My demonic channel Grimoire 1

I saw many people that do here online grimoires .

I am inspired to do the same and contribute magicly to this Community.

If you know i am not new here or in the Spiritual-Demonic field. I would say i have gathered some good some bad experiences that define me now.
That have maked me into a whiser and more powerfull Person.

My title is Demonic channel Grimoire

I discovered with time that i am often a konduit for many gods and spirits and learned with time to control that .

I am really happy what i can do now because of that.

It happens that in my deep meditations or meditative prayers and chantings in my overal Rituals.

That the gods i asked are answering!

And some want to show me important thinks that i can go further on my path.

With time i gathered so much channeled stuff.
And because i am a busy Satanist/Luciferian.
I cant work with every channeled aspekt i got.

Thats why i share some “if spiritually allowed from the entitys or spiritual sources” to share with you.

I am curios to know if you work with it what results you will get out of my channeld workings.

So please let me know.
Dm me.

With kind and friendly regards.


Let me konw you youtube chanel to follow you. Thanks,

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Hey i thank you for your keene interest .

Work is in progress for that…

I let yall know when its properly running

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I will follow this with interest. Good to see you decided to make your own grimoire! :+1:

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Looking forward to this :slightly_smiling_face:

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Solar Entity: HI’RE

This is the orderly sigil version of the below Raw.

Is the Raw Version.

When i started to work with Lucifer and his Enn .
And the sigil from Satan and sons Lucifer Sigil.
And Video

First i lay a smooth layer of carpet beneath my butttocks.

I get in a crossleged meditative Position.
Spine and head straight every muscle controlled but relaxed to 10to20min than i activate the music and i tune with time in it.

In tune with it than i started two times the lenght of the lucifer enn video to chanting his enn.

In meditative-trance state.
Suddenly golden glowing sphere with yellow rays apeared in my psychic senses and in my room awareness.

Like a litle fast pinball it speeded in my head /LITERALY/

I thought : :thinking: hmmmm that was weird/ none the less i continued to the finish.

I respectfully thanked lucifer and the producers behind it and closed the Video and ritual-meditation.

It was night i go to sleep.

Than in the middle of night close before morning 4-5 morning. I was getting hot and i sweatet. My psychic awareness was going crazy and it molded with my Dream vision.
A H Branded in the middle of neon colored acid lsd like color liquid rays. I saw a vision of my Brain where the H was in the middle and out of the H Letter There – Expanded linearly rootlike Veins out of it.

There comes this image

I refined it later.

He is one of the Legions of Lucifer he is a warrior for Lucifer.

I envisioned him or how he shows himself to me.
I know it looks a child drawing but this was the past. You would see him something like that if you get in contact with him.

His Colors: Yellow-Gold or both mixed
Zodiac or Animal:Lion
(Unfortunately i didnt get the ENN for him YET)

Is connection with Sun god Re he is so devotional that his Name is HI-RE Like high Re ~Ra. That he took like a devotional spiritual seeker and practiton like these guys in Hinduism.

What he can help. He ONLY helps IF you are truly WITH Lucifer and dedicated as devotional as him and loyal as him to Lucifer this expects from his clients or practitioners-work partners.

Ignites your fire of passion what you want to achieve he boosts your motivation to achieve it and a litle the circumstances.

He helps lost people to give them the fire of live and goal orientation again. It is like he digs your heart passions who are blocked or forgotten in depression out.

He fights generaly fiercly and especialy for Lucifer and his followers if needed.

That was my first drawed demonic related Channeling.

Hope you can work with it
And find it useful.

If you get some more gnosis or insight let me know.
And Let me your constructive critique and opinion to know.

Thank you.



I am speaking in tounge for many years now and i will lay some of its foundation here that i with time get a system out of it or the understanding.


Nae ma ahn’sa seman gna la szt.
Snaet gna ha bae sne it te le man’as.
Souma oln naz vabbahe ga le ma anst.
Sna hma la me iit sne keija eh maahnt sneja eln mhe ilst sipir’ra ma. Kolome menast te te allast somman eman ki illwin bianka.

So be it.

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I started to work with it to get the vampiric transformation~Essence in me for a personal working.

Well i know now that you must buy his workings that that could really happen…from Satania but thx.

Nonethelesss i had some weird expiriences with it.

I got Visions of myself of my etheric body or spirit visual i guess who looked like rash blue vampire with spiky hair red eyes transformed. Weird Dreams that i sipped a bloody meat piece Cocktail. I make in the night weiiird mimics and gestures that i have under control but i let it partially slip to see what elese happens.

What else…my last few weeks where shit and exhausting…wonder whyy​:thinking::thinking::thinking:

In my meditations of rest i got the vision of two vampiric intelligence who took my memory vizuals from Jojo bizzare Adventure (A really good Anime btw you should watch it 10/10)

From these two aztec Vampires

The one in the middle and left.

They has a strange language (Well myself included)

What they sad whas

AKKAM ~Stomach?
UJASA ~ Blue Head? Bc of my vampiric Form i guess and from what i eatet
A Chant : Madra Hadra Sadra Hub.
Maybe it has something to do with it.

I stoped partially to get more rest but i didnt stoped. Workings on this from V.K Jehannum Are included in my practice .

Is a Clue.

Nonetheless here i am full of darkness.But i know this Darkness will succumb in my dark Flame and feed it.



Thasu ma an.
Lamu anma an gna aszt.
Kabe me an la paszta anka moem mulst.
Tebe meanka narum mest irka makkan malst ast ast konorma annarba arte ilst marnum mass.
Porto nosta marka ilst marka marka ornoma porkosta marte east pornast stama marna ornama h’ast innaama onk. Iln nimma orna marna illamma ammarte orneast ist.

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Nice… Keep going… I, like, the, painting, of Lucifer’s emissarie

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Ey someone notices.

Thank you.

I made it not normally it was ritually made and very well charged and a dedication work. It was included in every Ritual i performed before i gifted it a Good friend of mine .

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Yesterday it wasnt that much of an day but some weird synchroncitys where in there…

My abilitys in vampirism becomes bether everyday.

Last day before the synchronicity i didnt used the Vampire Video tool. So i got out in night to perform a certain litle ritual. I go over the garage in there is a big second floor but it is a litle wildered bc the doors for the entrance are usually not closed.

Middle of the Ritual and incantation i heard some weird noises and stuff craking…imagine… :slightly_smiling_face:

Than i began again but yet again something interupted me . Than i heard something flattering around me and i stoped.

Looked around and i see a bat surounding me .

Had a feeling that i cracked in there so called HIS H.o.m.e. pay the rent dude or whatever…

And i realized tat wasnt a coincidence i must go back on track with the vampyre way so i did. Well i performed the rest of the Ritual more outside of the room…

Had a feeling that the bat felt interupted nerfed of course annoyed of my pescy chantings and performances in my daily spiritual~ritual practices.

Well i respected that and i leaved…a litle.

Than he flyed out hunting happily ever after.

Some say he hunts even today…


I feel more energyzed than usually in my work routine.

I think the drowning symptoms of using my mind too much are getting less.

That means that i dont feel anymore more tired of using the Vampire abilitys to feed than i get the Energy.

I Feel like i suck up a fucking battery and charge my field my soul with it.

The victims are getting noticable tired and weak by the day than when i see i do too much i get to another. Dont worry when i master it no coworker will be my victim anymore unless they annoy me or are getting under my skin OR i dont like them of course.

My real target is different yet not new to anybody.

In V.Ks scrypture or more modern scryptures about Vampires there stands that there are transformed Vampires.People that have the Vampire essence and are only waiting to tap into it trough the occult.And the ones that are naturaly vampires that means they do these Stuff subcouncesly if they arent aware of it .To get the attention of people on mass or random acts or compulsive talking or compulsive Attachment to people to get their energy fix.

In my case i was a early studier of occult knowledge thus practice and was inspired of a reading of energy vampires~Succubus to use that powers in my kind of way of ability to succc unlikeable people. I felt in the end guilty of one i only focused on one and i had a feel i fucked her up quiet strongly.(Later i found out it is not good to focus only on one IF it isnt a hate target or specifics. Because it destroys their energyfield quiet deeply and frankly and permanent damage can happen too)Than i stoped. So i had the essence and i happily taped into it…

Now i am here stronger than ever :blush:
I am proud of it in a healthy way.



When, you suck people’s essences… Can, they, die?

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I would say if i train long enough(That means i get faster results in the means of death or injuris or giving some kind of hinderence) Or i hang long enough for now unto a target than yes but it does take time for where i am now.An wich target you choose of course.

What i am seeing bether say sensing is the different kinds of energys outthere.

If i have a good rested day and i am in a i would say optimal state and in that state i am exercising my succc on peoples many layered bodys.

It is sometimes really dirty or murky it is bether you form your tools with a good Filter if you decide feeding on regulars. Or you train yourself more that you hit the deep and good parts of the target(s).

Some kind of energys i sensed for now some brief examples:

The deeply believer (A Christian target)

Had a Golden energy or yellowy kind off yet naive unprotected easy to get like sheep being slaughtered or waiting to loose its raw Cotton.
A litle naive tone. Yet for the one taking it empowering it has a good Quality to it than the usuals.

The Innocent ones and naive.
Have red pointy Dark yellow one kind of energy.
But because they are innocent in nature and spirit they too have a good Quality.

The ill Affected ones:
These o God where do i begin .Man i would say dont even try if you dont want them dead or more ill kinda or even healed (Dont do the green Mile guy stuff) You get a litle colored Stream of energy the rest is just unhealthy dark shit. And you dont wanna be a unintentional healer do you, As a Vamp…or cause a death or severe illnes if unintendet that kind of way.And of course to yourself i you are generaly not that strong to Digest.Man sometimes is that bad i even smell the subtle ill energy and it is anything than pleasent. Dont do it fellas. But of course it is allways your freedom of choice and thus your own expirience then.

What i know to is the color of the energy is Mixed of the natural Aura color eith the colors the Person is wearing or with what its mostly surounded with


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Interesting read… So how long do you feel vitalized

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If i am doing it good it is what i get for now up to 3 to 4 hours.

If it is regular or i am not that optimal state so to say the best would be aproximately 2 hours if not even one hour or half an Hour.

So what do you do with the energy… Or Jus feel high?

Yep .
For now it is only that.
I just want for now Master the ability .
I would say i feed overal my black Flame with it that is my expirience when i am doing that.

My targets are not in the end normal or regular people i dont want to harm just like that . I just train it as long it is necessary in the end if i choose them.

Okay… I think the application if this would be a thing for me to consider starting in this quest

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