The Decoding Your Dreams Thread

Let’s build an ongoing thread where we articulate the content and meaning of our dreams in relation to our magickal progress.

It’s very common for practicing sorcerers and mages to actually commune with their familiar entities and cast astral spells inside their dream state.

In fact, we probably practice more magick while asleep, than awake.

Write the basic storyline and relevant details of your dreams so we can all learn from your lucid, otherworldly experiences.

I’ll go first. I’ve had a recurring dream that has 2 clear features:

  1. I’m in a zombie apocalypse scenario, where there are ravenous undead corpses chasing after me for my brain - way too many to fight, so the dream plot depicts my escape and flight to find a safe hiding space.

The shocking twist to this dream is I discover I CREATED the zombies through mad experimentation of massive necromantic corpse reanimation.

I caused the end of the world.

  1. There always are 2 burdensome women (never men) that have absolutely no idea what to do in the survival situation, so they follow my lead closely. We consistently make it to a safe place, at which point I initiate a dominant sexual threesome. (The sexual part makes sense in the live dream, but feels random right now as I write about it)

And this is where I wake up, every time.

I’m actually at the point where I want a new dream, because I’ve had it repeat a few nights in a row now.

And I can only attribute this dream to one thing.

I’ve been mentally preparing and writing a lot about necromancy recently. And this could be a clue that possesses foresight into my destiny for success in advancing the practice of corpse reanimation.

I speculate this, because in my life I’ve always been the kind of guy that gets into serious trouble with whatever I’m passionate about, in order to experience powerful, life-changing epiphanies.

For example, when I was a teenager I had a near-death experience in the hospital from a drug overdose at a party one night. I physically died in the emergency room - my heart monitor went flat - and then moments later it kicked back into action, and I woke up several hours afterward on a gurney in the early morning.

This experience really taught me to stop abusing chemical substances.

I wonder if this apocalyptic dream is a prophecy that I’ll achieve success with necromancy, but I’ll go too far and cause trouble, in order to ultimately learn an important lesson about self-control.

Or perhaps the dream is an omen warning me to be more careful and cautious, so to avoid making problems.

Or, maybe this specific dream means nothing and is just fuck-all entertainment for my mind while sleeping.

It’s an experience that has stayed with me long after I wake up, because it’s extremely visual and visceral. I see the zombies chasing us, and I actually feel this awesome, shameless terror of being confronted by the monsters of my own creation, like Frankenstein.

So that’s my most recent mental horror show. I’m hoping tonight will be different, because I’d hate to dread falling asleep.

As I said at the beginning, detail your own dream scenarios and interpretations with us, and perhaps we can find interesting themes and meaningful clues toward the progression of our own magick.


Ok, Timothy, I looked back at this memory of a dream that I had and wrote down. As mentioned at the end, I asked questions for myself to consider…but I will post it for your entertainment…I have had some other “trips” but cannot relate here as too many people read this board from outside this magical community that I would not want them to see… but here is my entertainment offer…

I found one of my most enjoyable trips during the night dreams. I cannot say with this one whether it was OBE or the most Lucid or Vivid Dream I ever had or if I was there in the physical…it was that real.

Began and I found myself in Calif. in some sort of old warehouse. I could hear voices in various sections. My hearing was very, very good.

I began to float in any direction I wanted to go and I went to a second floor section. At that time I heard someone coming and just waited for the approach. It was a man going back to a section of the building where his desk and papers were located. As he sat down I floated over in his area and stood next to him. He began to get uncomfortable. It dawned on me that he experienced me but was not seeing me. So I left for another area.

This was very enjoyable and I noticed that everything was maybe even much more clear than in my physical realm.

I floated through walls and into other sections where I heard several voices and went in their area. They were working with some large machinery. Seven of them there scattered around. I saw one person look up as I floated in his direction and his eyes became large and frightened. I asked him if he could see me. He said something to the effect I don’t know what I am seeing. The others continued to work and I noticed that there was another man approaching the area so I floated up and towards him from the side and I touched him on the shoulder. He stopped as it frightened him and he began to look all around him. The other man was frozen in fear and just looking.

I then floated to another man and as he was watching the work on the equipment I went near him and grabbed his arm in the range of the elbow. My hand went halfway through like it was astral but I also felt the solidness of this arm and I pulled it back a little. The man jumped and yelled and turned around. Over the roar of the engine running I heard him yell what the hell is that. The other said, “Did you see that?”

At that time I was aware that maybe they could see an outline of me. They all began yelling and I saw that some could see me and some were not able. I decided to leave that area.

As I floated off I woke up and had to head to the bathroom. I thought this was the most real of anyplace I had ever been and I want to go back. Damn the bathroom.

Got back in bed and put on the eye cover I use during the day and I went instantly back to the same warehouse. I began to look for some sign of where I was. I went back to the equipment that was running and looked for a name on the machinery and saw it was Foremost. I noticed that the name was blurred and I looked away several times and the last time it registered rather steady. I remember someone mentioning to make sure to check on any writing to see if it changes as one goes back to the physical. So I was happy with myself as I would check on this by calling information on the phone to get the address and telephone number…but dumb me…I did not check on what city this is located in. Dumb, Dumb, Dumb. I did not think of that.

At that time I was aware that I needed to go and pull someone out of their body and bring them here to see this as a second verification. I told myself I cannot believe how great this is and if I left to get someone else, I might not be able to return at just this time and place. So I stayed.

I went to other areas of the warehouse. The entire place was gigantic. Other people were in different sections and I could hear their conversations from very far away. I noticed there were people becoming upset about something. LOL.

I found one person I floated up to from the air and he looked up at me as I asked him could he see me and he yelled back “Yes, Yes, Hell, Yes” He ran off screaming. At this time he was yelling and I noticed the guy that I had grabbed his arm which had a feel of semi astral and semi solid, had approached and he was yelling “This place has a Ghost”.

Silly me, I was wondering what they were referring to. Figuring out I must have been waxing in and out of appearance, I must be the Ghost everyone was excited about.

Then, being of a rotten nature, I decided to cause more trouble. LOL.

I flew off to another area of the large building where I found a lone female in an office getting ready to leave and go home. I decided to see how solid I was. I floated towards her and she looked up and froze. I came near her and started tearing her clothes from her and found myself aroused. She found her voice and started screaming but I continued. I noticed she did at some point begin to enjoy this experiment. I then decided if this is real I would leave without causing any more problems for this company.

I did notice that the outside area was entirely night time so it could have happened at the time I was asleep and doing my night work. But this was the most vivid and most enjoyable trip I think I have ever had.

I still remember the texture of that man’s arm being half astral and half physical when I grabbed it…and of course, I still remember that poor female. He He. At that point my body felt as if it was fully physical. And her body felt completely physical.

I must say, I really believe in Ghosts. I love them.

I realize that what I am doing, I am in a learning stage. This brings to mind stories I have read from the past regarding religious leaders appearing to believers and doing this and that and giving instructions for the chosen. LOL.
Once able to perfect this and to appear in any clothing or fashion one would want to, it is not hard to see how religions got started. He He. Walking on water is nothing. Changing water into wine is kid stuff.

Now…producing a baby from a sex coupling in the above fashion…now that has my mind still wondering…I need to do more work with this kind of experiment. Or…have the UFO’s already been doing this and I need to join in their happy flights at night? So Many Questions…



My friend Charles Cosimano, a.k.a. Uncle Chuckie, the Psionic Supervillain, has a lifetime of experience in the area of astral terrorism, materialization, and rape. He details some of these escapades in a few of his eBooks:

He’s a guest on one of our upcoming Interviews With A Magus. I expect it will be a highly entertaining, and gut-wrenching, discussion.

Also, have you listened to this month’s interview with Robert Bruce? He admits to a colorful background of this sort of subversive behavior.

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I had a dream last night in which I remember very little. The one relevant part was standing at a counter at a store looking at Tarot decks. There were the traditional decks and some other variations. The one that I chose had some very unique features.

First, the pictures were in very vivid colors.

Second, there were sigils on each card. And the Sigils glowed like they were charged.

Third, the backgrounds of the cards had hidden pictures, everywhere. It looked like one of those puzzle books for kids, where you find outlines of animals, and objects drawn into the outlines of the main picture. They would shift and pop out at me. The clerk told me each hidden picture was relevant to the question posed and only the the relevant pictures would be visible.

I purchased the deck for $10.95…seems very cheap for a deck that detailed.

Questions: Anyone know of such a deck of cards in real life?

Is this something that should be accessible to me in the dream state or astral?

How would I go about interpreting such a complex set of cards?


look beyond the obvious…what you are describing is how the tarot system works with one that is proficent in its use…even using a standard deck of cards when one uses these will have the same effect on the reader as they view them in the readings action. One person I know looks at the cards and hears a spirit voice describe various things based on the card showing in the midst of a reading.




If that’s how the Tarot system works then I’m going to discover a new interest in Tarot. I have very limited use of these cards. I bought my first deck after the BALG ebook came out, but I haven’t used it very much. I’m more interested in hidden images, and spirit voices than a prepackaged interpretation included with the cards. Thanks for the insight, I appreciate it.



one that begins evoking does not immediately see the end result…normally…one has to build up their evocation muscles.

Same with tarot…working with the cards will open things up to you that others cannot see or feel after a period of time but you will be seeing that in your spiritual eyes the same as you say you are seeing that spirit almost come into focus now when you work evocation…you get the idea.



This may not be directly related, but seeing as this is the only active dream thread, does anyone here experience those frantic bouts of “sleep paralysis”?

I experience something like this once and a while usually when I’m trying to sleep for an hour or so, but for me I think it’s more of a combination between false awakening while feeling paralysed. I am barely able to open my eyes or mouth, I can’t move and I always feel a presence near me - usually somewhat hostile.

I just experienced it this morning and it felt as if the presence(s) were trying to harass me while I was in this state, so I uttered (verbally or mentally, can’t quite remember) the invocation of pacts and Azazel’s song and asked him to rid me off these nuisances, and the presences disappeared. Strangely, the voices I heard of the presences sort of resembled those of my parents, and I’m not on bad terms with them at all.

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i had one dream few day ago, which had strange symbology in it. which i don’t get.

i enter my dorm room (it’s been years since i’ve lived in a dorm), and see that some other people have been entering and using my room since i was away. they were meditating in my room. and i asked them, after i escorted them out, to show me how did they meditate. and then it got retarded when they started to show me their silly over-the chair asanas.

so i get back to my room, upset because i had a feeling something is wrong with my copy of BoA on the shelf, and i see it chipped and Ipsissimuss completely broken to pieces. And i was deeply struck, but also having in mind that i’ll buy Complete Works, so it’s okay…

::: i have never had a dream of a broken book. so considering it’s E.A.'s work, someone might have a hint?

also, after that dream, i kinda went home for the weekend, had fun, having high, not worried about the ascent i played rpg’s with my friends…

and this morning i got out of my body for the first time.

it might be connected. but maybe it isn’t… anyone?

@Timothy… thank you for information on Uncle Chuckie.


last night dream/or perhaps early morning dream…


I dream with house, my family was in the house and I was with my brother and we were changing the stuffs in the room, the beds and everything until we reached the “definitive” order of things in the room.

After that I go to another part of the house and I notice just outside the window there are lots of birds flying like crazy, they were swallows (I knew it in the dream, and I recognized them, I used to live in a city with lots of them).

They were flying around and I was looking with three more people. One of them goes to the corner of the window that is open and place a dish and a swallows enter and then returns to fly around the tree outside… then another one and this time I come closer and see the pretty blue color of the bird, then one of them tells me there is another one that cannot fly and they don’t know what to do… and this is the crazy part, as I go near the swallow I listen a weird sound…

it was a really big bird, black with black beak, he was looking at the swallows and then he start looking at me… it was a threatening presence but it wasnt malevolent, it was more like when you see something that you know is powerful and dangerous but there is no bad intentions… I say “oh, its a crow!” I was excited (there are no crows in my country but I love them) either way starts looking at me very direct, kind of entertained and someone there, a woman says “o those are muggers, lets be careful… I’ll close here” and she close up the celling of the room (which I haven’t notice it was open)… so its closed now but the bird is still there looking at me but know it has a yellow/golden beak.

I wake up after that…

so, my interpretation…

I feel weird, so I looked up to internet dream definitions and… were I don’t trust them but were kind of like “swallos are good forutne, a hurt swallow is that somebody wants to betray you or use you” and a black bird is “bad omen”… a crow is about “death of bad habits and change” and raven is something similar (I don’t understand the diference between a crow and a raven)…

so taking that aside and with help of the tarot is…

in the past ther was betrayal and I’m still purging the past to leave it behind and stuff…

soon I’ll be working very close (I mean really close) with a demon -thanks necromaster- and I have the feeling things, that used to be stagnant are going be messed up, for the good…

I see change and death of an stage of my life… also I realized now I was very very scared of being cheated on or betrayed, specially when it comes to magick and that general distrust was leading to paranoia and I was (still am) having troubles trusting entities and people… but that needs to die in order to continue my path.

if anyone has a posible different interpretation is welcome

@PyreOD check this out it may gives you some answers


OK so firstly this is strange. I had a dream that was of an occult nature and I thought hay, why not go post on the BALG forum and see if they have any comments.
So I check here and I find the decoding dreams thread, posted exactly one year ago to this day.
Anyway to the dream.
I was in my room and I can see various patches of black mist swirling about. So I’m standing there and when I look i.e focus on the patches they form into black bats and nightmare horses. So I think, I’m not having swirls of black mist randomly floating around they should do something. I command them to go and attack my enemies and they head off to the window but stop there. I command them again and they make as if to head off but the window blocks them and I think - the darn thing is open why don’t they just fly underneath instead of banging into it.
So I turn away from that and the energy in the room is particularly thick. I think of a hag stirring a cauldron. I look around and see a stuffed toy of mine twitch and I think poltergeist activity, I wonder if the spirits in the room could possess the toy.
So I take the toy from the wardrobe and place it on the bed, and I sort of channel the energy in the room into it and I’m saying ‘come on, come on.’ And the toy turns its head and looks at me - grade A horror movie stuff. So I’m sitting there and I’m just sobbing at this toy as it walks towards me, which is silly because I wanted it to become animated and uh the dream sort of fades at that point.


For some reason the other night I had a dream where I met EA and for some reason he started flexing his biceps and he kinda hulked out getting inhumanly muscular. He then said some stuff I don’t remember at which point the dream went lucid and I began to project, but unfortunately I woke up before I could fully do so.

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Almost all of my dreams are violent, for as long as I can remember. These dreams range from pistol executions, strangling, torture, stabbing etc. I also often talk in my sleep saying “I’ll fucking kill you”. I am a victim of death in my dreams as well albeit rarely.

I have no real enemies to speak of and I’m a pretty relaxed person awake so I really just think there’s some demonic influence at hand here and it’s trying to connect to me through my dreamstate. I wish however that it would actually manifest in a beholdable form as I have repeatedly failed to even mentally view entities I call upon in ritual.

Do you guys think somehow interacting with my dreams could remove the block to my mind’s eye?

Edit: I also forgot to mention that I REALLY think Dante’s new book can help me understand this influence of death on my life, I have always felt a connection to the ultimate equalizer and I lust to understand more

OMG I had a similar dream like 3-4 nights ago. I hit the gym 4-5x a week and I had a dream where I went to this gym, visiting a new one in some random town, and E.A. was there working out.

He was flirting with some girl most of the time though so we didn’t really talk much.

Pretty funny we both had a similar E.A related dream. He’s flexing his God-biceps into our nap time.

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OMG I had a similar dream like 3-4 nights ago. I hit the gym 4-5x a week and I had a dream where I went to this gym, visiting a new one in some random town, and E.A. was there working out.

He was flirting with some girl most of the time though so we didn’t really talk much.

Pretty funny we both had a similar E.A related dream. He’s flexing his God-biceps into our nap time.


I think there is a thread about “E.A. Dreams”, and tho I had posted there, I will put this here lol

I have it on my dream journal lets see…

06/11/13 (I use dd/mm/yy)

"Trip towards a weird place with my cousin, we were building a house or something…

I shit myself [no kidding, not diarreah, but, ypu know, good old shit]

After that I was in some event taling to some escorts girls, call girls giving them instructions and stuff.

After that I saw E.A. Koetting along with me selling tickets to some event, and he was flirting with a woman, and I was like “oh, he’s good at flirting”… then “Pxxxx” [a nice girl from my past] came and she said hi to me kissing me in the mouth, and then she said to me “So you’re still into me” and left… and I woke up".

XD is so weird since I haven’t even met E.A. nor I have interacted with him in the forum… perhaps there is a E.A. like egrigore going around or I just admire him too much lol

Okay, I had a dream shortly after opening the seal of Lykania Hecate in which I was in a car with an acquaintance, and suddenly a wolf appeared and walked toward us. I rolled up the windows and slammed the door shut because I was frivhtened to see it so close, but it just calmly and eagerly gazed at me, then in a swirl of color I became someqhat lucid and found myself standing in a luxurious hallway in silence and alone. On the wall before me were 3 mirrors with two torches placed on adjacent sides of them. I stood and gazed into the mirror not even to see my own reflection, then I felt the wolf entity to my sides out of my peripheral vision. Then I rose back into my body.


I posted this as a thread awhile back…TWF offered some interesting insights but im still somewhat stumped…

Ive had this bothering me for the past 10 years, and this is the best place Ive found so far for solving mysteries, so perhaps you guys can give me some insight into this one…

I was still in high school at the time, just starting to really discover whats behind the veil and learn about my higher self and all that, and one night I had a dream that has been burned into my memory ever since. Knowing what I know now, Im guessing it wasnt really a dream.

I was running through a large pine forest, runnin from some forces that were intent on destroying me, and after I gave them the slip, I found myself on a large grassy hill, and next to me, coming out of the ground was a large, flat disc, made out of concrete or possibly granite, about 4 feet in diameter. A very old man appeared next to me, wearing a hooded cloak, and he wanted to show me something very important. He took four long pine branches, and arranged them in a sort of tic-tac-toe configuration on the stone disc, making this shape

He made very sure that I understood that the corners of the square were NOT to touch the circumference of the circle, in fact, the square ive drawn there is probably a little too big.

Really, the only time I ever see this pattern is on windows in old houses

Lately Ive been activating it sigil-style at the beginning of all my rituals and workings, but it doesnt seem to do much. It will flash slightly and waver around a bit, but there doesnt seem to be any entities tied to it. Ill usually get some interesting ideas from doing this though, and the last few times Ive seen Hebrew text flashing across the square, but Im not fluent in hebrew, and it goes by way too fast for me to interpret it.

My other thought is that maybe it has a function similar to a triangle of manifestation, or it might even be a portal or a gateway, but Im not sure how I would go about testing those theories.

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I cant recall specifics,a s these dreams where more sensations, but after I started my early workings I had several important dreams, the first being me in my workplace at night, a voice simply said “Dark Ascent” and the dream ended.

Ironically enough, after working with Angelic entities for the first time, my sleep was incredibly peaceful, and I experienced the distinct sensation of being taught and directing energy during my sleep, like I was in two places at once, my main consciousness in bed not experiencing anything but sleep, and somewhere else also, actively directing subtle forces.

This was all about a month ago, and has sense ceased, but I look forward to what I will encounter in the future.

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Last night before going to bed I noticed Lykania’s Sigil flashing, curious I opened it. All She told me is that She would introduce me to Azazel in my dreams. Exhausted from a long day at work I went to bed.

In my dreams various dark insect things were chasing me through an endless abandoned building. In each room I saw a description of one of the insects and what they could do to me if they caught me. Terrified I ran room to room, up stairs, down stairs, and anywhere I could to get away form them.

Eventually I stopped running and fell down in exhaustion, resigning myself to my fate. The room I was in had door, it was open but the doorway was full of a heavy darkness. “Step though, saturate yourself and become a creature of darkness, a creature of power” I said, almost like I was reading an inscription in the darkness.

I walked through and my vision changed, the shadowy bugs became bright and vibrant. They were still very dangerous but I could see them clearly. I knew what each one was and could do The dream ended as the bugs flew past me and I woke up.

No clue if that had anything to do with Azazel, I had several dreams but this is the only one I remember.

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Last night had a pretty awesome dream. First I had this weird dream, but I woke up around 3 o clock to perform a ritual and came back to bed around 5:30 or so… I started dreaming before I finished falling asleep.

In this dream I was exploring a city with a little cousin guiding me and in that city there was a clear field with a circle of blue flowers, in there was a little girl with braid brown hair and it was really pale. She had blue dress and black lacquer shoes. She immediately felt weird as if was a ghost.

I kept on exploring until I decide to go back to the little girl to see what she was about and my cousin gets away saying she was dangerous.

So I go and I get the feeling that something is going to scare me, you know like when you’re attacked by and old hag or similar white lady.

Before something could happen to me I accesed my “inner darkness” and became really evil (plus really happy) and was ready to beat the crap out of the little girl.

So I go on but as soon as I get to the flowers the place becomes a facility and the little girl was in a ladder. Before she could attack me I “evoked” an unicorn and killed as a sacrifice and this blackness came and I used it to get very strong, and I go to hit the girl but there is this force field, like invisible shield (which I immediately thought "She has performed shielding lol) and she start to shapeshift… not into an animal or demon but into another child.

The little girl lost the hair and went bald, the face slight changed to that of a little boy, he had black old clothes (fancy victorian clothes) and he had this face like he wanted to scare me but he couldn’t instead I was destroying his shield and then beated the crap out of the little guy, his face seemed honestly scared while I punched him, over and over again. It was hard tho, the force field made my punches slow so I had to try really hard to get to him but I was able to nontheless.

I was so happy beating the little kid with so much intent that I woke up out all of a sudden while punching the air.

Man I felt great, really happy.

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