The Naga Black Flame Chant

Well i practice pretty much everyday my Rituals and meditations and in Sessions i chant a lot the black Flame Chants combined of three different magicians .
First well known here Ea Koettings
Allash Tadallash Tallashtu
A. Ravenstars
Natz fer ata infernum negra
Behemoth x
Knea latentum un fruregro mein delec Salo Atotos

I chant all three combined in a row of typically 108 times or 216 times .
And with time i got really inspired to find my own chant or discover my own .So this was pretty much answered . When i was deep into my Lucifer Enn Chanting and praying suddenly i was interupted trough sudden change of councessnes.

It was like a Beam of dark red Gold light from below that got directly in my center of the head in the pineal gland . Than it created from there a deep dark blood red type of Sphäre like a buble surounded my head its surface whas shiny elegant oily Black. Than i concentrated in this sphere and a voice speaked too me different words. I holded that state and let it at same time happen and unfold it naturaly . I got my near notebook on my Hand and wrote it down.

Krerra Naso Vivanne Nisan Gnabre Somo Na E Tassa Senn .

Than it was finished.
I am thankfull to the gods for that experience and to the black Magicians! And of course the one and only Lord Satanas Lucifer Amaymon.:metal:

I practice that chant daily besides other and it is very interessting i will tell more what it does but it is new so to speak so time will tell.

You too are invited to try and practice it .

If you do so if you are that kind tell me what was your experience and impression of my~our Chant?

:fire:With friendly regards Serpentslight ~:fire:


These kind of personal chants / incantations are very powerful (for the person who was given them) Congratulations.
I asked Azazel for one before I started with Book of Azazel. But I always do my best to determine the meaning / translation of anything that I receive before using it.


Yes i agree with you .
But o dont think that the Source would be humanly

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This one I like


In what source would you suggest me to look into dear fellowman Netherman?

Or the Balg Community?


Not sure about your question. If you mean a source for translation than Google is as good a start as any.


Good i have anything i found with Proper menaing was Nisan a jewish first month or something and Vivanne is a litle similar to Vivienne wich is from it means “full of Live”
Nisan or in
Full of Live Nisan and Nisan could mean to turkysch Wedding or something

And seperated Gna -bre .Gna Is a Nordic godess of delivering a message and bre a Slang of sexy lady or somethin .

Man i am Not sure if i should Trust these Translations… I am not… I Trust my gut to that and my experience practicing that Chant.

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I probably shouldn’t interfere, but when I use the translator I get this:

KRERRA : The creek (Basque)

VI VANNE : We water (Norwegian)

NISAN : Engagement (Turkish)

ABRE : Open (Spanish)

SOMO : Lesson (Bengal)

E : And (Italian)

TASSA : Duty (Italian)

NA and SO are found in lots of languages (with different meanings) so this CAN be of use if you want to delve into it a bit deeper.

SENN might even be 'S Enn. But you better study this for yourself and don’t attach too much value to what I wrote here.

EDIT: the meaning of TASSA may interest everyone who uses Demonolatry Enns though.


I Thank you Man!

Really apreciate it!

Did you find everything on google or you use both google and Books?

Maybe your allready knowledge :thinking:

Regardless man how much work you put into it?
And where did you mostly find it?

I am really thankfull that you helped me here out if you want to know something or anything magic related let me know.

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Nisan might be a Variation of niiso which means come in enochian, the angelic language


I didn’t thought about it really I thank you for time for your input.

But tbh.

I really am so busy with other ritualistic and meditation workings that I don’t come at least for now into practice for this particular chant…

Regardless thank you Rav

Scanning you I sense qlippothic alchemy taking root. Strengthening your solar plexus chakra which glows more yellow. I sense a but of frustration. Probably related to financial issues. I see your esthetic horns enlarge and protrude. More demonic wisdom being gained.

"Don’t give up, This is your path " message I got

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Etheric horns*

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Hey Ken Thank you I really appreciate it.

I will do one for you.

Well I didn’t do any scans for a while so I do my best :blush:

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Yes I have for now frustration to my finances you are correct and the part of aesthetic too actually… You got it all right congrats Ken you have been well developing to this day I am proud of you!

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Thank you

Yes I will appreciate one too