The Nature of the War

The duality of light and dark is a mystery solved through the alchemical work. The duality of light and dark originates within the confines of religious doctrine. The truth is that whenever a light is shined a shadow is cast. These seemingly oppositional forces are mutually dependent not mutually exclusive.


I agree with a good bit of what you just said. The part that I feel we differ on is where the duality of light and dark originate. For me the duality of light and dark originated far before religon ever came into being and is part of the delicate balance of nature along with all other primal dulalities and cycles (ex. of cycle, fire, water, eart and air)

Now if you are refering to light and dark in more esoteric terms as in “good” and “evil”. To me “good” and “evil” are all a matter of perspective. Also light and dark can be “good” or “evil” interchangeably.

But I wouldn’t necessarily lable the duality of light and dark to religious doctrine, honestly I think you might be giving it to much credit.

But then again I could be totaly misunderstanding you. Therefore if I am, let me know and feel free to “dumb” it down for me, because I would really like to understand where you are coming from.

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Read my book and you would understand. Seriously I can’t rewrite the book in a forum.

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Alright, I hear what you are saying. I’m willing to give it a look if only to understand your point of view.

I cannot become too involved in a chat at the moment, but I would like to reply to this topic if only a bit.

[quote=“Ozraga, post:5, topic:16745, full:true”]
I agree with a good bit of what you just said. The part that I feel we differ on is where the duality of light and dark originate. For me the duality of light and dark originated far before religon ever came into being and is part of the delicate balance of nature along with all other primal dulalities and cycles (ex. of cycle, fire, water, eart and air)[/quote]

Fire, rain, earthquakes, wind etc. qualify as natural phenomena and would occur even if humans did not exist—same for natural ‘cycles’ too like the water cycle of evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection. Natural phenomena possess no meaning in and of themselves, i.e., no intrinsic meaning. Humans, unlike other animals, possess a brain with the capacity to intellectualize, and thus interpreted nature and give it meaning with concepts like monism, dualism, pluralism, etc. Philosophy calls this ontology.

As a tangent: this capacity to use our brains willfully explains why we can perform astral magick—while, say, a snail does not.

[quote]Now if you are refering to light and dark in more esoteric terms as in “good” and “evil”. To me “good” and “evil” are all a matter of perspective. Also light and dark can be “good” or “evil” interchangeably.

But I wouldn’t necessarily lable the duality of light and dark to religious doctrine, honestly I think you might be giving it to much credit. [/quote]

The earliest known interpretations of natural phenomena arose in mythology, also known as religion, in a time that preceded philosophy and science. For example, ancient Greeks interpreted lightning as a weapon which the god Zeus hurled down from Mount Olympus in the clouds—as you presumably know.

Needless to say, their interpretations contained absurd errors, but due to the fact they arose in a time of hyper-tribalism and scientific negligence, the hierarchy (priest class) enforced them as absolute truth so as to not offend the gods and suffer punishment, e.g., floods, hurricanes, famine, etc.

This concept of absolute truth—or more simply ‘absolutism’—reached a new stage in Persia where Zoroastrians consolidated traditional polytheism into an early example of monotheism and its mythical dualism of Ahura Mazda (light & sun) and Angra Mainyu (dark & black sun). A number of other cultures believed in monotheism too, but historians tend to view Zoroastrianism in Persia as the first politically enforced version of it in a sizable civilization, and deem it to be the precursor to the next wave of behemoth monotheistic religions like Christianity and Islam.

@KurtisJoseph has identified that, and wars against the absolutism that lies in the essence of those religions, so that he can ‘liberate humanity’ as he says.

Also, if you would like to study more on this exact topic in particular, I penned a text called THE DEVIL, where I explain this at full length from inception to today. You may find more right here:


This is kind of a general reply to, agreement with, and sharing of findings in reply to your video:

My working model of “Ahura Mazda” and the forces of law (including angels) is that they are kind of the presets on a game, somewhere between an adventure-quest and a Sims-like world where you create stuff for the fun of it, and if you want to play battles, quests, whatever, you have that option, either before entering the game (controversial I know for those who have had childhood traumas) or, afterwards, whilst in the game itself.

Sure, these law-keepers/order-creators are also sentient, have personalities, quirks, whatever, but they are essentially built into the system in a way that’s not true of gods, emergent consciousnesses, animals, and humans.

I saw this before encountering the Ahriman current, then it was revealed to me at the time in the metaphor of a “clockwork” reality, whose stability is necessary to create the very canvas upon which we create, but which is essentially given to becoming lifeless and restrictive unless counterbalanced by the forces of Ahriman, of isolate consciousness, chaos, and random chance.

When a group of us dismantled the troll god entity last year (I think we did this, anyway, I don’t blame anyone who finds it hard to believe!), the way it was represented was as cast-off molds of things, like a fairly hollow force that dwelled within what it could take from real creators (us, and every other spiritual being around).

Going to war with the forces of law and light per se though, seems to me like being in this hypothetical game, and going to war with the pixels and screen resolution that created it! They are NOT the problem, they are simply tools.

Once removed from any control by the thing I refer to as the troll god, they are entirely neutral and available to us, along with all the “dark” stuff.

It seems to me that you’re reverse-engineering the code of the game (the mass-observed spacetime perception we call “reality”) to pass along ways for people to get better games, break free of NPCs-gone-rogue, and maybe it’s causing some people’s own games to glitch, as they interact with various elements along the way.

You’re also removing the power from the forces set up to maintain reality so it runs along certain lines that favour growth and more experience the trend of the universe we’re in, in order to remove, from them, the locks that got installed, and that’s going to make life a bit weird.

(My first principle of magick is that when you do weird shit, expect weird shit to happen, and that ranges from honey jars, to counter-creation work. :wink: )

I’m going to drop the game metaphor for a moment and go full Trekkie: the Amesha Spentas, along with numerous other forces, they’re kind of that TNG episode Unnatural Selection where a planet’s population unwittingly fucked themselves by making their immune systems active, not reactive, and this killed everyone who came into contact with them by causing rapidly accelerated ageing.

That time is a bond, as much as a portal, and tool, is also something that tends to come up for me over and over when I dig into this – the cube symbol, the hexagram, and saturn are all linked, Kali as time the great destroyer, both mother and reaper, is another image we’ve inherited from the past.

(Imagine those characters are NPCs set up originally to facilitate game play, and we’re back in the game metaphor again.)

My work on Saturday is to inhabit, once more, the form of “the Angel of Lost Things” (in game-metaphor, this is system restore, before the software started trying to control the players) and – well, do some stuff. :smiley:

I’m overdue posting on the exact nature of that for the joint working I’m inviting people to, mainly because it’s so bloody weird I can’t wrap my head around it all, let alone turn it into a 1000 word forum post, but I am assured by my handlers (joke!) that it will be much lulz.

BUT I very much agree that the warfare - the need to BREAK the limitations - is very real, though, deadly serious (beyond deadly) and my own work exists in two currents – this, and the “in-game” stuff, which takes various forms of playing with known, already-created, elements of the world.

Anyway this is just my own findings, I posted what I believe would have happened IF humans had not begun the drive towards theogenesis (which I believe is essentially the same as what you refer to as “fulfil(ling) the human potential, to produce a divine individual”) in the thread linked below:

Finally, when I first encountered Ahriman, it entered me as a current that ran along one side of my spine.

The other side simultaneously opened as a kind of black chaotic chasm, a current that was a portal to a realm of voices, literal “legion” and I was told that they represented outcomes that had not occured (preumably because of the NPCs and rules running the players prior to this point) - this I believe is possibly what was described in this newsletter and other people’s encounters with similar black, chaotic, multi-voiced (and often distorted) realms and beings.

It may even be why I saw Balam, demon of prophecy, as a grotesque being with many faces, like the heads-on-stalks in the original movie The Thing - he foresees probabilities, and among them are the discarded ones, which we perceive as hideous because we are attuned to see as wholesome and beautiful, only that which aligns with more life and growth within the previous strictures of the game.

As a final comment, those specific currents were not related in any way to Ida & Pingala, which are existing parts of each human’s energy body - they seem related to this overall concept of breaking rules that have become self-policing and self-perpetuating, and deeply destructive to the lived experience of humanity.

I think you have your area of that work, and it’s amazing, I have mine, and I believe many other people have their own parts to play, and that this is the most important “magickal” work to have ever occurred. :thumbsup:


Thank you @Timothy and @Lady_Eva. I think you two might have cleared this up a little more for me. I’m not saying I completely understand, but I would say I’m closer to.


Holy fucking shit bawlz. I haven’t even had coffee yet. What in the hell is going on? LMAO!


Roflmmfao!!! That was the best response I have seen this morning!!! This is definitely going to be a good day!:joy:

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Okay buddy… my “take” on this light and dark duality thing can be downloaded. It is all in the sample chapter.

The perspective this current takes on deals with the fact that natural phenomena, elements, earth quakes and all of that proceeded “NOTHING” NO-THING as the potential of EVERY-THING. Philosophically it is akin to chinese “Wu-Shin” or “no mind”. One of the main goals of the work is to re-align with this unlimited potential of the void so that the human being can fulfill their human potential through evolution of self, while also acting as the impetus toward human evolution as a whole.

In a practical sense this means to re-unite duality. This is done by devouring the Gods of false light, not as necessarily a malicious act, but as an act of uniting the divine light with the darkness of self. Why do I say "darkness of self? Why not light? Well mainly because the “light” aspects of self are that which we think we perceive by reflections of isolated colors of the false light spectrum which were extracted from the void to “create”. I say darkness because the evolution of man has been halted by weaponizing food and water, and also by uneducating in the guise of education, etc. Darkness is the unknown potential which remains dormant in man due to these oppressive political strategies. By doing that (devouring the Gods of false light) the Zanda (Apostle of Ahriman) becomes a microcosmic representation of the void. This explanation coupled with reading the sample chapter will answer your question in a comprehensive way. I wish I had time to elaborate more but I have other questions to tend to, and I am working on killing Islam.


LMAO! I saw “Sims”, “Ahriman” and “Trekkie” and my head started spinning. (I saw a pixelated Ahriman in a Star Trek uniform getting “beamed up” with Scottie.) Regardless, even if you do not buy the book the sample chapter unpacks the information from this perspective so you can gain better insight into the complexity of the current.


Many WILL be confused because they are still looking at magick through the lens of modern traditions as dispensed through various lodges of both “LHP” and “RHP” and these are both two sides of the same jail cell. We could say that the Ahrimanian current is “SHP”… Self hand path. Firstly because this work is unlike anything else and so we cannot compare it to anything else. It must simply be experienced. Secondly because you as the observer of reality dictate its existence. The “Self” is the nucleus of personal experience, which is a cell within the body of the totality of human consciousness. This is VERY complex and you can only get so far intellectualizing the concepts conveyed. If you ask around though you will find people actually experiencing the power of this revelation in profound ways.


I got that and digested it the minute it came out! :wink:

Was just laying some UPG that aligns with/affirms the stuff in the video down, obviously the Trek and game stuff is a metaphor, but an accurate one IMO since the gift of all human-created things, even popular entertainments, are that they carry seeds of inner truth about the nature of the human condition (which, of course, includes all the spirital levels and restraints upon us).

We were going to work through the book this year but something has come up and I can’t commit the time, my friends have it though and I will pick this up at some point. :thumbsup:


“Gods of false light”

That actually cleared up a lot right there. Now you have definitely peeked my interest.

I wonder if that means the are “Gods of false darkness” as well?.

Thank you for the link, I will most definitely be downloading it. That is also safer then me buying the book. I live with strict RHPers. I look forward to what knowledge I will get from this.

Also I think I understan what you are saying in your last response and that this chapter will clear it up even more so.

I will let you know what I think after I have read it and had time to contomplate on it.

Be well.


LMAO! Yes I know. I am just saying I woke up with bed-head, looked at my phone and it was the first thing I saw besides my 2 year old daughter standing over me like a serial killer. It was an intense experience to wake up to. Lol! :joy:


“Gods of false darkness”, hmmmmm… I think what we need to understand is that before Zarathustrian indoctrination divinity and the gods where viewed much differently than they are today. Artistic depictions of gods where a means to convey the nature of the God but in essence gods where aspects of potential that existed in nature. It was also understood that our observation of these primal powers was needed for these things to exist in a way which would have them be respected and revered. Otherwise a volcano would just “be” and no one would give a fuck because no one would be around to give a fuck.


I like the sound of that!


Ok just letting you know I did read that sample chapter you shared. Still trying to process it, might read it again a few more times. There seems to be some inconsistencies, but hopefully the rereads might clear them up. I do have to say it was a little hard to follow at time, thus why I am reading it again.

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This is a SPIRITUAL text. You cannot read it like a magazine buddy. You have to read and read and masticate it. Lol! You may not like it. You will be the first. LMAO! I am okay with that. 1 out of 400 aint bad. :wink:

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Some of my followers are 33 degree Masons, psychoanalyst’s, NASA scientists, and tantric gurus. I do not say that with a big head… I say that to point out that this work is something to study. Not JUST read. Mauling over it a couple of times will help.