Serpent scales beauty treatment🐍

This Format is a weekly progression of my scale (skin) treatment

There I will Dokument the use of your helpfull suggestions and informations as of guidelines what should I do wich follows with:

The skin is closely related to your guts, and they are closely related to how you are feeling.
So two factors influence your skin mainly:

  1. What you eat.
  2. How you feel.

So 1. I suggest reducing your sugar and carbohydrate intake, and try to avoid unnatural stuff in foods.
2. Because you asked about “spiritual related”: Try to avoid stress and anxiety. Easier said than done, yes I know.

Also, I have pretty sensitive skin, too, I cannot use most normal products. I only use natural soap for cleaning and a lotion I made by myself. Only few natural ingredients. This is best for the skin

This sounds like it was chemically burning you.

I 2nd @Helena said. I am very much as natural as I can get with anything that goes on or near my body. Even my cleaning supplies I try to be as natural as I can be.

I want to add try an elimination diet something like the Whole30 (it’s the most famous and has website to guide you). This will pull out all the “bad foods” on your diet. Detox you and then when you add stuff back you can watch your skin and see what is breaking you out. You can also se what I dragging you down or even making you sick.

While it’s important to watch what you eat and how you feel like @Helena said, you could always try calling a deity aligned with beauty

Drink a gallon of water a day , no dairy and limit refine sugars , anything greasy or sugary don’t touch , stuff that causes inflammation gives you acne


@Helena @Angelb1083 @meow @John_Wick
I sincerely thank you for taking your time to contribute to my request for not only my skin health and what can be done about it but in the end for all.

Yours Serpentine ~

Skin struggle


5th November Wednesday 2020 21:41

I was too tired to stand up and do anything other than texting and taking pictures.

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Btw it was once more Bad. But well some work what I allready did in those years payed off…

There will be more adding to it pretty soon.


*Much heavy Metal intake🎼(also Materially by food) - stress reducing

*Unecesary Stressfull situations and people

*unhealthy, greasy, junkfoods

*uncleanliness alltogether and its many forms

*much diary consumption the conventional ones



*refined sugars

*more unnatural food products

*Emotions that are tumoltious

*much porn and releasing on no end your
crunchy nut.

*Shortage of sleep

*negative selftalk

*using skin care products that are really too much of an chemical coil attack rather than healthy.

*using products that are not in alignment with your skintype.

*longer used bed.

*touching your face

*picking your face, wounds, acne, eruptions, red spots.

*other people’s greasy sweaty hand on your face.

*someone else’s clothes.

*Bad hygiene alltogether.


I personally prefer castor oil, lavender or Roses oil, very natural or self made and creams too. There are tutorials to do it yourself. My neighbour does the natural cream, she is a herb witch. I have lernt from her how to do it. It’s very easy to do but the waiting is the most difficult part of it

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Everyone can give input to this.

Highly appreciated.

Also this topics work is in progress…


Hi! The products that helped me are the ones intended for atopic skin, from the vitamin Merz spezial dragees, they are great, you will see a change in two weeks. After each bath, shower or wash, splash your face with cold water. I have no problem anymore.

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I would try Korean skincare, its very powerful

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I made only a litle improvement so much that I don’t think it’s worth sharing for now…

I changed some things slowly. But a habit of mine just makes thinks worse like picking for example and forgetting to drink sometimes…

Don’t think I forgot this threat!

Getting there…

After my perceived perfection.

I will write what i sacrificed and had done(and do) to get there…

(walking over dead bodys… Nah just kidding😂)


Awesome looks!!! Keep up the excellent work!

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I surely will Rav! :muscle:t2:Thanks :blush:

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