Who is the "almighty"?

So I’ve worked with a fair amount of Angels and Archangels and most of the time they introduce themselves as extensions of the almighty but who is the Almighty?
I know it isn’t Yahweh he’s a fucking desert troll.
I know it ain’t any of the JCI gods
So who is this being?
Here is an example of what Raphael as told me "I am he who stretches forth his hand forth he presence of the Almighty, to Earth"
(note: Raphael has said this very statement many times to those who have evoked him)
Do you guys have any names?
I’m open I ain’t limited to any religious views just tell me what you think.


My findings so far (by which I mean, experience, affirmed by spirits as well) is that it is the aspect of the unknowable, unquantifiable Source which exists within a framework of desire, which can only happen when it creates an object TO desire.

(Edit to add, object or state to desire, often the latter was more relevant, such as the state of being fed, safe, loved, of having understanding of a situation, etc., so I was using “object” not to mean simply a material item, but in the sense of a defined goal.)

This also creates a construct of “before/after” (aka time) in which the desired thing is wanted, and then attained - i was buzzing from the experience when I wrote this, so it’s a bit crazy, but I tried to lay out my findings in this post:

Angels in my experience fit within this, for example when I became as the Angel of Lost Things, it felt like being “in the zone” doing a task or exrebcise, only many times more intense with purity and focus, and the sheer bliss of embodying/manifesting that specific energy.


Do you think this aspect of the source has a name?
That isin’t related to Judeo christian Islamic beliefs?

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You are.
Read those words from Raph again.


It’s you, what lies back of and behind the limited everyday consciousness, so “I Am” is accurate.

Seriously advise tracking down one of the many free legal PDFs of The Kybalion to get a simple rundown of the concept, it’s not a dogmatic tract, just a manual of metaphysics.

That isin’t related to Judeo christian Islamic beliefs?

Not even slightly, I went into my understanding of what the desert cults tried to do in that thread I linked.


At which point does an acorn become a different oak? When it is physically separated from the parent, or perhaps when it takes root and shows its first leaf? In truth, there is no bright line between the two.

Is bliss something that comes from within the self, or is it a product of creation being fed to the observer? If bliss comes from within then the observer is whole and complete, owing nothing to outside creation. If bliss comes from without, then who is the master and who is the slave? Either way, if you can look at your hand and honestly say, “I am happy”, then it’s almost like having complete control over the entire universe without actually having to worry about the mess it makes.

You can be the almighty, or make the almighty run things while you sit back and enjoy, or both.

I am Shiva!
I am Shiva!

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