The Decoding Your Dreams Thread

The child- a problem in your life? Children, mothers…

All I can think of.

It didn’t felt like a inner manifestation of my psyche, more like an astral nasty crawling into my dream.

I has happened before with and old hag, a woman in white that screams and a little guy that was kind of a “gobling” looking creature. When I wake up with my suble body I can see them surrounding me or other people in their sleep, those guys can create nightmares in people and feed of the fear, they do this by manipulating energy increasing body heat, that’s why people wake up with “cold sweat” after nightmares.

Those are also the awful allucinations that comes with sleep paralisys, by itself SP doesn’t give allucinations, it depends on the eteric surroundings so to speak.

The most awful kind just get above you and steal your breath, it gets you sleepy, wherever those guys habit, when people go to a house with those guys they tend to get sleepy and they sleep more and more every day until they get really sick, those places are usually without direct sunlight (this may help if any of you want to “bind” one, tho most of them are really weak, tho normal people can’t detect them easily).

I used to be afraid of them but they don’t affect me now since I can kick their asses.

reminds me of the front window in Dr. Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum, from the Marvel comics line, that captured my interest and immagination as a youth. anyone else recieve inspiration from this series?

[quote=“TheLotusEater, post:17, topic:354”]I posted this as a thread awhile back…TWF offered some interesting insights but im still somewhat stumped…

Ive had this bothering me for the past 10 years, and this is the best place Ive found so far for solving mysteries, so perhaps you guys can give me some insight into this one…

I was still in high school at the time, just starting to really discover whats behind the veil and learn about my higher self and all that, and one night I had a dream that has been burned into my memory ever since. Knowing what I know now, Im guessing it wasnt really a dream.

I was running through a large pine forest, runnin from some forces that were intent on destroying me, and after I gave them the slip, I found myself on a large grassy hill, and next to me, coming out of the ground was a large, flat disc, made out of concrete or possibly granite, about 4 feet in diameter. A very old man appeared next to me, wearing a hooded cloak, and he wanted to show me something very important. He took four long pine branches, and arranged them in a sort of tic-tac-toe configuration on the stone disc, making this shape

He made very sure that I understood that the corners of the square were NOT to touch the circumference of the circle, in fact, the square ive drawn there is probably a little too big.

Really, the only time I ever see this pattern is on windows in old houses

Lately Ive been activating it sigil-style at the beginning of all my rituals and workings, but it doesnt seem to do much. It will flash slightly and waver around a bit, but there doesnt seem to be any entities tied to it. Ill usually get some interesting ideas from doing this though, and the last few times Ive seen Hebrew text flashing across the square, but Im not fluent in hebrew, and it goes by way too fast for me to interpret it.

My other thought is that maybe it has a function similar to a triangle of manifestation, or it might even be a portal or a gateway, but Im not sure how I would go about testing those theories.[/quote]

I recently I had a dream where I went into the graveyard where I perform my necromancy. I walked around a bit then laid down on a grave. A sexy guy came up to me and we fucked.

Bone, or boner?


Bone, or boner?


I laughed so hard I got water all over my laptop.

You just made my week, Eva. That was good.

Lady Eva, why can’t it be both?

Good point - who doesn’t love to crack open a cold one at times!

(Okay, I’m done now!)

In my dreams last night: The Strand in London, battling aggressive entities, and my dog was a human being (before you ask, no, we didn’t do that!).

My dream was a lot more… I’m not sure how you would describe it. Occult would be a good adjective, ironically.

I sat in lotus in the middle of a circle of red. Skulls marked the primary directions (north, south, east, west) and I faced north. The entire room was very, very dark, and around me for what seemed like miles was candles. All of them, black, with cyan flames.

I could feel the raw energy in the room, and the shadows around me, taken life in each of the candles.

I spoke only one sentence:

“Ahren vos gallatu.”

And then it was over. Strange, huh?

I had a dream a loooooong time ago (few months) where I was in the back yard of my old house. Dante (whom I have never met in real life) was there and was making a effigy out if a mask and a pole. He asked if I wanted to stay around and take part of a ritual he was doing. I said yes and he started chanting while I joined in.

Snakes started slithering in from all directions and began to meld with one another as they made their way to the effigy. Dante kept laughing as some “Snake God” formed abd began to give us instruction.

I thought it was weird, then I read Necromatic Sorcery and I was like “Ohhhhhh, I see.”

Note this was back in September.

Haven’t read Necromantic Sorcery. Care to enlighten me as to the moment of revelation?

Akasha Subterfuge appears as a big black cobra. A death spirit that looks like a huge snake.

I haven’t gotten too far into N.S. yet as I have other pathworkings to get through and a TON of internal work to do first.

Interesting. I, for one, have no interest in necromancy, so it’s still good info to know. Don’t want to go pissing off any death gods by accident.

What about pissing them off on purpose?

About 4 times now I’ve have the following happen to me:

Im in a lucid state usually after I awake from deep sleep. With my eyes closed I see what I can only describe as very highly detailed fractal / crystal shapes. The detail of these shapes are amazing.

I can zoom into them and they change shape quite quickly into some other crystal shape. This usually goes on for about 10 minutes or so.

While this was happening once I asked myself what they were and a voice said in my mind:

“They are holographic images to reprogram your mind”

What about pissing them off on purpose?[/quote]

When I’m stronger. Then, I’ll go to work pissing off every manner of god. Gotta slay them all.

Anyway, iWitch, mayhap it was your higher self responding to your inquiry? Or maybe they’re a hint from a deity you’re working with, basically telling you to reprogram yourself or others?

Had my first dream with EA in it last night. I had just gotten off a flight and was at the airport, looking around for my ride who was supposed to be picking me up. It was EA, and we shook hands, hopped in his car and took off. I can remember very clearly how his hand felt, as well as looking around his car and thinking, “wow, everything’s so normal! He drives a Korean import, and there’s burger wrappers on the floor!” I was even amused by the first aid kit under the glovebox. He interrupted by asking if I was prepared enough to what we were about to do, so I asked what that was, and he said “this ritual that we’re heading out into the desert for right now.” I asked if he thought we should at least grab something to eat first and he just said “nope”. I remember arriving at a very remote spot in the desert, getting out of the car and seeing a circle in the sand about 30 feet across.

At that moment, my doorbell rang, completely waking me up and making my furnace repairman wonder why I was so angry to see him! I really want to know what this ritual was!

A couple of nights ago i had a dream it started out where i was sleeping then all of a sudden i had this urge to scream, and i did scream but it was a silent scream cause no one else woke up in the house when i screamed. It was such a scream that i felt power expanding it was like dark bubbles Growing/Expanding in my mind it felt like it was taking me someplace else and when i woke i felt a burst of energy explode from me…

This is like the third time within 2 months Ive felt strange energies interact with me while i sleep First time there was a giant sphere of enegry pressing against my back it was strong and i awoke to fight it off i used my energy to push it away im not sure if i did or if it merged with me.

and the second was a couple of weeks ago i was sleeping and i saw and felt a green energy tube enter through my crown chakra.

anyone else have any experiences like these?

What’s your practice, as far as magick, spiritual stuff etc? :slight_smile:

What’s your practice, as far as magick, spiritual stuff etc? :)[/quote]

I work the right and left hand path, Spiritual Alchemy, Candle Magic , and Planetary Magic.