can’t progress or create new areas of blockworld (Narcissus, starving and shunning all other input), so it would have been pretty grim. I believe this found an echo in the obsession with zombies that we saw in recent years, but that’s a random observation and not important.

I also believe that moment of decision has passed, at least in my reality and that of the people who are connected to me, so that’s cool. :slight_smile:

I think that just about covers the context - I looked at time’s arrow in this post and that also covers precognition, which I’ve experienced along with probably millions of other people.

So,Time Travel?

With this overall model, to perform time travel - as in physically travelling to the year 1256 for example - you’d need to have done the optical-illusion trick and become “human being Source,” not “Source being human”: and from that position, in theory you could, like an author, write into your own life at least, any capability you damned well choose, and have reality (the Mass-Observed thingy) heal itself round your actions without any problems, so no “grandfather paradoxes” nor “bootstrap paradoxes,” etc.

You’d have temporarily become the only causal and generative force in mass-observed reality, and therefore, nothing external could exist to stop you.

But holding both awarenesses - human, individuated, and Source - at the same moment in order to generate reality changes is bloody hard work - which I got to in this post, about the psychology of demons.

So, you’d need an exemplary amount of willpower that transcends mere idle obsession, and which can simultaneously choose to cease to acknowledge the reality or validity of any other mind except itself - a dangerous state to play with for some people, for sure - as well as building your magickal muscles enough in the first place to handle the sheer fucked-up freakery of what you’re about to do.

That and holding down an everyday life would be a big task for most people, but I believe that’s how time-travel is possible, but also, highly improbable.

Stargates - sure, why not, with the caveat that anything existing as individuated consciousness isn’t fundamentally “higher” than the magician - but they may have happened on ways to be person-as-Source ahead of us, how to travel in time and hold it all together, and are having lots of fun with it.

I’ve never gone looking for anything like that because I suspect, like people who channel Sirian or Pleiadean intelligences etc., it would be a distraction from seeing myself as the overall creator of (my) reality, but that’s because I tend to be really focused and obsessive about things, and I’m sure other people can take a more balanced approach.

Humans do tend to like to be in a heirarchy, and having a wise elder race out there somewhere who’ve already achieved this seems to me a bit too conveniently like our other neuroses, but it’s also highly probable - I’m more focused on the fact that no matter how many super-duper aliens are travelling in time or levitating, etc., somewhere in this current spacetime perception, across no matter how many worlds or planes of existence, someone did it first. :slight_smile:

I’ve always avoided thinking or reading too much about Atlantis because again, major flake-magnet, and also, it probably doesn’t offer me any empowerment, and might become too all-consuming in terms of finding evidence, and seeing only what I want to see.

So… that’s where I’m at with this stuff right now, and it’s a long post but, kind of a big topic. :slight_smile:


Very interesting…thank you for this post I agree on some points. I always look at things from a variety of angles as I grow stronger in the use of magic , I explore lots if information that can help me be better at it, coning from a very diverse background I have learned that magic or any other path is very unique to the individual, so once I’ve mastered the basics, I customize for lack of a better word practices. My primary goal is to defy and law or limitation that keeps me from manifesting what I desire. I know…a lofty desire but my concept of being a living God/Goddess may be a little grandiose.

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Yes, I absolutely think customising stuff is important, I get the best results with this because I think with the higher self-generated forms of magick, reality can tend to kind of heal around any method you use, so shaking things up helps combat that.

I mean I’m NOT stating this as a law, obviously, but that’s how it seems to me.

Well, seriously, my stated goal since years ago (and, the reason I found this website) is to “Command the powers of a goddess, within my lifetime” - check this stuff if you want grandiose:

My Invocation of Inner Divinity

Theogenesis : Becoming A Living God

Sorry to spam you up with a bunch of links in the post above btw, I just didn’t want to have to type all that stuff out again, apart from the wear on my keyboards, I’m already in hiding so Timothy & E.A. can’t bill me for the bandwidth all my novels on here are hogging! :o)

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No Eva you are fine, thanks for the links I guess to clarify a bit I just believe that say if the mind has the power to move objects across a room can’t we move our bodies across time? I get astral travel and do often but the fact that spirit remains teethered to the body cause me to ask what comes next? My thoughts about multiple realities and act come from my work in metaphysics & quantum realities. Generally speaking most people at the current moment are rooted in 3D reality aiming for 5D concsiouness through things like meditation astral travel. If 12 dimesions exsist, where then does one finally obtain godhood? Lol I know that’s a little heady for a Saturday? I’m about to check out the links​:slight_smile::heart:

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Post about this please! :slight_smile:

It would be awesome to have a fellow temporal engineer on here, I have an offline friend who’s into this and has ideas - please start a new thread and post your stuff, I mean, if you feel like it?

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Eva I will just gathering my thoughts a bit, us I’m filming a documentary in March so I’m trying to finalize the details before I go out to Vegas/LA its a concept called #whatzyourtrue It follows people who embrace, live & share their truth…I’m interested and celebrate people that embody their own path…that’s actually how I discovered E.A. Koetting I applaud his ability to embrace, live and share his truth with others.

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Just curious

So, you’d need an exemplary amount of willpower that transcends mere idle obsession, and which can simultaneously choose to cease to acknowledge the reality or validity of any other mind except itself

Do you have any examples or experiences or someone or something you know or are aware of that led you to this idea of use of Willpower? Ive had similar thoughts on Super Willpower, but just wondering if anyone else has examples or could talk about it a little. Its an interesting concept.

Having done something not unlike it, motivated by lust and passion.

Me, and my partner (my own darling Living God) changed the past, and wrote stuff into it. Actually, twice.

That’s how I derived the idea, and I’m really not comfortable sharing more, but as I’m experiencing the keyboard sirring on my lap as I type this, we BOTH experienced that - but I don’t ask you to believe it happened, only that we both sincerely believe it did. :slight_smile:


I believe you. Its the only reason I posted. But the Will part is just a gery curious things. I have dreams about stuff like that.

If the universe (mass-observed spacetime perception) is a thought held within the mind of the All, as the Kybalion and my own experience both indicate, and you are also one aspect of the conscious mind of the All, then your willpower becomes a force within reality, and not just something to use to stop biting one’s nails :o) or something.

I was reading a very good book called “The Psychology Of Power” by Capt James A. Hadfield recently, it’s very old, but he makes the point - which we agree with - that tying instinctual drives into the pursuit of goals that the conscious mind also wants, will boost every faculty of mind and body in pursuit of those goals.


Im curious as to define whwt Willpower actually is in a sense as far as something physical. I do know that having a strong sense of self greatly increases ones Willpower because you are aligned with self (like knowing and embracing lineage in itself is Willpower).

A very long while back I did alot of prank experiments on people in public using Psi to blast or touch them or sex then up or whatever. Then I got into atraight Psi experiments where I was utilizing Runic energy and externally manipulating currents of energy around me directly. There is a term people use where they say “I WILLED it to happen.” At the time I felt like I was doing that… But to explain what I was doing I am Dominantly Kinesthetic in psychic senses and have a degree of empathy as well. So I was using my “Remote Sensing” as Feeler Influencers where it was like using my Will as if I had a physical projected body to move said energy. Those days were more interesting, because I was more active or interested in such things to where things seemed more instinctual or natural. I spend more time diviningband dreaming nowadays but knowing more in-depth about The Willforce is a must…because it feels Psychokinetic in Power.

I define it as, first there’s the state of being you’re in, your curent experience - then there’s the state you want, whether it’s owning something cool, or sleeping with someone, or being really fit, whatever that goal is.

Willpower is the force that links the two, from observed manifestation in the present, to possible manifestation in the future.

And Hadfield says, correctly IMO, that will alone won’t do it, it HAS to be accompanied by instinctual desire, as well as belief that it’s possible.

Anyone can want to run a marathon or whatever, but only people who’ve drawn that link strong enough, believe it’s possible, and have a strong instinctive drive behind it - whether it’s to raise funds for some cause or get laid, whatever - will travel from state A to state B, and in so doing, re-write probablistic outcomes, which favoured sitting on the couch eating pizza.

And it’s exactly the same with magick, or getting a college degree, whatever.

So, IMO willpower is primal desire turned into action that affects reality in some way, which is why intense focus can do amazing things, whereas the same desirable goal that someone thinks “Oh yeah, I’d like that” - if the juice isn’t there, that hungry desire, then forget it.

That’s my take on it. :slight_smile:


I don’t know who named it “willpower” but what I do understand is that that subject termed as “willpower” is the ability to be able to do anything desired. In magick, it’s not just belief. It’s beyond the limits of mere belief ( Belief, I mean, the belief where one only believes that it will happen but somewhat like that person does not actually confirm it himself) where someone really is more than just merely believing or knowing through faith that what he desire will happen. It’s really like thinking and feeling that what you want to happen already happened. I think that all is what they mean by using that word “willpower”.

Have you ever found yourself sometime ,while doing some ritual/evocation/spell, where you felt that you really know you will be successful on what you want to happen (not forcing yourself to believe it will happen. It’s like, you just know it will happen.) then suddenly it really happened? Have you ever experienced this? That! That’s what I’m trying to tell, as the willpower!

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I know what you mean (I think) - the moment of desire turns inside your mind into an absolute certainty, as though the blueprint for reality is inside you, and all you have to do is watch it develop in the outer world, like a photograph devloping.

That’s definitely the more magickal side of it.


yes, that’s it! The ability that lies behind any successful work.

To say the least. I’m not saying I believe, I’m not saying I don’t. However, the thing I noticed years ago (that makes me very skeptical about past life regression and Atlantis) was this: everyone who claims to have had a past life regression to Atlantis, claims, without exception, to have been a “Somebody” in Atlantis. They all claim to have been a General, or High Priest/ess, or Healer, Politician, etc., etc. Not a single person was a butcher, baker or candlestick maker. No chefs, no goatherds, no shop keepers. Just an observation, and hoping this isn’t a thread derailment.

Edited for clarity.

Has your opinion, belief system significantly changed about this in past 3 years. It was a wonderful post by the way .

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Not really, probably a few ideas I developed on some more, but nothing that was a revision or alteration of note. :thinking:

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you know the classical Vedic tradition which advocates ( actually the vedantic tradition not Mimamsa ) which advocates merging with some higher divinity believes EACH Purusha / Witness aspect shares a common unified world.

Tantra which advocates bringing power of different divinities into the human body says that Each purusha /witness has his own external world. Philosophy of Solipsism basically.

Wondering which one do you subscribe to, or have any opinion about this???

I do, but that’s like getting homework to deliver an essay, and then probably answer in more depth where my meaning’s not clear, and I’m just not into it right now, soz. :+1:

Better an honest decline than a half-assed attempt conducted with much sighing and rolling of eyes, right? :wink:

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