Time Travel, Aliens, And That Damned Reflection

Yes it is, from experience.
You gotta hold it long enough to actually make the change without your mind collapsing in on itself and losing focus. Then you need to somehow ignore into utter Oblivion all logical and illogical forces that can stop you.

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Exactly. :+1:


I find this really interesting. I’m really good with dream recall and i hope this isn’t too off topic , but I did find that(idk how to describe) willpower is a thing. I could feel it, myself and everything around me and I could make things happen as I desired so long as I um…pushed? For it. I think that’s how it felt. Felt like it took effort. Actually, I did a thing once to enforce my will on reality. I tried three times, but it only worked once. It has to do with a gift i possessed. Anyways, it was to help a friend and she was in serious trouble. When I was enforcing my will, it felt like reality was trying to change and do something else, like the outcome I wanted was resisting me. It was a bit exhausting. But it worked and her seemingly hopeless situation turned around and actually got better. The other two times I attempted failed, but I didn’t exert as much will as the one time it did. I think i didn’t want it as badly and i tend to put more effort into helping others than I do myself.
Again, hope it isn’t off topic ^=^’