My Demonic channel Grimoire 2

Welcome dear Readers, spiritual Aspirants and the overal Lhp Community.

This is my second attempt and getgo the continuation so to say of my online Demonic channel Grimoire.

I where the last times especially now like emotionally and spiritually pushed to do this and to finally take my time and manifest it online.

It is a contribution from me like allways to this community that I grew to pretty much liking it.

Please if you feel called to visit my previous online Grimoires do so.

And also if you expirience certain thinks with my channeled stuff feel free to write it. Not everything has been discovered here as of yet.

And I really Apreciate it if someone decides to picking it up.

It would be best to Dm me if it is the case so yeah.

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My demonic channel Grimoire 1

My Qliphoth Journal 1

The Naga Black Flame Chant

Serpentine :snake: Artworkings

Serpent scales beauty treatment🐍



In this new online Grimoire I will include old workings also. That means I decided to work more closely with it and pretty much updating it.


So totally awesome! :heart_eyes:






Dedicated power picture and vision how he appeared in my spiritual senses before me.
As EL Shedim Mammon. El Shedim In hebraic terminology evil or bad spirit. Mammon also means in Hebrew simply put Money or wealth. Alltogether as Evil Spirit Money-Wealth.

I did make research and found really some similaritys Wich other suposedly occult artists envisioned him.

I really DID NOT looked, before he got in contact with me on any of these pictures nor on Mammon informations.

I simply meditated upon.

And in trance these symbols and presence came in contact with me.
I shit you not! This Video is highly powerfull. I really got many good thinks to do and influenced thinks and brought together thinks that are in direct corealation with this video in combination of meditation and mind chanting of the Black flame Mantra. Many thinks!

Black Flame Mantra.
EA. Allash tad’alash talashtu
A ravenstar. Natz fer Ata infernum negra
Behemoth x. Knea latentum un fruregro mein delec salo atotos.

I chanted internally all three this row combined by inhale hold and exhale.

Go follow Behemoth X on YouTube. He is underrated for my taste wich quality he produces his videos and of such.

El Shedim Mammons Enn.

Ea Mammon Unah Mammon Ka Tess Mammon Hen.

Iki daen ifi sea gen Iki maen sen mo alam ekemra. Gun ok emelna iviam nekkem olan bar rumar emar hen. Emar seman ilim hitu a’en.

You can chant this hymn befor the Enn and after or both. Before and after. Or not at all if you don’t feel it is due. How your intuition and vibe with it calles to. And you can chant this hymn without the end sentence pause. Again how you feel is right and due.

This Mammon likes:
Dryed salad leaves as incense offerings. Before you dry your salad. The salad should be at best been cultivated in a garden by you if possible. And the leafes should be inscribed by this symbol.

When Inscribing with your magical or non magical utensil chant the Enn or hymn with utmost desire of wealth or on thinks in corealation with it.

This is a seal of wealth. Inscribe it on utensils you crea
ate for income or wealth example your artwork you are selling to furthering his influence or as a offering for him to gain more wealth.

ARTWORK depicted as him or in symbolism of his nature.

(Also Offering) SIGILUM PLACE: When you ARE working with him put his SIGILUM in a place where money resides.

The first layer from the bottom should be filled with money coins before you put his SIGILUM with utmost respect in it. All the coins and paper money should be facing towards you like a symbolism of the money comes to you as gets away from you. Than you put paper money ontop of him. Like you bathe him with money like Dagobert duck would in his.

The box is also depicted with luck symbolism in sanscrit wich originally it is a Chinese symbol of luck.

Only in Sanskrit symbolism.

BLOOD:Offer him blood in a way you are called only if you get to trust him enough for that and of such. Don’t play with blood. Put blood on his Sigil and burn it or if for empowerment purpose put it a lil on the main working Sigil.

TIME we’ll it is apparent what is ment by that.


You put seven coins in a position like that on the box or anything that you use for this working like that. Always the money facing towards you!

Put the SIGILUM in between.

Prepare your dedicated artwork or any work in dedication before him like that.

But before you put the SIGILUM in between all ways say your intention to him as clear as possible and do not change the goal until its reached for around minimum 40 days best 90 days depends on how powerfull the manifestations and workings will be or how fast it will happen. It can be less.

Than chant the hymn in accordance to your feeling or repetition on when you get the number don’t change it that much unless it is ordered to do so or how you get it is best to do.

Than focus on the SIGILUM or each letter and chant as you work with the Enn.

My working example.

Iki daen ifi sea gen Iki maen sen mo alam ekemra. Gun ok emelna iviam nekkem olan bar rumar emar hen. Emar seman ilim hitu a’en.



Make me money make me money make me a lot of money!


I honor you for that.
Ave Mammon!


From that came our common love for luxury.


Indulging in Riches you are also immortalized in it Mammon.
Ave Mammon!


So be it.

Iki daen ifi sea gen Iki maen sen mo alam ekemra. Gun ok emelna iviam nekkem olan bar rumar emar hen. Emar seman ilim hitu a’en.

Do Thank him Ritually afterwards and put the money back his SIGILUM back everything in respectful manner.

All this for 18 times the Chant part(My working) .the hymn is up to you. The thanking is of course when you are finished with Chanting and singing.

Or how you see and feel fit.

Do keep this construct as long you work with him on the altar don’t make the mistake to be lazy here how I did to let it reside if you stop or due to some complicated circumstances can’t do no more. Put it respectfully away in a non money box or personal CLEAN storage.

Don’t show disrespect or lazyness it will literally COST you some thinks… If ya know what I meeean🤤

My expirience:

Well I got many many money opurtunitys on my hands when I worked with him. He saved three times my wallet from bigger theft and loss! I stated I want him to protect my wealth and money.

For example when my friend visited. we drived to the mart I told him to let me out by my father’s friend house to get my car back bc my father borrowed my car this time to drive there.

So to some stupid incidents I put my wallet idk How! I really don’t! Put the wallet on the near edge of the car ceiling and forgot… So we drove from father friends place to my home NOT realising the wallet is LITERALLY ON THE EDGE OF THE CAR CEILING and didn’t fall ONCE offff…

Afterwards we got out I realise HUUUH WHERE IS MA WALLEEET??!?! Than I looked everywhere and I realise than when I looked upon the car it was on the cars edge of the ceiling. I recall was Hella Greatfull and thankfull for that man you can’t belief how much.

Or in the morning I prepare for work and planed to buy some stuff in the city after the work how much money I should take first I wanted to take 150€ or 200€ than something flashed in my mind this time and sad only 50€ bc in the big city mart there are bankomachines. So I did.
In my workplace there are longfingers I realised it later.

Afterwards I looked upon the wallet after my work there where no money no more it was clearly a theft from a college of mine. I magine it where 150 or 200 in my case so ya.

Thank you Mammon dearly. I learned your lessons Man, Thank you!

Ave Mammon.
Ave Joseph Nun aka Behemoth X

Ave to you all❣️


For now I do not like to show my Altar. Simply because I do not want to at least for now.

That’s why these pics are taken from my Bed. :man_shrugging:t2:

I agree.

I just got the idea to do the black sun meditation while using these mantras. Thanks :+1:

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This includes, obviously meditation and in it,
Self Visualisation.

This should be best done before doing the former example of a Ritual.

First visualise yourself to be the more overweight version from the allready overweight form of Budha known as Budai or simply put fat Buddha WHO IS NOT Gautama Sidharta the originator of the now wider known Form of Buddhism.

Instead of white he is colored roughly spotted in green and yellow :yellow_circle::green_circle:(often used for attracting money and riches generaly) everywhere and everything except the eyes are glowing red.
Holding in both Hands a big sack of Gold coins like these

Visualize then
A Mettallic Anaconda coming up from your root Chakra up to your crown leaning its head on your parting of the head.

The colors of the Anacondas templates are Black and Gold.

The points are black the outher is gold or how you are called to visualize I only take here my example there is no restriction to your intuition and instinct to do it.

How it is moving upwards it is like this:

When it reaches the top it leans its head on your head literally. It’s eyes red glowing.

By each breath you intensify your Aura with this molding of colors of gold black green and yellow. Or if you want it more simple use one color you are most drawn to out of them and inbibe your aura with it by each inhale intensifying it by exhale expanding your Aura. So long how you feel is comfortable and you are feeling you are ready to do the ritual to Mammon.

But remember if you have decided to take a color or pattern do not change it so drasticly it takes time to build thinks up and it is very disrupting if you change all the time. Just let it build up. And change only if you are literally called to by your instinct or intervention by MAMMON himself. But usualy it ain’t the Case so do your best.

If I am thinking about it when MAMMON showed me this premeditation and visuals he literally wanted me to portray a allready existing form of Mammon like this:

Well but i think now, both work pretty well. when not the previous the more styled version. In the end only the results for oneself will tell…

Maybe I will do an Artwork for this stylised version🤔


Rough tepiction of Sigilums and symbols as combination in a bigger Mammon ritual sheme.

Litle Money focus point

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(Before chant2) Chant 1 (Long as you feel like)
: Iki daen ifi sea gen Iki maen sen mo alam ekemra. Gun ok emelna iviam nekkem olan bar rumar emar hen. Emar seman ilim hitu a’en.

Iffi Ka Mess Sa Len Ma. Kam Man Kam As. Ho’om Moon Hommon Illis Ilst Isem.

Elements:Dry salad leafed incense



Onka On Ma, Onka On Ma

Elemments:Earth-Goldcoin or simply gold like stuff.


A’Un A’Un A’Un Al’Man Ish’ta

Elements : Pink blossoms


Nas Nas Nas Nas Est Malum Est Korpus

Elements : brush on it liquid salt


How the Circle and in wich position each SIGILUM will lay and look like.


Can be tried only 1 at a time?

Amazing work!!!



Before you go into it you should do them first seperatly, to experience them. But the whole instruction is to do this is an example from me. Allways note if you are being guided to do it differently than do it and you will see how it goes for you.

First meditation and Visualistation, hymn, Mantra and Affirmation, Hymn, aktivate each Sigil in each direction and symbolism. Make the goal pledge of riches or any expansion of wealth.

Repeat the Ritual at least three times in month or make the schedule Wich suites you the most. Best to do it is daily for amount 40 to 90 days the normal one the bigger Ritual one in between at least three times per month.

You can stop if you are instructed to somehow. Or you reached the goal you wanted and finish each and last operation with respekt put every utensil in clean storage in an respektfull manner.

Let it reside on your workplace of riches and Alter(s) . As long you really work with it when not we’ll again put it in a clean isolated storage room respektfully.

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I am happy to read that you find my Channeled working Amazing. :blush:Thank you. Well if you want it too. Can you please share your experience per pm or here?

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VAMPIRE SYMBOL ( First Channeled)


For what is it good for:

My whole vibe im getting is it makes the presence of vampiric spirits stronger. And also works as a gate opener of a specific race of vampires not sure wich it was. I will elaborate more when I am coming to the practical use of it Wich will eventually come!

I kinda got it sometime in my vampire pursuit where I tryed to write such language and acted some sort of vampire magic. In my meditation opening of course.

Much later I found it kinda looks familiar from Rlhyean cuthulu language as numeral Wich I really am not familiar with. Well on this path many strange synchronisitys are bound to happen… It is the ZERO 0.

Kinda miss Aurelia…


This part is when I was deeply into the Qlipoth this part will be most probably be worked upon next year. Bc my Private 666 Project needs most of my Attention for this year. To put it into complete succession.
My Qlipoth journal
Was on the previous take not that of an success that i wanted but I surely got some insights and transformation that where after the bad storm evolutionary.

(Sigil Channeled format)
For getting in deeper contact of each of such force for bether recitation power and use.






These are the 5 CALLING :

Wich the initiate and magician at the black earth are reciting and praying to shall enter into the Qlipoth trough NAHEMOTH a Sister of Mother Lillith an Angel of prostitution.

Working book/
Michael W Ford.
Scales of the Black Serpent.

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