Fastos And Meton reveal secret Tongues of Demonology/Angelology

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Guys im gonna Evoke Meton again in a bit. Gonna eat first, then channel some Incantations from him

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Can you ask him, “What is the true name of God?” While you’re at it?

The question literally just came to me.


Another Evocation of Meton:
Incantations And Questions

For Astral senses
Mesh ka rel luhn sim ba ta rel luhn tin sughel

For Materializing an Angel
Ah zit ka rel, luhn taash ah rel, meh goh rat sua (Name of Angel)

To conjure an angel
Here, and now, let the worlds part and the heavens tear and The Light Descend. Bring forth,
(Name of spirit ex. Raphael).

Alakandal rogor mettu namah semine lastusah
Ergo mansine ehqua lunte sanso he alakandal rex lux in nomine dei nostri et filito (Name of Angel)

What is the True name of God?

Eloh doreth Shaddai

Incantation for Banishing
Ashta Malku dozef lata
esh pon ron te suro maka
Izzef mun to so rem ba te ka
Lux onf inido



Not to sure about the Name of God part. You guys check for yourselves on that one.

I started to hear his voice internally this time. I like where this is going


Yall wanna evoke Meton and double check the Accuracy of what I just channeled on my part?


I’ll see what I can pull in for you.

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Took me a minute but here you go.
Ok, I repeated the incantation to Materialize an angel… Far as I can tell it is a valid incantation. It became dark and heavy feeling then a huge burst of golden light then everything went back to normal.
I did the incantation again over and over and with little flicks of light coming through. His message to me is simple. Sleep and clear your third eye and crown chakra and come and talk to me tomorrow.
This would make sense since he teaches about the astral plane and the astral eye. And let’s face it, I’m medicated tonight and that’s not conducive to a clear astral chakra… LoL
I’m still going try to see what I can conjure with the Black Legion… Hang tight.


Okay, this one was fast but very informative. It kind of trips me out a little bit because it’s not what I expected.

I did the incantation to bring forward the black Legion. I never did hear Meton and no words were spoken. But it was vision like. Where ever I was at it was old. It was like a very very old lifetime, many many many lifetimes ago. I was standing in the middle of a circle of people and the sun was very bright. So bright I couldn’t see any of the people. They were blacked out by so much sun. Huh… Trippy. Black legion is so black because of so much bright light… Feels very Lucifer like.
Another thing I picked up on and I think this is pretty important is that the black legion of angels felt almost familial. My ancestors were among them. It felt like the clan gathering together to go to war.
I’ll try again tomorrow when I’ve had a good night sleep and a clear crown chakra and third eye


If you are doing any more work with Fastos, could you ask for a demonic healing incantation? It just occurred to me that we have Eva’s Raphael healing mantra, the non JCI version, and the healing mantra Azazel gave to @Eye_of_Ra, but we don’t have an all around healing incantation in the demonic tongue that is not specific to any demon and it could be very useful :slight_smile:


Sure man
Ill do it at somepoint tonight


Don’t go out of your way, man. No need to burn yourself out :slight_smile:

i just thought it could be something very useful to the forum, for those people not wanting to call upon Raphael’s mantra or who might not want to call upon Azazel either, but still want to use demonic energy for healing. You can never have too many mantras and incantations for healing :slight_smile:


Thank you


Fastos’ Healing Incantation
(For any type of Disease Whatsoever)

Talak tala menzu ikba tala mesoreth meenkata

For Chronic Illness of Any Sort

Tak ma bu I tu say mesov exta ruut la mah sa nai

@DarkestKnight pls verify be Trying these out
Same for rest of my Fellow Sorcerers :smiley:


I’ll try this out tonight too. My back has been feeling better since you sent the energy last night but I’m still having issues. I think this will help.


I’ll give these a try tonight, my friend. Thank you :slight_smile:


This thread is pure gold! Thank you @Micah!


I must say that this was very… intriguing, to say the least. @Micah you never fail to impress :smiley: