Servitor Time Travel: Is it Possible?

I’m sure that this is 100% possible, it just might be a bit hard to observe the effects. Effecting the present and future are very easily achievable with basic magickal techniques, and as far as I’m concerned past life regression, certain forms of soul travel, and remote viewing are all forms of effecting or at least tapping into the past. I know that current time can also be altered through servitors so I’m sure that one can effect the past if created for that purpose, but again, it might be hard to verify the results unless you can also tap into the alternate reality that splinters off from it.

Another thought, if your goal is to deliver certain information to yourself in the past, that at least implies that you already have that information now. Which could lead to two possibilities;

  1. You wouldn’t really need to perform this ritual because you already possess the information you want and can just proceed with life now having it.
  2. You already performed the ritual, your past was effected, thus the reason you have the information now, and you are already living in the weird time-space continuum loop of your own magick haha.

A paradox, like “Terminator”?

I’m not John Conner, the leader of the resistance!

I see what you are saying which means that I have to attempt the ritual to “close the loop”.


But like, what if you really are John Conner???

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Some details about this servitor:

Krona Aion (inspired by the Greek gods Chronos, the Personification of time and Aion or Aeon the God of Time, Eternity and Zodiac

A young woman, long dark hair, athletic slim build, indigo eyes, tanned skin, wears a tight black jumpsuit (similar to the yellow one in “Kill Bill”) with her sigil/logo on it. Nice, fun personality, can be demanding at times. See photos for an approximate idea of how she looks. (Not exactly though!)

Use the space-time singularity of the Void/Abyss as a portal (wormhole?) to travel through time through the astral and etheric realms.
Restricted only to a certain point in my lifetime to deliver a simple, crucial message that could drastically change and alter the course of my life.
After she completes the mission, she can sustain herself on the energy of the cosmos, perhaps the infinite energy of time itself.

Will not describe or share until the end of my experiment.


That’s awesome, keep us updated on how it goes!

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@Lady_Eva’s thoughts and theories about such things:

Other thoughts:


Time is a layer of its own.

Why bother with just a message when you can make it change things in the past? And if thats what you want then having it continue to exist after delivering the message sounds like redundancy that could bite you in the ass to me.

It should have no difficulties going back to the past but you probably want to give it some tools to help you actually receive the message properly as well as a way to monitor it.

And whats with this “won’t notice changes in this timeline” idea? Whenever I do stuff like this I have memories popping up in my head afterwards that weren’t there before, of course it takes careful practice to actually notice them.

Don’t bother thinking too much about things like this, just do it and monitor how it goes.


The final approximate look of the servitor, Krona Aion:


There is only one infinite, intimately and inseparably entangled, paradoxical/irrational, acausal multi-dimensional reality that is pure consicousness, i.e. your True Self. Time represents our perception of how many supposedly relevant changes in consciousness we need to experience to get from one predetermined state of mind to another. The measures of time are just symbolic. In the final analysis, time itself is just symbolic and completely subject to perception, i.e. it is a relative experience. Therefore, altering the perception will alter the illusion that is time. You can also grasp this to a degree in terms of everyday physics, i.e. there is relationship between distance (space), time and speed (perceived rate of travel through space). Space itself is an illusion and you could, with the right vibration, be in another state instantly but our attachment to one state tends to slow this down for most people. Time is optional because it is an illusory reality.

Make any sense? If not, a mind fuck is still a goo thing.



I’m scrying into her to see if she is Alive and after a few moments of Silence, I feel a dimensional shift almost like I’m being pulled through time itself. I saw something resembling a 4D version of the Cosmos and I stopped in the middle of it.

I heard a voice coming from everywhere saying,

Although it was distorted like off a space film.

She says,
“I am a medium for the Astral. A gateway through time. Through me, you can go anywhere you want to go as long as it has something to do with time or linked to it somehow. I cannot go where time does not exist. Or rather you cannot go.”

Her Appearance:

A white woman in her 30s with brown hair and a thin figure. Wears a white dress that shifts to a dress made of stars.

I asked her what is her name…
She said,
Kiona Aion


She seems to be very sensual lol. My root chakra flared and she made attempts at playing with my left nipple lolz


So she already exists! I haven’t even done the ritual yet. Thanks!

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The Space-Time Travel Ritual:

It is not very complex. @Micah and I have already done most of the work.

Do your banishing. LBRP, KOF banishing, etc. Whatever. Just banish first to cleanse the area of unwanted, distracting energies.

Call upon your patron God(s) (or demons). In my case, Lucifer. Ask for their assistance and power for this ritual. Then call upon Azazel which will invoke the energies of Saturn which control time and space.

Visualize the Cosmos. A universe full of stars and galaxies. Then visualize the fabric of space being sucked into a vast black hole. You may start to visualize clocks melting and distorting being sucked into it.

Recite three times:
“Atibon Legba, louvre port-la pou muen!”
(Papa) Legba, open the door for me!

Papa Legba is the remover of obstacles in Voudon and is the guardian of the Crossroads, the Gateway to the realms. This includes time and space itself. He is the link to the Ancestors.

Next, recite three times:
Aperi portas temporis
Open the gates of time

Write a petition with your request for Krona to carry into the space-time vortex on your behalf. Read your petition then recite:

“Kronos et dii et accipe quod mihi Aiom mittit rogatum ut totum orbem.”
May the gods Kronos and Aion accept my offering and accomplish my will as I send this request to the Cosmos."

Then burn it while visualising Krona traveling into the black hole. When the hole closes up, the Cosmos returns to normal. Know that she will carry out your will and the past you sent her to will be changed in some way.

Extinguish your candles, if any.

Do your banishing. LBRP, KOF banishing, etc. Whatever. Just banish first to cleanse the area of unwanted, distracting energies. Then go about your regular, normal life.

Now the Theory:

Only one of two things can happen:

A separate timeline breaks off with another you in a parallel universe. Or, “ripples of change” will show up in your current timeline as:

You are free to modify, add to, or correct this ritual as you see fit.

I will post any updates to this thread to show if the ritual was successful and if I notice any changes.


Here is a sigil if you need it:

This is the same logo that the servitor wears on her uniform. She may appear different to you.


The way i use time travel is a servitor, takes my sperm and then go back 5 centuries impregnate a very wealthy female in the 15th century, then time lines would shift.


There are infinite number of parallel universes. Everytime someone makes a decision (say, yes or no), the Universe is split into two parallel Universes as each Universe goes along the path reflecting the yes and no decisions respectively.

The Universe that we are all experiencing right now is the Universe that we are all collectively “observing”. Things are formed only when observed.

So, when we talk about time travel, going back 6 months to change a decision, the matter of fact is that that particular reality already exists where you made a different decision. It’s just that you (and the collective us) are not observing that reality.

However, the effects of that parallel Universe can be transported to our Universe/reality without all of us suddenly changing our observation to another parallel Universe. For example, let’s say you were dumped by a ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, and you carry that hurt with you for the next 10 years, so you continue to attract the wrong partner or reject the right partner due to you carrying the hurt. You can “time travel” back to the originating event, and change the emotions of that event. Once changed back then, the effects will result in a change in you right now. While your past remains your past (let’s say you’ve gone through 4 relationships during that time, that history remains the same), from this point onwards, you are carrying a different energy, as if that originating event never happened, and your life will progress accordingly. This can be carried through multiple lifetimes; i.e. you may have experienced something 50 lifetimes ago, and you are still carrying that emotion in this lifetime while you have completely forgotten what happened 50 lifetimes ago. This is a soul contract that you inherited when you incarnate into this life. You can go back 50 lifetimes ago to find that originating event and change the emotions/energies around it, thereby finally breaking the soul contract that you have been carrying for 50 lifetimes.

Having said that, I believe there are time travellers with access to very powerful resources/machines going beyond adjusting an emotion, by creating what’s commonly known as the Mandela Effect where our observed Universe was changed (we jumped to a parallel Universe) while we still “remember” the parallel Universe that we were observing before. The amount of energy required to facilitate this jump is probably beyond the scope of the readers in this forum.


Here is an updated sigil:

Using the “Damon Brand/GoM method” the same general symbolism still exists. The yin-yang pentagrams and the Hebrew words of power attempt to stabilize the volatile “time-space flux situation” and the amount of energy being used. The symbol also addresses the duality of the masculine and feminine principle.

“Your mileage may vary.”


In this kind of magick You are supposed to get New Memories while the Old memory of ‘THE PREVIOUS TIMELINE’ remains. Like In the previous timeline U had lost UR friend on , lets say 2010. Now after sending the servitor or altering the past, Cosmic intelligence will Fill the gaps and U will atttain new memories of spending time with him in 2012, 2014 etc. And may be next week he will call you also.

Have you gotten any concrete success yet?


was it successful ?

I do not know.

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then start looking for it’s evidence.

Sure you’ll find some,
usually at some point it becomes undeniable.

you might also want to meditate on a mirror,
and start visulizing the “you”,
you intended to create with it,
and then jump over into that timeline.

Since for what i get,
mirrorwalking might still be a necessary step for you to take,
to fully shift over into the other reality.