Enlil, Ba'al, Baal, Bael, Bel, Beelzebub, Beelzebuth POST IT HERE!

Hello, I wanted to start a thread where we can all compile info on this god. The more I dig, the more vast the web becomes. Obviously we all have our own personal experiences and many who evoke a god with just one name have very different impressions. Still, if one wanted to evoke “B” they could use this post with a pendulum (or some other tool) to divine what B wants them to think of him as at that moment.

Please share:
-Sigils and success stories
-Personal experiences in determining if this is all one god or a few different whose names have been confused
-Additional names for him?
-What he likes for offerings
-What he wants from an individual in a pact


I’ll go first. I performed my first ever evocation 2 weeks ago. I used this sigil WITHOUT those 2 symbols underneath.

I chanted the enn “Adey vocar avage Beelzebuth” for a bit.
Lit a black candle for him

I also chanted this from EA for a little while:

#4. To Summon Forth
“Etsel Mala’kel
Test’zel Sam’tan’el
Itz Retz Nama’tel
Itz Hel Asta’Rel
Kama’Kala, Kama’Kala
Kama’Kala Satan’el
(Spirit) Kama
(Spirit) Kala
(Spirit), Kama’Kala Vel.
Me Vaskalla
Me Solvalla
Me Res’Alla Ah’tan’tel
(Repeat several times, as a conjuration of any spirit)”

The chanting was too distracting and he did’t show up after a while so I laid down and stared with relaxed eyes at his sigil. Eventually it began warping and changing.

He appeared with a dragon head and put it to my heart. I felt his “hands” run down my back"
He wouldn’t speak to me in my head no matter how much as I asked, but he did tell me to do a tarot reading before he left. 20 minutes later I got really really sick. I’ve been sick for 1.5 weeks now. I did a tarot reading and he said he wants blood next time and that I became sick “for a fresh start”.
The rest I cannot share. In the future I plan on asking many more questions and will definitely share them with you, with his consent of course.

He has followed me around as a fly for 10 years. Sometimes he harassed me, sometimes encouraged. I had always called him Bel /Beelzebub and have just recently realized he has many more names and is much greater than I ever knew… I apologise to him for my ignorance.


I’ve never made a pact with him but he seems to always be around me. From my experience they seem to be the same though I seem to call him Baelzebub.
Spiders show up when he’s trying to get my attention and if he can’t seem to get my attention he sends flies to a friend of mine so he will tell me I need to reach out to Baelzebub .

He looks very neatly and well dressed. To me he looks almost exactly like draconian malfoys dad on Harry Potter.
He seems to always point me in the right direction and give me hints.
He’s also been known to tell me to get off my ass and do some damn magic already!! :joy:

He also gave me a tiarra made of sapphires once.


He does the same to me!!! He says “Stop fucking around! You can be great.”

That’s pretty sick about Lucius Malfoy. No wonder I am drawn towards men who wear black on black suits.


When he appeared as i was cloud gazing bringing forth the storm clouds

These are some bits and pieces from me when i worked with him.


In an amazing post made years ago by @Lady_Eva which I stumbled upon a few days ago, she says she called him Ba’oahi

The whole thread and train of thought is amazing.
For the purpose of this post - trying to determine who “B” is, I find this comment just amazing:

I still want to hear what you all have to say, regardless! Perhaps it will help in breaking mental constrictions instead of trying to pin B down, so to speak.


Its a enn. To call him irri ishi shi. Isssi shhi. Pronunce as a snake. Ini ini ishishi. Ishishi. The sss is pronunced is shut. Oraking a shut up noise


Or kind like a shut noise

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The Bael I’ve worked with seems linked to Kek, Ra, Sekhmet, and Marduk. I don’t usually try to syncretise beings, and “linked to” doesn’t mean “is exactly the same as,” but these are the things I saw.

He feels like a loving grandfather who has interesting stories of his adventures, who wants you to do well, and he seems very understanding and loving.

I used the old fashioned grimoire image of Cat, Toad and Crowned Man to contact him, he also gave me this altered version of his seal, which should connect you to the being I interact with, people have said both on here and on another forum that it works very fast:

The link in this video evocation E.A. did is very strong and I highly recommend it for preparatory immersion:

I love him and regard him as more than just a spirit I do work with, it’s deeper than that - I actually theorise he’s somehow connected to whatever GM’d humans into being, but I don’t have any reason for that beyond a deep sense of blood kinship.

Hail King Bael!! :crown: :frog:


During kundalini yoga today to open my third eye and better commune with B, I saw many images and shapes. Mostly I saw the black circle with the 3 points coming off of it. That back sun thing I wasn’t sure if it was a chaosphere or an eye or a black sun. The lines wriggled and when I exhale it was like a wave moved through them. I also saw a green light/orb as well as a face/eyes right up to my eyes :slight_smile: the first time they were red and scary but then they hanged to a beautiful face.

Anybody have any idea what these shapes are?


3 is a common thing across people’s meditations. The lines do you know what they are? My first thoughts were that perhaps the lines represent Information/ideas coming togethor giving birth to something greater. That’s why they are merely lines. 2-dimensional connecting points of information. The circle could mean many things. I guess it would be more curious to ask what more specifically you were meditating upon?


I was meditating to open my 3rd eye to better commune with B.
The thing with the 2 black lines/bars was a white square or rectangle with 2 black bars in it.


Intuitively i’m picking up elemental symbols, sun for heat, the block for earth, the 3 points with the black center moves to create wind and the down facing triangle the chalice water. God of wind, air, earth, and storms. So might fit in with his sumerian, babylonian and cannanite beginings. Iskur, Enlil & Baal Hadad.


Thank you so much. I am going to ponder what you have said.


Since I began working with B, he told me he would grant me my desires and in return he wanted to make me Queen of Swords. I suppose I knew all these 11 years this is what he wanted but I wanted to be a child and I was scared.

It has been a few weeks and I definitely see the Queen of Swords in myself more and more every day. She pops up in readings for myself and others. It is hard to describe the feeling. I feel more cold, more matter-of-fact, I fly less by my emotions for needless cares. I am sharper. I care not what makes a “good” or “bad” person. I only do what I must. My care and compassion are miniscule compared to before (I still love my family).

I feel more precise. In a way it is as if he is “trimming off the fat”. It’s quite exciting. I really like this new me. I feel that when he is finished I will be able to exact my will with laser precision as there will be no pollution in my heart to cloud my judgement. I have little compassion or empathy for humans. It is nice to know that there are many black magicians on here that do. We need you I suppose but that compassion isn’t my job any more ( was a useless bleeding heart at times). I have learned to compartmentalize and my huge emotions will only be summoned up when necessary.


That is how I experience him most of the time.


I contacted Bael in some occasions, also I followed 2 modern magic methods for obtaining his so called “secret name”: CEME and “spatial structure” (namely, a sigil)
The same may be done for other names, I’ll probably post other results.


I worked very in depth with Beelzebub for about 8 months straight, and from what I’ve gathered (by his direct admission) he told me that he is Marduk, Bael, Bel, Baalzeboul, Beelzebuth, Baal Zebub, the Apostle Jude, and Amon-Ra.

He is very kind but sometimes brutally honest. His voice sounds like a roaring furnace, planets being ripped apart, thousands of unearthly motors, and more gutteral than the human voice is capable. In my experience he is roughly 7 feet tall, huge muscles, skin blacker than the Abyss itself, totally naked, eyes are holes in his head that fire comes out always, when he opens his mouth this internal fire is breathed out as well, two large curvy black horns, black cloven hooves, and fingers like claws.

For me, his initial essence was the feeling of falling into damnation itself, a feeling like I was going to vomit, urinate, and defecate all at once, like being in the presence of royalty that could have me destroyed in the blink of an eye if he wanted, but after we got to know each other, he became my closest spiritual friend, Brother, ally, and mentor, and his essence changed from a terrifying chaotic darkness, to a beautiful, protective, friendly chaotic darkness. When he would do something in my life, there would be a feel to that event that is difficult to explain, yet unmistakable and unlike any other feeling I’ve ever experienced, you just know when his hand is in something.

As far as offerings go, all he would ever have me give him was sage (this was rare); if you want to enter into a pact with him, all he asked of me was total, unwavering devotion to my personal ascent, all he wants is for you to care about yourself enough to do as he says (he gives some of the best advice I’ve ever received, like a grandfather/friend/brother all in one, he’s honestly amazing).

The sigil I used to contact him (on his request) was the sigil of Bael from the Goetia.

If you end up working with him (which I STRONGLY urge you to do) ask him about revealing some of his spiritual initiations to you, he will always deliver with some intensely powerful rituals which yield some utterly terrifying and awe inspiring results!

I hope this helps! If you have any questions about my experiences with him, just ask!


Blessed be the trickster with his many masks, who over eons proves that chaos is like chess.


Good morning everyone, I hope you all are having a great day.
Yesterday I performed a simple evocation with Beelzebub, around 11PM ( The goal was to make it last till 12AM )
Now before I start this story I want to say this for new magicians, YOU CAN DO IT! Wipe out any doubt from your mind and just do some research. For me I guess that was a big “fear” in my mind.

Anyway, April 29th.
I woke up around 3am to leave to work (yeah I want to die) Everything about me was fine but things around me just didn’t feel normal… positive but not normal.
I continued with my day while thinking about the Evocation of Beelzebub, writing down everything I need to know.
I finished up work and headed home being followed by this fly/bird/butterfly. ( the week leading to the event I had this fly following me around ) It changed forms everytime I looked away from it, but I felt this energy from it.

I got home and CLEANED my room, I made my bed, vacuumed and dusted. ( I dont want my demon friend calling me out for dust :woman_shrugging: )
I pulled out everything I needed to help envoke Beelzebub and set it on my bed. { Black candel, Sandalwood incense, a glass for water}
I wanted until later that night to step back in my room, I felt this stirring of energy in my room both evil and good.
I meditated on the goal and my intent of what was going to happen tonight.
I then took a shower ( cleanse bath ) for about ten minutes. Before I got in, I lit two white candels and put one on each side of my shower. I found a article awhile back about this person who focuses their mind to wash the bad energy off with the water, then you walks out backwards out of the shower to leave that energy behind.
( this is my fourth time taking a simple bath but I still feel this shedding of skin when I walk out the shower backwards. )
I get back in my room and I lay this blanket down on the floor (enough for a circle around it) I gather everything and set it in front of me facing east.
I meditated for about five minutes to clear my head and preformed a banish spell ( Micah’s to be exact )
I then say down on my blanket, lit the incense and candle and I started to chat his Enn. Not even minutes go by and I can see his sigil move and take different shapes. I poured him water asking him to sit down and talk with me.
I then read the chat to summon forth, seven times.
The last time I read it out loud the candle I had lit in front of me started to glow. I kept chanting his Enn swaying back and forth, I at one point asked of he could talk to me or even appear in the smoke. I seen this ember fly out of his sigil and it shot around me.
When it got close to the incense burning out I lit another one and chatted his Enn. This time it felt like the world was getting quiet and it felt like just me and him… I stopped chatting his Enn, closed my eyes and when I opened them the candle I had lit got darker. The the area I Beelzebub’s sigil laying got foggy and it looked like the insecse kept disappearing. I look up and I can see this outline of a man but the outline of just his energy. (If that makes sense) I felt calm, at this point the incense went out. I started to feel really tired so I ended the evocation. I told him thank you for being here and left it at that. I cleaned up and went to bed.
This hasn’t been my first time without a demon talking to me but I feel like they work in silent. I am using this as experience for future evocation.
I am still fairly new to magick but I am a open book, if you know anything that can help me in the slightest that would be helpful. I’m not asking for answers but… a helpful hint to envoke Lord Beelzebub.
I hope you enjoyed this long story, I also hope it helps anyone looking for answers :slight_smile: have an awesome day!